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Wed 21st April, 2010

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sillygostly commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Flirtation With Micr...:

What Nintendo should have done is release Pokemon Shuffle as both a free and a paid app similarly to how they handled Steel Diver: Sub Wars. The freemium version will function as intended with microtransactions and all of the other toxic money-gouging crap that is gradually, but surely, killing video games as we know it. The paid version will function as a traditional, complete game.

I refuse to pay money for one-time use cheat codes, which is what most microtransactions seem to be nowadays.



sillygostly commented on Video: YouTube's Gaming Historian Takes Offens...:

So... a white American who has spent his life absorbing the culturally imperialistic crap that the American entertainment industry has been feeding him is offended that other cultures are given some visiblity and reverence by a Japanese video game mascot?

Well, aren't we just precious.

I don't see any Indian or African people objecting to this. Do you? If anything, I think people would be happy to see their culture/ethnicity being given any visiblity at all, especially as many of their nations are not producing high quality video games for the global market.

What exactly is offensive about this anyway? Is the game ridiculing other cultures or ethnicities? No. Is it dehumanising anybody in the form of nationalist propaganda that is designed to brainwash the masses into believing that they, as the "other" somehow deserve to be dead? No.

Insignificant matters offend those with insignificant priorities. There are depictions of other cultures/ethnicities nowadays that are far more detrimental, and dangerous, than some innocuous homage in an old video game.



sillygostly commented on Super Smash Bros. Double CD Soundtrack Listing...:

YES! Duck Hunt Medley!!! :D I was afraid that I'd have to rip a version of this song from YouTube and convert that to an MP3. I'm so glad that I can instead source a higher quality version from this soundtrack. I know what I'll be blasting in the car for the rest of the year. :D

However, I'm enormously disappointed that they didn't include more WarioWare songs as their vocal stuff is amazing. While Mona Pizza was included in Brawl, I was disappointed by its omission from the latest Smash Bros. releases. I also would have loved Jimmy's aerobics song from WarioWare: D.I.Y. and that sweet baby making music from the Ski mode in Game & Wario. I would love to be able to buy these songs in some form.



sillygostly commented on Get Ready For The Most Expensive Video Game Au...:

Never underestimate human stupidity, particularly in this age of hedonistic purposelessness. People will do incredibly confounding things when they have no sense of purpose or responsibility to others than themselves.

This game doesn't even look like it's worth the AU$6.50 asking price that it would cost if this were to be released in the eShop.



sillygostly commented on Rumour: New Nintendo 3DS To Launch In Europe N...:

@Damo : This isn't a product launch though. Nintendo themselves are selling the ambassador units directly in very limited numbers to appease impatient die-hard fans and/or to create hype for the product when it officially launches at retail. Launching the New 3DS to coincide with the 4th anniversary of the launch of the original 3DS would be a sensible move.

If Nintendo were launching the New 3DS next week in Europe, then we'd have known about it by now. Store people would be privy to their inventory/databases, and inevitably, some of that information would be released to the public, even if Nintendo themselves fail to acknowledge it until they are prepared to issue a press release. Plus, it would be stupid of Nintendo to not want to at least capitalise on pre-order sales. I remember there being a lot of hype surrounding the DSi at the time of its launch in Australia (I never understood why as the improvements over the original DS seemed to be negligible, and the price was $100 more than the regular DS Lite, so I never ended up buying one).

People would have to be barking mad to buy these overpriced imports though, as there has been ZERO support for the New 3DS since it launched in Australia. You'd think that Nintendo, at the very least, would have bothered to implement amiibo support for Smash 3DS by now. If not for the minuscule Australian market, then for the Japanese at the very least. I'm sure that when the New 3DS launches in Europe and N.A. that Nintendo will give us a more substantial reason to upgrade.



sillygostly commented on Rumour: New Nintendo 3DS To Launch In Europe N...:

They'll be selling Australian imports. Nintendo may make some crazy decisions at times, but they will not launch a new console without any prior notice.

