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I'm a bit late to the party (DS era) as I couldn't afford Nintendo merch in my childhood, but now I'm a pretty ardent (and timid) fan of all things Nintendo. I'm a graduate of film but I'm more interested in television production.

Wed 21st Apr 2010

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sillygostly commented on All amiibo Will Be Compatible with Pokkén Tou...:

@yokokazuo : IF it does, and it's likely that it will, you may be able to use the Shadow Mewtwo card as a Mewtwo amiibo fighter in Smash, even if you haven't bought the Mewtwo DLC (it obviously won't unlock "Shadow Mewtwo" in Smash though). At least the read/write functionality of the NFC chip could be useful in this fashion.



sillygostly commented on Soapbox: If Nintendo Took On Virtual Reality, ...:

I don't care for what indies have to offer in respect to VR gaming. Great VR games can only be made with a big budget, and I can only see VR succeeding based on the merits of AAA titles.

I'd definitely be on board once a true VR Grand Theft Auto experience is available. I think a Sims-style game (let's face it, EA are taking this once great franchise to its grave) where we can design our own buildings and then explore them and interact with characters that we design ourselves would be absolutely incredible. I think a Watch_Dogs style game in VR would also be pretty fantastic. Despite its flaws, it's one of my favourite Wii U games.

The downside of course is that mental illness and social ineptitude will rise exponentially (if it wasn't rising enough already!) and the harms of long term use of VR technology are yet to be known and studied. We are looking at a technological breakthrough never before seen to this degree in human history, and that's a rather scary thought when you reflect upon it.



sillygostly commented on Shantae: Risky's Revenge Director's Cut is Nea...:

@ImprobableToast : The DSi version was ported to iOS and at a fraction of the price, but yes, I was a bit bummed about it too. At least now we'll be able to play the "Definitive" version. With the IARC rating scheme in full effect, we should get this in Australia as well. In fact, many older eShop titles that were not previously available in Australia are slowly being rolled out due to IARC (even if it's crap like Frenchy Bird).



sillygostly commented on Here's Exactly What Has Changed With Fire Embl...:

I don't know… I think the petting video is hilarious and I would have gotten quite a lot of good chuckles out of it.

What a shame it's gone. Awakening had some powerful dramatic moments, but it also had its share of silly support dialogue as well, and that did not, in any way, detract from the game's more serious themes.

So no Japanese audio? No petting? If I wanted to play a boring Western game, there are plenty of other options available. The relationship-building aspect of the game is one of the key reasons why I was looking forward to it. Sure, the battling's fun and all, but the character building makes those battles feel all the more immersive and rewarding. Well, that seems to have gone out the window. -.-



sillygostly commented on Quality Of Life Device Not Fit To Be Sold As "...:

@zool : Wii Fit sold Wiis. Not Wii Us. Wii Fit U is a sales disaster. Wii Fit U can quite easily be found at some retailers in Australia, brand new, with balance board and everything, all at the ridiculously low price of around AU$29 (regular price is AU$150), and after all the time it's been available at that bargain price, it is still readily available.

Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus were tremendously successful fads in their time, but interest has since waned, and while I'm happy with Wii Fit U, I was surprised that Nintendo ever bothered to release it, considering the Wii U's abysmal install base. It's disheartening to see more niche titles like this fail as it means that the likelihood of an NX Fit sequel is low.



sillygostly commented on Video: Bask in the Monochrome Glow of Extended...:

Once again, Nintendo won't even do what even the most basic of emulators are capable of doing. Ultimately, I do prefer Nintendo's own emulation as they are perfect, performance-wise, and there are no annoying fluctuations in frame rate, but no colour? Not even as an alternate option?

I didn't mind so much for previous GB VC releases, but for such a heavily publicised release such as this, it's simply embarrassing.

@AlexOlney : I'm probably crazy for being gutted that I can't buy what is essentially the same game FOUR times. I would have loved for Green version to have finally been localised, warts and all, with all of those gloriously ugly sprites. sniff



sillygostly commented on Review: Super Mario 64 DS (Wii U eShop / DS):

All I wish for is for DS games to be rendered natively at 1080p. They look so inexcusably ugly on the big screen. Simply an increase in resolution would make such a world of difference as emulators have demonstrated. And would it kill them to allow Download Play and even Local Multiplayer for those with DS/3DS consoles (and in some cases, hard copies of the game)? They could simply disable save states for games that offer this kind of functionality. I don't care much for save states for DS games given the fact that modern games handle save data much better than games of old.



sillygostly commented on Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition is Shuffling Onto...:

So they release a horror game to coincide with Halloween in at least two continents that don't particularly recognise or celebrate the holiday, yet they release a horror game close to Valentine's Day in the continent that does celebrate Halloween?

