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Tue 6th Jul 2010

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Slave commented on Dairojo! Samurai Defenders:

Thanks, I did just beat the first level... but then again it still feels weird to get the "Congrats on beating Level 3" message at the end... I mean... this is the first level I do. it should be called level one... just saying, the numeration should've at least follow each other correctly..

What is the star system? I beaten the stage and get a circle and 4 stars... does that mean I got 4 stars on my performance or the circle is the only thing that counts and I sucked terribly and only got 1 out of 5? haha



Slave commented on Dairojo! Samurai Defenders:

Cool thanks! It's a bit confusing... plus the difficulty level is so damn hard for a 3 stars... cant wait to beat it and take on the 8 stars castle O_O haha

I do love the game, just wish the difficulty curve would start out easier, and then get bit harder... or at least a training level for us to get to know each "Soldiers" in our army and what they really do... game starts out with a hard level and 99 waves and we dont even know what the units do and how to use them correctly, as if the game consider we already know everything. I did checked the Manual and they do give nice instructions... but reading it and then using it is completely different... Gonna try again now.



Slave commented on Dairojo! Samurai Defenders:

Got the game... and... I dunno... What am I doing wrong here?

I start the game, and I have only level 3 to start with... its friggin' hard... 99 waves and I barely make it to wave 25...

I do consider myself a somewhat Veteran Tower Defence dude... but wow... WTF really? Why am I starting at the castle #3 at level 3 (3-3) and there seems like no other leve before this one? I check castle #6 there it had a level one, but I made it to wave 2 before dying... WTF??

This game is frigging hard, but I dont understand the levels. first level is the 3rd?? Seriously? Gimme a break... I dunno about the units and you're throwing me in the 3rd castle's level 3... uh??



Slave commented on Review: Shantae: Risky's Revenge (DSiWare):

I wouldve rated it as 9/10 minus one point 'cuz the stupid NPCs never give you clear hints on what to do next.

Example 1: I just beat the Ammo Tower... so what next, I got a FOREST Key... I seek help from the NPCs, and they tell me to go to the desert and get the monkey dash and Elephant... But WTF I actually needed to go to the forest.

Example 2: I'm told "Go to the Boat House" by every NPCs... I searched the whole friggin' land to find that friggin' Boat House... Still couldnt find it, How about some Specifics???

Great game none the less... worth the buy.



Slave commented on Review: Zenonia (DSiWare):

Been playing the game for about 15hours so far, pretty decent... very repititive but still pretty good... In Every town you have a side quest of gathering ingredient for chefs, well pretty much every missions is to go out there and kill 10 of a certain type of creature.... thats it...

There is a lot of Grinding to be done otherwise you wont go far... I STRNGLY suggest you do ALL the side-quest before undertaking the main quest... the side quest are there so you grind and level up enough to beat the main mission...

The story is good (currently playing the evil side... love that evil pixie haha) and the story is pretty funny, game is not serious about itself which I like... a lot of stuff makes references to the game programmers... for instance one mission is to give a girl a cookie, which has a wedding ring in it, and you give the cookie to the girl, and she eats it all, and you report back to the guy that give you the cookie, and he's freakig out that she ate the expensive ring... and your characters goes like "Screw that I'm not getting involved anymore, this story sounds like it really happened to the programmer." or like you are in a puzzle area, and you push a button and suddenly 5-6 creatures appears around you and your character goes and say "OMG figures the programmers of this game wouldnt let me have it that easy" or again a villagers ask you if you've heard of the story of this village and you say "GOD no I just started playing this video game of course I dunno the story" lots of funny quirks in the game.

Graphics are nice, music is forgetable, I like the system, eating and item repairs... the game is quite buggy though... once I pushed a block, and visually the block never moved, but the collision did moved, and I kinda felt Trapped because of the collision... and the other MAJOR bug which I feel like it's totally cheating and I overused it is when you die, you are prompt to either pay 3000$ for a revive potion and ressurect fully healed on the same spot you fallen, or restart the zone with 15% less Exp, and item durability, etc... but if you dont have de 3000$ the option is Grey out... But you can Still select it... and so, even if you dont have any money to revive yourself.... you can still do it... you wake back up, fully healed, no penality... I kinda stopped using potions from the moment it happened to me. Kinda suck.

Still a good pick up and play game... save anywhere, anytime is a blessing. Worth the money. and it's making me wait for the shantae game haha



Slave commented on Zenonia:

Got it, pretty good classic RPG... only a few hours into it



Slave commented on Cosmos X2:

For 6 stages yes about 30min long, but there is couples of modes, Boss Rush, easy, medium, hard, survival, chase...