I would expect the New 3DS to be officially launched in Europe and N.A. by the end of March or April.



sillygostly commented on Gunman Clive 2 Delayed for a Few Weeks More:

This is precisely why I hate Nintendo's pricing of VC games. Struggling indies who design games from scratch often charge considerably less than what Nintendo charge for their years-old games. VC games have already turned a profit back in their heyday, and they cost very little to port to the Wii U today. I understand that Nintendo do not want to pull a Ubisoft and devalue their brands and content, but I do not see much, if any value in most NES games considering how limited and shallow most of them are.

I would rather pay full price for a retail disc with a definitive collection of Nintendo's own VC games than pay $6.50 or upwards of $10 for some of their old games. GameCube games are another story however. I'd happily pay up to $20 for those.



sillygostly commented on Video: Hacker Demonstrates Fully Functional Ga...:

While the data would have to be included on-disc so that players can use amiibos without the need for any further software updates, the presence of this data is by no means indicative that these amiibos will ever be released. Perhaps they will be, but it is by no means a certainty.

For example, the hidden area Hall of Origin in Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, which contains a Lv. 80 Arceus, was never legitimately accessible, in any part of the world. Ever. The Azure Flute, a key item which is required to access the Hall of Origin, was never distributed (however, players have been able to access this area due to hacks, cheats and/or glitches). I do not know whether Game Freak ever put it on the record and acknowledged the existence of this data, but it has been common knowledge amongst ardent fans of the games since their release.



sillygostly commented on The N64 Almost Got A Multiplayer-Focused Doom ...:

I just want the full, uncut versions of Doom, Doom II and Final Doom on a Nintendo handheld. The iOS version is tempting, but the game would be unplayable (especially Final Doom) without buttons. And single card multiplayer would be brilliant.



sillygostly commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Frustration at Missed ...:

I really, really, really hope the next console will be fully compatible with all Wii and Wii U controllers, even if the Wii name is dropped (and at this rate, it will be). One of the things that I've especially loved about the Wii U is the fact that the only new controllers that I've had to buy are the Pro Controllers, and even so, I have enough Classic Controllers to get by, but the fact that the Pro Controllers are wireless, are so comfortable to hold and have such long battery life make them a worthwhile purchase. Of course, if Nintendo make a more responsive Wii Remote-style controller, I'd be more than happy to oblige, but only if it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, I hope that all controllers, past and present, are fully compatible with their next console.

Every Sony/Microsoft console seems to have an arbitrary new controller that looks and functions indistinguishably from the last one to the extent that I don't understand WHY these consoles ever needed a new controller in the first place.



sillygostly commented on Nintendo Download: 1st January (Europe):

I really hope the Slowpoke theme is based on the "Donaiyanen Yadon!" music video that was released a few months ago. It'll definitely be my first theme purchase if it includes the song. :D



sillygostly commented on Poll: Which is the Best Pokémon Game?:

Gold/Silver/Crystal for me. They improved upon Red/Blue/Yellow in virtually every way, the new Pokémon were amazing, the music was fantastic, and the graphics were beautiful in their modest simplicity. HeartGold and SoulSilver did not stir those same feelings and I would attribute any fault to the fact that it used the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum engine, which I absolutely abhor. Those games moved at a dead snail's pace, and HG/SS were bound by the same limitations as D/P/P.

Black and White however, were game changers in a sense that while they still used the tried and true D/P/P engines, they improved upon it in every conceivable way. Gone were the days when we'd have to sit through about 10 seconds just to watch that damned health meter deplete (it seemed like the worst and stupidest possible way to artificially prolong the length of what would otherwise have been a very short game).

If HG/SS had been released after Black/White and included the improvements that B/W had made to the D/P/P engine, then it probably would have been my favourite Pokémon game to date, but unfortunately, HG/SS is inherently tainted by all of the faults that made D/P/P so sluggish and insufferable. I don't think I could ever play a Gen IV game again. While I've almost completed HG (I still have to battle Red, and I have no way of levelling up my Pokémon without ripping my hair out, so I traded them all over to Platinum so that I could train them at the Battle House and trade them back to HG), I'm still yet to play SoulSilver. I may at some point, but after being spoiled by the enormous improvements in Gen V and VI, I don't know if I can go back to playing the most sluggish generation of Pokémon games again. I still loved D/P/P (especially Platinum), but I would definitely struggle if I were to go back to it now.