Now, I'm no expert on marketing, but……………………………



sillygostly commented on Random: Of Course There's Already A Custom Det...:

@Ryu_Niiyama : cough Made in China. I think you overestimate the actual cost of manufacturing and producing these things at large quantities. At worst, they would charge the same amount that they would for a Yarn Yoshi amiibo, but I doubt that would even be necessary given the level of detail in some of the amiibo that are currently available (such as King Dedede, Bowser, Olimar, Wario, Inkling kids and the Fire Emblem characters).



sillygostly commented on Video: Chandelure Looks Predictably Weird in P...:

Why Greninja? He's. Already. In. Smash. Charizard. Already. In. Smash. Pikachu. Already. In. Smash. Lucario. Already. In. Smash. They should be showcasing all of the other Pokémon that hardly get any attention.

Anyway, I was expecting Chandelure's voice to be more… echoey. It sounds much too innocent and childlike for a dispossessed soul with an urge to engage in physical combat.

@TeeJay: YES! PLEASE! I have absolutely no idea how it would fight though given its limited mobility.



sillygostly commented on Wii Street U Service Being Discontinued In Mar...:

This is a disgraceful act considering that Google Earth is FREE to use, and I'm pretty certain that Wii Street U is utilising the same satellite images as Google Earth, so I doubt that this is costing Google any more than what it's already costing them to keep Google Earth's satellite images up-to-date.

I thought it was a pretty crummy app as it would take forever to load the next location, rendering the Wii Balance Board function to be useless as a result. (as cool as it sounded on paper), though this fault may be attributable to Australia's absolutely pathetic internet.

The interface was clunky and not particularly user-friendly, and I didn't really get anything out of the experience. I'm really, really, really glad I didn't pay for it though (it was free at launch and become a AU$6.50 paid app some months later), and I'll definitely think twice about any buying any non-retail game with online functionality from now on.

Wake me up when they release Google Earth VR.



sillygostly commented on Fire Emblem Fates Removes 'Petting' Feature in...:

@TheAceofMystery : In case you hadn't noticed, we are discussing censorship and the inconsistency in moral standards in the arts and different societies and cultures more broadly. Making assumptions such as what you've made and using vulgar language is not necessary nor is it contributing to the discussion in any meaningful way.



sillygostly commented on Fire Emblem Fates Removes 'Petting' Feature in...:

@AlexSora89 : I don't watch Family Guy but I did watch that particular episode as a fan of The Simpsons, and the rape joke was just lame and distasteful, and that simple gag encapsulated just WHY I hate Family Guy as much as I do. Character development doesn't occur in that show at all, and they will throw out years of canon or whatever little character development there is just to make some stupid joke (and unfortunately, The Simpsons has also been guilty of that over the years, though to a far less extreme degree). BUT... do I completely object to its existence? No. There is an audience for this sort of thing, and regardless of my opinion of it, I can respect that, but I do not appreciate people telling me that there's something wrong with me because I happen to have different tastes. I guess I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum as I find King of the Hill to be far more engaging and a lot funnier (I recall having tears in my eyes by episode 4 when I first started watching the show).

I don't like the fact that comedies nowadays are expected to barf out 20 jokes a minute or that it MUST be consistently humourous in order to be a successful comedy. I appreciate comedy more so in the traditional (perhaps theatrical) sense in that it is a generally light-hearted, character-driven story with a happy, or otherwise hopeful ending. I am more interested in characters and themes that showcase the rich social, cultural, historical and moral tapestry of the human experience than plot necessarily. Interesting characters make interesting stories. While action adventures may be interesting on paper, one-dimensional characters render their journeys to be extraordinarily dull (in my opinion), hence why I generally do not watch Hollywood movies. The action genre I feel works better in a video game context as the player is engaging with the material and can relate their own fears or experiences to the game as opposed to having a one-dimensional hero fulfil that role.

