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Male, 43, Netherlands

Sun 27th Mar 2011

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skeuri commented on Capcom UK Cancels Resident Evil "Blood Swimmin...:

1st: condolences to the familiy and the UK-in-general.
2nd: Not being from the UK I am less affected but I understand the grieve and shock. However imho: giving in to these nutcases is not the way to go. I think this promo was a great / fun / campy / tasteless idea. Any zombie franchise is in "poor taste" anyway and it should be. Cancelling an event like this shows their action has actually achieved it's goal. Do not let them win!
3rd: I understand companies treading carefully in cases like this but maybe a explanatory press-release and a fund-raiser (for the familiy) combined with the original event would have been better.



skeuri commented on Flip Out Over 101 Pinball World in January:

One of the key selling points is "a highscores list"....? Hmmm! This looks like a poor flash-game-conversion. @NorthAmerica: wait for ZEN it's great! (if you have a 3DS that is)

@DonJWolf: how does Williams compare to ZEN? Williams should be coming to Europe in the next months or so...



skeuri commented on Review: Zen Pinball 3D (3DSWare):

Agree with the review. Been playing this for a week now and it really is highly addictive. The cluttered-table-on-small-screen is only a problem for the first hour or so. A must-have title!



skeuri commented on Review: Pyramids (3DSWare):

Enjoying this one a lot. Pretty addictive and pulls me back to get that second star (for coins collected) on previously finished levels (third stars for timelimit seem impossible right now). Being able to add levels through QR Codes is a wonderful addition which I hope will get a lot of use.

7/10 is a fair score although my peronal bias would add a point to that.