sillygostly commented on Hyrule Warriors DLC Costume Sets Now Up for Gr...:

Are the $1 sets on-disc DLC or is there a higher download size associated with these? I only ask because the eShop page specifies that they are only a few kilobytes in size (meaning that the "DLC" is likely to be a means of unlocking content already stored on the disc). This isn't always the case, such as the Mario Kart 8 DLC, but I'm a tad suspicious of this.



sillygostly commented on Review: NES Remix Pack (Wii U):

I've always found the Wii U NES Remix games to be fiendishly difficult. While Ultimate NES Remix was a rip-off for what it offered ($50 for one NES Remix worth of content when $26 buys you BOTH NES Remix games for Wii U), I've found the "Ultimate" edition to be a much more fun and addictive experience. I managed to complete that (and Famicom Remix Best Choice) 100%, however I cannot see myself achieving that with the Wii U editions anytime soon.



sillygostly commented on Review: The Voice: I Want You (Wii U):

@scamander : American Idol is technically correct in this context as the reviewer is American, reviewing an American game for an American audience. Had the game been released in PAL regions, or if this had been a PAL version of the game, then certainly, Pop Idol should have been mentioned in preference to American Idol.



sillygostly commented on Review: Duck Hunt (Wii U eShop / NES):

It was never going to be a perfect emulation, considering how different the light gun and Wii Remote technologies are, but this is as close (and perfect) a Duck Hunt emulation as we are going to get with today's technology, and surprisingly, I've quite enjoyed the game, and I'm really glad that the reticle can be turned off as having it turned on makes the game ridiculously easy.

When the reticle is turned off, it will still appear briefly whenever a bullet is fired, which is a nice substitute for the white box that would flash on screen in the NES original.

I've dusted off my Wii Zapper and contrary to the opinion of the reviewer, I've found that it works quite nicely. It might be better though to keep the nunchuk plugged into the Zapper too, just so that you can enjoy a more comfortable grip.



sillygostly commented on Review: The Voice: I Want You (Wii U):

I don't understand why Nintendo has not yet commissioned a Singstar-like game for their system. Sure, there's Wii Karaoke U, but that's only available in the European and Japanese markets, plus I'm sure that the general consumer would be more willing to put down their cash for the original audio as opposed to the generic covers used in Wii Karaoke U.

Nintendo's own Sing Party failed because it had no sense of identity, and generic VFX are no substitute for the original music videos (not to mention the awful, awful playlist).



sillygostly commented on Capcom Has Now Sold 1.2 Million Copies of Supe...:

Meh. Considering that those sales took over three and a half years to build, I doubt that Capcom will feel any urge to show Nintendo any love with future instalments in the Street Fighter series. I'm guessing that those figures would have been drastically lower if Capcom ported the Arcade and Ultra editions to the 3DS. And even if Capcom are happy with those figures, their support of Nintendo has been screwy at best. Resident Evil Revelations started as a 3DS exclusive, but neither of Nintendo's systems are getting the sequel. It's tremendously disrespectful of them to have dismissed a portion of their fan base in this way.

@DonSerrot : Same here. In fact, I was going to buy a PS3 some months ago just so I can play Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (and Digimon All Star Rumble =P), but inexplicably, I resisted. About a day or two later, Last Round was announced, so now I'm even more glad that I resisted.

I'm awed that Tecmo Koei would waste their time releasing something as niche as Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 in the West, let alone on Wii U, while not even giving the Dead or Alive franchise a chance on Nintendo's hardware. It's ridiculous. I don't understand these companies.



sillygostly commented on Poll: Fake Wave 4 amiibo Images Make Us Dream ...:

It may be a bit presumptuous to assume that this is a fake at this point as I see no reason why anybody want waste their time creating a mock-up of an inevitability. But then… there are an awful lot of aimless humans on this planet…

The only reason why I would doubt its legitimacy is the fact that Nintendo would prioritise some of the most obscure characters so quickly. =/



sillygostly commented on Review: Penguins of Madagascar (Wii U):

@ricklongo : I think the main problem is that too many games based on cartoons nowadays are expected to be 3D platformers (perhaps publishers feel that 2D side scrollers just don't cut it anymore), and they simply do not have the budget or the development time necessary to produce something of a standard that can match its superiors on the market (e.g. Super Mario 3D World).