In respect to games, I think it's ultimately up to the player to have some freedom in telling the story. I don't much care for games that act as interactive movies and force you to sit through endless cut scenes. Worse still, is that such games borrow the same clichés from Hollywood movies (which I don't care for). Again... not objecting to their existence, not calling for them to cease... but it's just not for me, which is why Japanese games and anime are a refreshing alternative to Western content, and I would appreciate the ability to enjoy such games as close to their original form as possible. If nothing else, to be able to appreciate or at least in some way understand a different culture.



sillygostly commented on Fire Emblem Fates Removes 'Petting' Feature in...:

@AlexSora89 : I wouldn't expect the pro-censorshippers here to see sense (we've got to use that from now on =P). I've argued my point from various angles, citing recent precedents to substantiate my opinion on the matter. Classification boards should exist to PREVENT censorship (so that customers can, at a glance, decide for themselves whether the content is or isn't suitable for them), but lately it seems more like a means for publishers to attain the most "marketable" stamp of approval for their product.

What is even more absurd about these cuts, is that they seem to be incidental to the gameplay or otherwise OPTIONAL features that those who feel uncomfortable about can just easily avoid. I admit that I don't utilise EVERY possible feature in some games, but I certainly wouldn't call for their removal.

Even the prior controversial cut seems entirely unnecessary and I doubt that anybody would have called attention to it if the media hadn't beaten it up with emotive terms such as "conversion therapy" (and judging by the actual, albeit bizarre context of the scene, nothing of the sort appeared to have taken place), and even if that were the case, considering that this is a game set in a fictionalised history, I see no harm in portraying a small reality of real history, however unsavoury it may be. This is an art form after all, and we will never move forward as a people if we just block our eyes and ears and act as if certain atrocities or shameful portions of our history had not occurred at all. How can we learn from history if certain histories are erased? We are breeding a society in which we are repeating the mistakes of generations past and having the audacity to refer to these repeated mistakes as "progression".

Having said that, I am not completely anti-censorship. There are many transgressive movies, and a very small number of games that I think should never have been made, but this is principally due to the risk of such content resulting in a highly detrimental moral decay, from which absolutely no benefit can come about whatsoever (such as those that incite hatred toward others, or bring to mind unspeakable acts that would never have crossed a person's mind but are portrayed with such explicit detail onscreen).



sillygostly commented on Fire Emblem Fates Removes 'Petting' Feature in...:

Petting in the recent Pokémon games seems to be okay at the E rating (EU: 7; AU: PG) (such as the rubbing of crotches of certain human-like Pokémon, the bare chests of female Machoke and Machamp, and Jynx's breasts while she makes a face that can be described as nothing short of ecstatic), but consensual contact between adults at a T rating (EU: 12; AU: M) is considered too racy? The Sims gets away with an awful lot of sexual content considering the surprisingly lenient age rating (at least by the ESRB's standards), and especially so considering that it's the only game that I know of that features depictions of teenage sexuality (they can make out in various states of undress, in hot tubs, on the couch, but making out in bed, even fully clothed is, stupidly enough, considered "too racy").

Considering how open Western cultures have become in matters of sexual deviancy in recent years, and the overall perverse nature of many modern games (GTA IV and V allow the player to "receive" services from whores for goodness sake!), I find this selective prudishness to be grossly hypocritical. Plus, I'm probably in the minority that actually likes dating sims and mechanics of the genre in games like this. It's fun, amusing and harmless, and does not in any way detract (nor enhance for that matter) relationships with actual human beings (minus perhaps that Japanese guy who married his virtual girlfriend in LovePlus). Narrative-driven video games are about experiencing the hypothetical. Whether one wishes to experience the joys of being a hypothetical mass murdering, philandering mobster scumbag in an open world action-adventure game or a joiner of Tetris pieces, some of us also want to be able to hypothetically experience relationships with hypothetical people that we perhaps would not ordinarily associate with.

The more I hear about these ridiculous excuses for blatant censorship, the less inclined I am to want to support this release. Frankly, these omissions are becoming rather ridiculous for such an expensive game. If age ratings are a problem, then they could have experimented by aiming for a T rating for the more beginners-friendly "Birthright" release and been open to an M rating for the more traditional and adult "Conquest" release. Either way, I doubt that the "offending" content would adversely affect the European or Australian classifications in any way, so I don't see why WE should also be affected by these ridiculous cuts. Project Rub (Feel the Magic XX/XY) and The Rub Rabbits had "rubbing" and touching and that was considered acceptable at the T rating (hell, both games were only rated PG in Australia), and the first game, from memory, even included a stage where you need to unzip a woman's dress to succeed and another where the player needs to massage a woman's bare back (while warding off scorpions?).



sillygostly commented on Detective Pikachu Trailer is Revealed, Arrives...:

@Grumblevolcano : You've obviously ignored the part where I said that it would be nice to have "a non-main series Pokémon game WITHOUT Pikachu as the mascot." And it's not as if Pikachu isn't at all mentioned or seen in some form in Gen V (such as the sculpture in the theme park and some occasional references to it).

