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Mon 26th Nov 2012

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sigma commented on Remake Request: ActRaiser:

The game is definitely a masterpiece and played it a lot, a remake for 3ds would be a dream come true. Still have great memories of those enix games
Actraiser, Soulblazer, Illusion of gaia ... damm those nice music tunes ...
Enix please... contact the god if he is available for a remake or a third sequel Actraiser "The New World"



sigma commented on Nintendo Download: 29th November 2012 (Europe):

Nintendo of Europe ... what are you doing when will we in europe get something worth buying in the eshop!!! If the want the eshop to be a success then we need games like cavestory, Fractured Soul people in america are very lucky with all
the great releases the get. There are some real nice games available in the eshop don't get me wrong but the last couple of weeks/months I didn't buy anything because most games are not worth buying.
Why is the so major difference between europe / america / japan were living in a digital age and it still needs months for games to be released.