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Wed 21st April, 2010

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sillygostly commented on Review: Picross e5 (3DS eShop):

I've already completed it, being the Picross junkie that I am. It's basically Picross e4 with new puzzles. Nothing more, nothing less.

I just snooped around the Jupiter website and noticed a game titled Club Nintendo Picross Plus (the icon features a pixelated Yoshi). Apparently, it contains Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing themed puzzles. I hope they'll release it outside of Japan. I'm assuming that it's a Club Nintendo reward, but I'd be happy to pay for it (if given the option).



sillygostly commented on Sonic Boom Wii U And 3DS Both Stall Outside Of...:

The last Sonic games I had played were Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure. I completed Rush but not Rush Adventure. I bought Colors on release day (due to the Sonic hat pre-order bonus) and it's still in its original shrink wrap, and I doubt that I will ever get around to playing it.

Say what you want about Nintendo's "samey" experiences, because after I've played the Sonic Boom 3DS demo, it occurred to me just why Sonic has never captured my imagination the way that Nintendo (particularly Super Mario) games do. Sonic games tend to have monotonous levels where you often feel cheated because you cannot perceive forthcoming obstacles in advance; plus, almost every level feels the same, even though, superficially, each level may only appear to be slightly different from the last. With Mario platformers, at least there is some mechanic or device that differentiates it from other levels. This is seldom the case with Sonic platformers (hence why I couldn't even bring myself to finish Rush Adventure, and I doubt that I ever will).

The demo for Sonic Lost World on Wii U was also garbage. I considered it as my free game download when I purchased Mario Kart 8 (so I could take advantage of the free Yoshi and Zelda DLC), but I settled for Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, which was also really poor. Sega has been awfully complacent with their flagship franchise by consistently releasing substandard games with their iconic mascot. It's no wonder they're in the position that they are in.

Sega can no longer afford to be complacent. They need to be bold and try their hand at fresh experiences/franchises or sequels that support, rather than hinder, their rich legacy.



sillygostly commented on Take A Look At The Super Mario And Pokémon HO...:

A Pikachu theme would go nicely with my Pikachu 3DS XL, but once I inevitably upgrade to a limited edition New 3DS XL and transfer all my data to that system, I have no option of keeping the Pikachu theme on the Pikachu 3DS XL. =/



sillygostly commented on Pokémon Star Pikachu Is Getting His Own GameC...:

This sucks. Considering that I'll need at least 3 GameCube controllers for eight player smash, there's little point in me getting this (unless it is compatible with the GC Adapter) as I already have four classic controllers that hardly ever get used.



sillygostly commented on Travel Companion App ''Talking Phrasebook'' Ma...:

I'm just generally disappointed with the present lack of "apps" on 3DS. There were plenty on DS (though most of them ware full-priced; i.e. AU$50-$70). The only problem with their presence on DS is that they were much too expensive for what they offered, especially as smartphones and tablets were establishing themselves in the marketplace, offering similar, if not superior applications for only a small fraction of the cost of a similar app on DS. And like smartphone devices, apps such as this will not require age certification (though some publishers are still stupid enough to go through the process rather than apply for a [FREE] classification exemption).

This app wouldn't be of much use to me, but I think Ubisoft are crazy for not rereleasing some of their older "edutainment" titles (such as the My [Language] Coach games) on 3DS. Apps such as these would be perfect as budget-priced eShop titles.



sillygostly commented on Bandai Namco Announces Ace Combat: Assault Hor...:

I strongly doubt that this game will be exclusive to the New 3DS. Of course you'll need the N3DS for the added buttons and amiibo support, but I doubt that Bandai would favour a negligible user base over the 45 million+ user base of the original 3DS.



sillygostly commented on Bandai Namco Announces Ace Combat: Assault Hor...:

If third party titles are going to implement amiibo support, then they should at least accommodate ALL currently released amiibo figurines (including the more obscure characters).

I'm not at all interested in these sorts of games, so the novelty of amiibo won't sway me otherwise.



sillygostly commented on Review: Ultimate NES Remix (3DS):

The Australian Nintendo website mentions this…

"Meanwhile, for dedicated players who earn 3 stars in all of the game’s challenges, the Japanese version of NES Remix, Famicom Remix, will be unlocked, allowing the games to be experienced in fresh new ways."