Pikachu was never a major part of the main series games except for Yellow version (for obvious reasons), though it has been given special attention in most of the main series games in some way.



sillygostly commented on Pokémon Yellow, Red And Blue 2DS Bundles Now ...:

I'm so disappointed that the colourised versions of Pokémon Red and Blue aren't being used for the 3DS emulations. They were in colour when played on the Game Boy Color and the Super Game Boy. Hell, these games have colour palettes in the code (if the ROMs are anything to go by), and considering how discriminate the masses are when it comes to black and white content (particularly movies), it's simply baffling that Game Freak would squander the opportunity to at least make an exception to the VC rule and allow the colour versions (or even allow us the option to switch between the monochromatic Game Boy and the colourised Game Boy Color emulations) to be played in these releases, particularly as they are using them as a selling point for a console bundle in this day and age.

I see no reason why the masses would even consider buying Red or Blue when Yellow version is available in "glorious" 16-bit colour. Nevertheless, I intend to buy all three versions (and maybe double dip with Yellow version for my Pikachu 3DS XL, which I've since transferred the data to my New 3DS XL), but it's still disappointing that they are favouring an inferior emulation to what illegal emulators have been capable of doing for years.



sillygostly commented on Detective Pikachu Trailer is Revealed, Arrives...:

So... what kind of game is it? I'm assuming that it's going to be a Phoenix Wright point-and-click style exposition-heavy game (I'm not expecting this to be a puzzler despite the Professor Layton vibes).

The production values also seem unusually high for such a cheap eShop game. Judging from the trailer alone, I thought that it almost certainly would have been a full priced retail release. Who knows... maybe they'll decide to rip us Westerners off (I certainly wouldn't mind having this as a hard copy release).

I don't know... there doesn't seem to be anything even remotely "Pokémony" about this game except for the presence of Pikachu. It seems that they're using the Pokémon IP simply because this style of game would not have attracted anywhere near the level of interest otherwise (the obscure Hotel Dusk and its even more obscure sequel were hardly success stories).

And it would be nice... SO nice to have a non-main series Pokémon game WITHOUT Pikachu as the mascot. Every fraking Pokémon game has Pikachu heavily featured in them (and it seems EVERY Pokémon spin-off game has Pikachu as the icon -.-). I think Game Freak are really squandering the opportunity to diversify their brand by popularising other Pokémon to the masses.

If they want to appeal to a more casual audience, they could make a Jigglypuff-themed karaoke game, a Meloetta-themed dancing game, a Harvest Moon-style game that heavily features Grass and Bug-type Pokémon... I mean, the franchise is so flexible to unconventional game concepts and genres given the rich and loveable cast of characters, and yet we see the same old Pokémon with the same old game designs being flogged repeatedly without pushing the franchise forward in a significant way (the Rumble and Mystery Dungeon series are particularly guilty of this).



sillygostly commented on UK Pre-Orders Open for Pokkén Tournament Pro ...:

I strongly doubt that I'll ever use it (just as I'll probably never use the Smash controller, despite the premium that I paid for the bundle and the separate controller), especially considering that it is a wired controller (ugh), but the box looks really cool.

I might give this a pass, but if they include it in a bundle in Australia, I'll definitely go for the bundle.



sillygostly commented on Mario Kart 64 on Wii U VC Doesn't Have Support...:

Perhaps amiibo cards can be made to support this kind of functionality?

In any case, this sort of functionality is pointless. I think the omission of multiplayer for DS games on Wii U is a far more pressing issue. I see no reason why they couldn't at least support Download Play for multiple DS/3DS units.



sillygostly commented on Review: My Pets (3DS eShop):

@rjejr : There were plenty of crap games on past Nintendo consoles too, but the sheer quantity of crap games on mobile platforms is exponentially greater considering that the mobile storefronts are not regulated at all (hence all the "bootleg" titles that illegally use existing IPs and the countless number of buggy/unplayable games on mobile platforms). It seems that the best games on mobile are years-old ports of console games.

I will acknowledge, however, that Nintendo's "seal of quality" is being handed out with far greater leniency this generation. For example, I can't imagine Ninja Pig Studio's games being given the thumbs up last generation (even if Nintendo did allow retail abominations like Elf Bowling and The Sims 2: Pets).



sillygostly commented on FreezeME Has Been Approved for a Wii U Release...:

It looks like a low-budget (and awfully generic) version of Super Mario 3D World. Hell, I can't not think of 3D World when watching the trailer as the similarities are so striking. If anything, this will only serve to the game's detriment as I will constantly be reminded of a far more refined and undoubtedly superior experience. I don't wish to poo-poo indies here, but I'd rather not waste my time on a poor man's version of a far superior game.

