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United Kingdom

Wed 29th Apr 2009

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skulfuk commented on New Game Play Video - Toribash:

Hi, thought I'd come answer some of the questions asked.

It's going to be for Wiiware - it appeared in the disk channel because the video is off a dev-Wii.

Bulbasaurus Rex - the fights them self aren't performed that quickly, each player has a set amount of time to plan their move. Once the 'turn' is over both of the player's 'toris' will move for a certain amount of frames, you then plan your next move. Think of it like chess crossed with a fighter.

Objection_Blaster - Single player is kind of a practice mode, but people use it to make flashy replays to show skill. Search Youtube for videos & you'll see lots of examples of single player Toribash.

In general the Wii version's looking great, and it's got a lot of features that the pc/mac versions still don't have. Personally I can't wait for it's release, but then again I'm biased!

(Toribash support)