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A human who have certain interests in the arts of drawing, and computing of the gaming sort.

Sun 21st February, 2010

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Skogur commented on Zero Escape Series Director Struggling to Find...:

It never hit me that Uchikoshi was involved with the Infinity series until I saw those encouragement photos. The more you know.
Anyway, I thought that VLR was absolutely brilliant, so would be terrible to see the Zero Escape series being left unfinished.



Skogur commented on Feature: Nintendo 64 Let-Downs, Head Scratcher...:

I liked the controller.
The only issue was that the analog stick could get bad after playing games like Mario Party.
Ive replaced my stick since then and stayed away from those spinning games, still the N64 controller is awesome.



Skogur commented on Resident Evil Revelations:

I hope this is gonna be more of a survival horror than a action shooter. I think the 3d will add the scary part that RE4 and RE5 didn't have.



Skogur commented on Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D:

This is a must buy for me! the graphics looks much better on revelations, maybe they rushed a little on this one? it still look really cool though it's gonna be cool to see this in 3d