Why could they not have created a more distinctive style of gameplay and aesthetic instead of borrowing so heavily from the masters?

I may be tempted if the price is right, but it will be hard to justify paying a premium with 3D World on the platform.



sillygostly commented on Fire Emblem Fates New Nintendo 3DS XL Model Co...:


So on top of the opposite version's storyline and the third storyline being sold as separate DLC, they want to charge even more for extra Map packs?! (which sounds horribly expensive as that price will most likely translate to $30 in Australia... i.e. HALF the price of the full game)

Frankly, Nintendo are being utterly ridiculous with how they are handling this game, and are pushing the absolute limits of how much their fan base are willing to pay to enjoy the full experience.



sillygostly commented on 13 Pokémon Movies Are Now Available on iTunes...:

I think it's disgraceful that they've excised the Pikachu shorts from these rereleases of the original Pokémon films. I was always under the impression that the Pikachu shorts were added to compensate for the fact that Pokémon movies were always on the short side (around 60-75 minutes), and the additional Pikachu short would extend the total running time of the film to a standard 80-95 minutes.

I was tempted to buy the 3 pack Blu-ray set of the first three movies, but the running time displayed on the packaging was awfully short, suggesting that the shorts had been removed. I'm not a big fan of those shorts, but they should be included in the film. As far as I'm concerned, they ARE part of the film. They played alongside the film in cinemas and were included in the original VHS and DVD releases. It's obscene that they're excluding them now, and I assume that they will try to sell them to us separately at a later date. I refuse to support such a release.



sillygostly commented on Review: Bigley's Revenge (Wii U eShop):

I wish Nintendo would stop giving crap like this the okay. This isn't the Apple Store. Nintendo's platforms deserve better than this. The worst game during the DS era was arguably Elf Bowling 1 & 2 (which mercifully didn't make it outside of NA; the only market dumb enough to pay full price for such a God awful game), but it seems that since Nintendo have relaxed their quality control protocols this generation that the floodgates have opened to even poorer quality experiences.



sillygostly commented on The 3DS Virtual Console Pokémon Titles Won't ...:

@booker_steve I really, really, really hope this is the case, though I'd rather have Pokemon Stadium 2 than 1… but then again, seeing as I have Pokemon Battle Revolution on Wii, I'd rather just play that instead considering the greater roster of Pokemon to choose from.

I'd quite like a fresh Pokemon Stadium style game on Wii U. We've gone two generations now without any kind of "Stadium"-style experience. Yes, the games are rendered in full 3D, rendering Stadium games partially redundant, but I would appreciate the ability to enjoy Pokemon battles on the big screen (in HD!!!).



sillygostly commented on ​The Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Wii U Port is N...:

Complete and utter stupidity.

After Firmware updates and whatnot, the Basic model has only 2GB or so to spare anyway. Anybody who is even thinking of downloading games on Wii U will own either a 32GB model or a hard drive. The basic model hardly has enough room for game updates either.

I just can't get over just how freaking stupid this is. I'm inclined to not support this release anymore because we shouldn't get a watered down (and extremely late) port just because the developers, in all of their wisdom, decided to cater to an audience that isn't interested in downloading from the eShop anyway.



sillygostly commented on Pokkén Tournament Modes and Details Emerge:

I'm surprised that they'd bother implementing LAN connectivity at all. With the Wii U's install base, who's going to use it? A dozen users?

Mario Kart 8 with 12 player local multiplayer via LAN would have been amazing though.



sillygostly commented on Yes, You Can Scan The Shovel Knight amiibo Whi...:

@Poketendo : Mine didn't include a manual either (I'm from Australia). This probably has to do with the fact that Yacht Club Games are responsible for the manufacturing of the Shovel Knight amiibo, and Nintendo are only responsible for licensing the amiibo NFC chip and branding (such as the standardised packaging). Yacht Club Games probably didn't think to include the manual, or perhaps Nintendo neglected to advise them to include it, or perhaps YCG are not required to include it as their amiibo is not an official Nintendo product strictly speaking (hence why only first party DS games back in the day included the Wi-Fi manual and third party games didn't).

Either way, it's no big deal. Quite frankly, I think it's an unfortunate waste of paper since I throw all of my amiibo manuals away (I've only kept one and disposed of the rest).