These developers need to stick to making highly polished and engaging games that can be developed within their limitations. If this can only be achieved by producing a 2D side-scroller, puzzle game or mini-game collection, then so be it.



sillygostly commented on Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (...:

Nope. Not paying $45 for a downloadable version that's locked to a single console. Certainly not for a port of a port anyway. The iOS version can be bought for about 35% of the 3DS version's price, and that version has the added advantage of being shared across multiple devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad). =/

Unless I end up caving on the iOS version, I'll wait for a sale on the 3DS one.



sillygostly commented on Review: Meme Run (Wii U eShop):

I only read this review as I was hoping that this would have received Nintendo Life's very first 0/10 as the game doesn't seem to have any redeeming qualities whatsoever.



sillygostly commented on Level-5 Confirms Some Handsome 3DS eShop Festi...:

I'll probably get Attack of the Friday Monsters and give the others a miss as they don't particularly interest me. I don't doubt that they're all quality games though. If Aero Porter was a full featured airport simulator, I would have bought it on day 1, but it appears to be little more than an endless, repetitive high score chase, and I have other games to fulfil that itch.



sillygostly commented on Artist Reimagines Nintendo Characters Through ...:

A classic Nintendo brand with a pulp aesthetic/theme would be incredible. Imagine a gritty detective novel re-imagining of the Mushroom Kingdom as Mario investigates and interrogates his way to finding Princess Peach. Of course, for this sort of concept to work, it would have to be subtly tongue-in-cheek. This could very well be one of the most hysterically funny games of all times if Nintendo played their cards right.

But... the masses would prefer a new New Super Mario Bros., so Nintendo would be reluctant to take a gamble on doing something radically different with their tried-and-true franchises. -.-

A pulp Metroid would be great too.



sillygostly commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Set Sal...:

That's a tad surprising as I was under the impression that the launch of X & Y was more hyped than this. I know of several people who have bought a 3DS just to play X & Y despite not being Nintendo gamers by any stretch.

Frankly, I wasn't particularly excited about the remakes as I wasn't a huge fan of the GBA games. In fact, I played Alpha Sapphire for about an hour and I was reminded of why I didn't particularly care for the GBA generation (even though I finished it quite a number of times). Maybe it'll grow on me once I get past the first couple of gyms, but the game is just so tedious.



sillygostly commented on Rosalina & Luma amiibo Exclusive to Target in ...:

I've been quite lucky with the amiibos so far. With the first wave, I bought what I thought would be the rarest ones (Wii Fit Trainer, Marth, Villager, Fox and Samus) and the next day I went crazy and bought the rest of first wave after levelling them all up to Lv50.

With the second wave, I bought them on release day (one store happened to have them all, sans Little Mac). I had to travel to another nearby shopping centre to hunt down Little Mac. Zelda was the only second wave amiibo that appeared to be available in abundance.

I've noticed that there are plenty of Marios, Peaches and especially Pikachus, with the other popular characters such as Yoshi and Donkey Kong being slightly rarer, with the remainder being quite difficult to find.



sillygostly commented on Review: Tested With Robots! (Wii U eShop):

Long loading times?! For that?! Wow. Really… just… wow.

This is one of the worst looking games I've ever seen. I've played DOS games from the 80s that were made entirely with ASCII characters that look better than this. Heck, I've made my share of games in the early 2000s (when I was about 13) that had really poor graphics, all drawn with MS Paint, and even they look better than this paid release.



sillygostly commented on Rumour: Super Smash Bros. Wii U Basic Bundle H...:

It would have been even smarter to give shoppers time to buy it as a gift at least a week or two BEFORE Christmas.

Between this, the amiibo/GameCube adapter shortages and the bizarre undersupplying of Bayonetta 2 (which has almost no retail presence whatsoever in Australia; I had to ask someone to check their storeroom for a copy), you'd think that Nintendo really hated their monies.

It would have made even more sense to throw in a Mario amiibo with the Smash bundle as well, and maybe even a Mario Wii Remote (for multiplayer fun), but… Nintendo probably aren't taking their Spanish market very seriously.