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Sat 11th Jan 2014

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smbeats commented on Analysts Wonder If Super Mario Can Save Ninten...:

Here is something to consider. The Wii U is not a failure it just isn't a huge commercial success. The main reason was the name. Calling it just the Nintendo U would be better U ( Universe, ultra, ultimate) marketing slogan. But back to my point Nintendo has sold about 15 million console with most of the games on the system are stellar and sell in the millions. The system to game ratio is high and their all first party so Nintendo is making money regardless. Same goes for 3ds . May I not mention Amiibo. I love my Wii u and will love the nx. Nintendo does not need saving just new ideas and ventures which they are in the process of. Third party's will mostly come back if the nx will be a success.



smbeats commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines His Work Routine and...:

Miyamoto is a genius I'm 32 and I've played everything nintendo .. I have Atari 2600 still and own all nintendo games from that's era... I've own and played every nintendo console and handheld... If it wasn't for this guys and nintendo there wouldn't be a sony or Xbox today. Remember sony entered the game Becuase of snes cd add on and Philips .. Xbox came in the game Becuase Sonys threat to DVD and home console ... Nintendo reinvented the business and it all started with this man.



smbeats commented on Mario Kart 8 Club Nintendo Promotion Offers a ...:

I hope Nintendo does well with this and does it right this time. Wii u is my favorite system I'd rather play this anyday over any of the other far as the free game I'm going with wii u party cuz it's the only one I don't have .. I'm in NA