Now this is an interesting development. Despite my criticisms, I do want the game and I'm eager to see what others think of this mode before I fork over the dough for it.



sillygostly commented on Review: Ultimate NES Remix (3DS):

This would have to be one of the worst retail releases that Nintendo has ever released in terms of value. For the price that they are charging (AU$50), Ultimate NES Remix contains about the same amount of content as one Wii U NES Remix (AU$13 each). That's $13 value on a $50 cartridge. The U.S. price for both retail editions (Wii U and 3DS) is the same (US$30), so the 3DS is still a considerable rip-off, offering only half of the content of its Wii U retail equivalent.

Now if they had included all of the NES games on the cartridge, then it would have been a worthwhile package IMO. Heck, I would have been happy to pay for a full-priced retail release of NES Remix on both Wii U and 3DS if they had included all of the NES games on disc (and frankly, that's the only way that Nintendo would get me to buy them all, because I sure as hell won't be paying $6.50 each for them).



sillygostly commented on Collectors Be Warned, Some amiibo Figures Will...:

I find it odd that Zelda isn't compatible with Hyrule Warriors, and that Link and Villager are not compatible with Mario Kart 8 (considering that they are both being added to the roster via DLC). It would have made more sense to add Toon Link to the Mario Kart 8 roster in preference to Adult Link as Toon Link would fit in better with Mario Kart 8's more cartoonish aesthetic. shrugs Too late now.

Amiibo looks promising, but all of the missed opportunities that are apparent at this stage prior to its release is making me lose hope in this concept being worthwhile in the long-term. I'm tempted, but I've resisted many "collector's" items in the past, and I can do it again.



sillygostly commented on Two Pokémon Game Boy Color Titles Dated For N...:

Pokemon TCG on GBC is a far superior gameplay experience to the one on iPad IMO. Cards are far easier to access (you need to either buy physical cards or play duel after duel after friggin' duel just to unlock a single booster pack), duels are faster paced, and you don't need to be online to play.

I would, without hesitation, pay full price for a Pokémon TCG sequel in the spirit of the GBC original for the 3DS.

I'm also really glad that Puzzle Challenge is being released in the eShop. I hope that the Australian/European release won't be too long a wait.



sillygostly commented on Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Wii U Delay Seems to b...:

Release it as a retail disc. Problem solved.

Seriously though, what an idiotic reason to delay a game. There are plenty of games on the eShop that well exceed the remaining 3GB of storage space remaining in the basic Wii U console. There are Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles that wouldn't be able to run the game without an external hard drive but that certainly didn't seem to deter them from releasing the game on those platforms. Heck, the Arcade model of the Xbox 360 had less internal memory than the original Wii did! (256MB vs. 512MB)

I'm sure that most owners of the 8GB console aren't interested in eShop games to begin with so they really aren't missing any potential customers there.

How much longer do they intend to delay the game while it has been available on other platforms for several months now? My interest in this game is rapidly diminishing, and if they stupidly decide to release a gimped version on Wii U as so many other third party developers have before them, then I won't support this. We've had enough of that sort of B.S. on Wii U and I won't support it any longer.



sillygostly commented on Ubisoft To Release Petz Beach And Petz Country...:

And coming in 2015… Petz Cemetery. Become a funeral director of your very own pet cemetery! Perform FUN autopsies, console OUTRAGEOUS grieving pet owners and BERATE negligent pet owners for feeding their goldfish pellets that were actually miniature sticks of dynamite.



sillygostly commented on Nintendo Releases a Sneak Preview of New 3DS H...:

Ugh. These are just so grossly overpriced. The Nintendo-themed ones are $2.60 EACH in Australia. Seriously, man? They're just wallpapers and icons accompanied with music (the music being recycled across multiple themes). I don't expect Nintendo to release these for free (though they should), but there are many DSiWare games that cost only $3 and include gameplay for the price, and even Gunman Clive provides a really fun experience for 10c less than the asking price for these menu themes.

They ought to be charging $3-$5 tops for a pack of themes, not close to $3 just for a single wallpaper and a few other superficial graphics that we should have the option to create ourselves for free. I'll probably buy a theme or two eventually (heck, I would have bought them all if only Nintendo had adopted a more reasonable pricing strategy), but to put things into harsh perspective, AU$10.40, being the asking price for a SNES title or a decent budget-priced eShop title, will buy you only four wallpaper graphics. This is nothing short of a rip-off. Nintendo-themed wallpapers for PCs are free through their many mini sites, so I don't see why 3DS wallpapers should be any different.



sillygostly commented on FAQ: Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS:

@Punished_Boss: Snake appeared in Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes on GameCube, Metal Gear on NES, the MSX2 version of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (which is available via the Japanese Virtual Console), and he would go on to appear in Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater on the 3DS in 2011 (while the other systems received a HD trilogy, including the Vita, making the 3DS game a blatant rip-off in comparison, just as Wii U would later receive Mass Effect 3 while the complete trilogy was released on other platforms for the same price).

