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Tue 4th October, 2011

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Shworange commented on Nintendo Involved In Patent Dispute Over Wii U...:

This patent troll crap has to be stopped at the government level! I did a quick search on the company Secure Axcess to see how legit they are. In recent years, they sued Dell Computers over the use of encryption technology to make servers secure. They the. Went ahead and sued JP Morgan Chase, First Citizen Bank, and Harris Bank over the use of login pictures (sometimes companies make you login and then pick an image that you selected upon account creation).
These guys are very active patent trolls. This type of litigation gets very expensive and time consuming. Nintendo may just settle, but that doesn't mean they stole anything. Also, the case is being filed in Texas. This is because the state has regulations that support patent trolls.



Shworange commented on Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshid...:

I got reprimanded for linking to a picture within Trine 2 that showed a glitch where a crate you need could disappear, forcing you to exit and renter. They said it should have been tagged with a spoiler warming. Bite me.



Shworange commented on Talking Point: Super Metroid's 20th Anniversar...:

The closest thing to a metroid game that I've played recently was steamworld dig. It felt very metroid. You explore a desolate world. You get numerous power ups as well. There were many differences of course, but at its heart was that of Samus'. I couldn't stop playing steamworld dig. I played right through the whole game within a couple of days (I think my ultimate time was 9ish hours). Upon completion, I was a little sad because I wanted more. What I really want however is more metroid!



Shworange commented on Wii Fit U Update 1.2.0 Trims And Slims for a B...:

I hate the fact that the game goes on weight alone to create your mii's appearance. I'm 6'2. I weigh 235 pounds. Sounds fat right? Except for the fact that I'm actually not. I work out all the time. My wife is a personal trainer. She is 5'3. She weighs 140. She's freaking ripped! Abs of steel. According to her Mii, she's a bit over weight. We did the trial, but since there's no way to reduce her mii's size other than tell her to stop lifting weights, she's stuck with it. I can live with a comically chubby mii. She can't. So hence, no full game purchase.



Shworange commented on Airtight Games Feels That Murdered: Soul Suspe...:

It's not fair to say the only good games on WiiU are ones made specifically for it. There are good multiplatform games on it (eg Darksiders 2 and Sonic Racing). The ones that are boxed items and SELL well for it are exclusives (with the exception of the aforementioned sonic racing which sold very well).



Shworange commented on Talking Point: NFC And The GamePad Can Succeed...:

A NFC Nintendo themed world builder would be incredible! Make and customize your mushroom kingdom. Touch Samus to the game pad and you can now unlock SR-71 (or some world like that) that you build. Touch DK to the pad and you build his world. All worlds are interconnected and most importantly, you can visit friends or random people's worlds. Sign me up. The only road block would be Nintendo of course not implementing such a fantastic creation.



Shworange commented on Nintendo Wins Microprocessor Patent Dispute Ov...:

That the price of running a successful business today unfortunately. Large companies like Nintendo become embroiled in these types of lawsuits every day. It's unfortunate, but justice usually prevails. The bad side is that it cuts dramatically into R&D budgets and innovation. I read recently that Apple's legal budget and costs have now exceeded R&D budgets on an annual basis. That is troubling for sure.



Shworange commented on Less Than 5% of Those Polled by the Game Devel...:

If developers are ignoring the 3DS even more than the WiiU, then what's it going to take to get them on board with the WiiU? I'm assuming a large percentage of developers there are strictly phone developers. It's s sad trend when a piece of crap like flappy bird is what garners attention, and it's a disturbing trend if you like substantive games.



Shworange commented on AE Games Reveals Mad Men Football, High Impact...:

Why not? My favorite baseball game of all time was basewars for NES where your players are all upgradable robots. Every time a bot gets tagged at a base, they fight each other. So awesome. Maybe Alexander the Great will be able to tackle napoleon. Or Gengis Kahn can run the ball on Stalin.
Give it a try, innovation is badly needed in the industry. I'm actually excited for this game.



Shworange commented on Soapbox: A Case For The Defence: Castlevania 64:

I had the legacy version of the game where they changed a couple things and rereleased it like a year later. It really wasn't that bad. I remember enjoying it a lot. You could play through multiple times with different players that you could unlock. It was a large game and truly unique in its time. It was just limited by cartridge size.