Slave commented on Cosmos X2:

Got it... it's a decent shmup, I like the Switching between 2 weapons system... but it's very slow... I'm more of a Manic Shmup like Metal Torrent.

What I really did like about Cosmos X2 is the variety, each stage has their own enemies... Metal torrent had only 3-4 different enemies throughout the game. Boss are cute, as in; cute gimmick to beat them... nothing we havent seen but you have to think for a second to beat them... any longer than a second and you're down right dumb.

I'd say this game is a 6... 7 out of 10 at most! it's a bit much 500 for it... it's 30min long, but only because it is SO SLOW... at some point I was just waiting for almost a minute before enemies appeared on screen... I even took my weakest gun just to make them enemies last so I wouldn't have to wait for the next wave..

Comparing it to Metal Torrent; the only other worthy shmup on DSiWare I'd say:

-Metal Torrent for Graphics, music, SFX, manic bullets (bullet hell on screen... experienced shmup players), score beating, quick pick up and play.

-Cosmos X2 for slow pace (beginner Shmup player), retro looking, light story driven, gun gimmick, boss fights, enemies variety.



Slave commented on BlayzBloo: Super Melee Action Battle Royale:

Got it... and regretting it...
Here's a quick review:

There's only 5 characters... kinda bland...
1 button for attack
1 button for dash attack
1 button for jump
Thats it... no super moves, no special moves, no finisher or even combos... nothing.

you have 3 modes: Life: which is last man standing, capture the flag, which is lame because it's not the amount of time that you hold the flag, no, it's when the timer runs out, who is holding the flag that wins. and a mode where hitting your opponent makes them lose "ramen noodle" and its the player with the most ramen who wins.

there's about 5 stages with twists in them... one has air blowing randomly and pushing you slightly, another one where at certain moment you need to hid in graves in order to not get hit by lightning, and another one with a switch you can hit left or right and depending on the switch side, the floor of a certain side will open up and drop players who were on it into fire.

Seriously.... not worth the buy... you'll beat it through in about 20min... all 5 characters.... it's bland, missing a lot of content to be enjoyable, at least super moves and combos would've been nice... but no.. the only thing this is good, is that there is DS wireless multiplayer... but then again, after a match or 2 you and your friends will be bored of it



Slave commented on Review: SteamWorld: Tower Defense (DSiWare):

I kinda really like it... it's a nice cute Tower Defence, quite challenging but not impossible (except the final mission where I am right now haha I just cant seem to beat it)

There is not a lot of worthy Tower Defence on the DSi, Starship is pretty good and lengthy... but the others... they're not too good IMO.

My main concern with Steam world is that it's short... I am now at the final mission.. and I got the game Tuesday, played 1 or 2 maps a day ('cuz some were hard and I had to restart a few times) and Friday I got to the final mission "Finality" (which I still haven't beaten yet).

Still the 500pts price is decent for this little game... cant wait to see that I&F will pull out for DSi next time



Slave commented on Enter the Steamy World of Tower Defence:

They are useful, thank!

I like them sharpshooter towers a bit more... they come in handy when sniping the dynamite hobos and bandits with guns... but I still think that when left alone, they should start shooting by themselves...

As mentioned above, it's hard to collect the cash at the same time to buy and place towers and also at the same time aim and shoot using the sharpshooters... too many stuff to do at the same time...

Still this is a great Tower Defence game... I'm a Tower Defence Maniac and this is a pretty awesome one... I've let down Puzzle Quest 2 to play this.

It's just enough difficult to be challenging but not frustrating... The graphics are great, and I love the redneck looking hobos that are way too close to zombies lol and the way they smile while riding the cows... funny... but damn I hate those cows... move too fast LOL

And I like that the designer and programmer of the game actually care enough for his game to post in a review site comments!

Kudos Olle for the great game!



Slave commented on Enter the Steamy World of Tower Defence:

Got it! Pretty good Tower Defence... I hate the snipping tower tho... seems like they dont fire unless you control them... sucks 'cuz you cant control ALL your sniping towers AND build/manage your other towers AND collect the cash on the ground...

Gameplay: 8/10 pretty good, pretty hard, what I dont like is the units attacking your towers... but it's part of the gameplay, adds challenge
Graphics: 10/10
Controls: 7/10 (sometimes you want to scroll and instead you place a tower in the middle of nowhere... and sniping towers seems to do nothing unless you point them what to shoot each times)