Frankly, I didn't think Snake deserved to appear in Brawl in the first place considering how rarely he appears on Nintendo hardware (neither of the two Metal Gear Solid V games are being released for Wii U, despite being in development for both current and previous gen consoles).



sillygostly commented on Review: Red Riding Hood (Wii U eShop):

Are those screenshots taken from the actual game? Because those are definitely 4:3 images stretched to fit a 16:9 display.

If that's the case, they couldn't even get the aspect ratio right. Despicable.



sillygostly commented on Official Nintendo Magazine Announces Closure i...:

The Australian version of this magazine launched a few years ago and I think it has been about a year since it has been discontinued completely in Australia. I used to notice them all the time, but due to the often samey content that was included from issue-to-issue, I had only bought the magazine once every few months or so, or whenever there was a cool gift. It was nice to have. Even though I'm a Nintendo junkie that is already familiar with a lot of the information in the magazine, I enjoyed reading it from time to time. I was saddened to see it go, and it's a shame that the overseas iterations have suffered the same fate.



sillygostly commented on Watch Dogs Stares at a November Release Date o...:

If this was released alongside the other versions, I would have bought it on day 1. But now, considering that the other versions are gradually descending into the inevitable despair of bargain bin purgatory, I will wait for a review. If the Wii U version only uses the gamepad as a map screen, I'll wait a bit for a significant price drop ($20 sounds about right).



sillygostly commented on Review: Phonics Fun with Biff, Chip & Kipper: ...:

@antonvaltaz: Volume 1 is intended for children aged 3-6 and both volumes 2 and 3 are intended for children between the ages of 4 and 7.

And lack of 3D is a given for titles such as these as there is absolutely no reason why 3D would benefit software of this nature, particularly as it is aimed at the very audience that should not be viewing 3D images in the first place.



sillygostly commented on Review: Phonics Fun with Biff, Chip & Kipper: ...:

I'm obviously not in their target demographic (anymore), but I'm really, really glad that software like this is being made, and even more so knowing that it has been published by Nintendo.

I hope that Nintendo will continue to publish/commission educational software in the future as educational games were among my favourites growing up, and I would like to see future generations using games as a means of learning a thing or two.

I only wish that The Learning Company were still around so that they could rerelease some of their classic titles on contempory hardware (such as the Super Solvers series and the like).



sillygostly commented on Nintendo Download: 11th September (Europe):

@afroevan: Don't worry. Teslagrad is coming to Australia. We won't be getting Wooden Sen'sey though.

I just hope that Comic Workshop is released here. Software of that nature doesn't need a classification, so there's no real reason why they wouldn't release it here. They should also release the Phonics games here as they do not need a classification either (though I doubt that they will be released here as they seem to be tailored for the European market).



sillygostly commented on Super Street Fighter II: Turbo Revival Is Drag...:

Why would any sensible person buy this when for a dollar or so more, you could buy one of the other (more complete) versions of the same game on the same platform?

It's a joke that this version doesn't even include local multiplayer. Surely it couldn't be that difficult to simulate local multiplayer for GBA games. One player could use the TV while the other uses the Gamepad.



sillygostly commented on Super Street Fighter II: Turbo Revival Is Drag...:

And while we're on the topic of game classification in Australia, the ACB has also recently classified a game titled Rabbids Invasion. The platform isn't specified, but this could very well be the long-completed Wii U game that Ubisoft has been sitting on for about a year.

And don't let the "Multi-platform" label fool you. Most games on the ACB database are labelled as "multi-platform", even games exclusive to specific platforms.



sillygostly commented on Wii U Minecraft Looking Doubtful As Dev Says T...:

They don't want to cannibalise their own brand by risking their target audience embracing Nintendo's own IP. Non-Nintendo platforms aren't considered to be as great a threat as Sony and Microsoft's systems have fewer games that would appeal to the same audience that Minecraft has attracted.