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Mon 13th Apr 2009

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shogunhitokiri commented on Shia LaBeouf Disses the Wii:

I have no problem with people not liking the Wii but he certainly acted pretty childish and he could of acted in a more respectful way. You don't like the Wii then that is fine but to act like a jerk is not the way to behave. The guy acted like a five year old throwing a tantrum.



shogunhitokiri commented on Wii Is "Fool's Gold":

It has to do with getting people interested in video games which "hardcore" titles do not reach out like a Wii Fit and even a Mario Kart Wii does. The customers the Wii is attracting are those who were disinterested in games which means that those epic adventures and shooters never interested them in the first place. The reason that the expanded audience is buying Nintendo games is because Nintendo is the only one who is making quality games for them. Don't get mad because people don't want to buy a bad game or a game they don't want. Core games on the Wii that don't sell shows that the core audience does not care for the game but the publishers want to put the blame on the audience instead of themselves for making a game people did not want in the first place.



shogunhitokiri commented on Miyamoto: You Need A Controller For True Immer...:

Nintendo is not going to stick around in a red ocean. They will search for another Blue Ocean to explore. Nintendo is done with the "competing" and they are going to keep the disruption wheel spinning so they can define the industry, just like they did with the Wii Remote and software like Wii Sports and with the NES. Now look at what is happening, Microsoft and Sony step in after all the talk about how bad motion controls were and they are making their own versions, the only difference is they have to depend on third-party support while Nintendo makes video games as well as video game hardware. Besides, Microsoft and Sony will overshoot the market once again. What will Nintendo do to redefine the industry is the only question that really matters unless somehow Nintendo screws themselves which is what happened with the SNES, N64, and GCN but it seems Nintendo has learned from its mistakes.



shogunhitokiri commented on Reggie: The Future Is Now:

I don't think people are going to wait for Sony and Microsoft to announce release dates and price points when Motion Plus is already on the shelves and bundled with games. Iwata-san expected Sony and Microsoft to announce their new controllers last year which is why Nintendo announced Motion Plus last year. It is too late for MS and Sony considering Motion Plus is likely to get a year or two lead before MS and Sony even have a chance to enter the market. You can't join the trends, you have to start them.



shogunhitokiri commented on Miyamoto Unconcerned By Rival Motion Control S...:

It is not about who has the better technology. All throughout video game history and you will see the console or portable with the better technology has never been the sales leader. Just ask Nintendo (N64, GCN). Besides Nintendo has nothing to worry about anyway. They are going to be looking for another blue ocean to explore while Sony and Microsoft will be a step behind.



shogunhitokiri commented on It's My Birthday: Casual Gaming Hits a New Low:

The only reason this is getting any publicity is because of the stigma of the Wii that is "casual" gamers. If this came out on PS3 or 360 we would not be seeing any news on it and I bet I could dig up some crap on those systems as well but no one likes to talk about "hardcore" shovelware. Core gamers are getting No More Heroes 2, The Conduit, Muramasa: Demon Blade, and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Core gamers will probably still complain about those games though.



shogunhitokiri commented on Round Table: Are Nintendo Neglecting the 'Hard...:

The Wii is doing well because like it or not gaming is changing. It did so when the NES was released and those who played games on computers hated the NES and saw games like Super Mario Bros. to be crappy unsophisticated games. Then with the release of the Playstation gaming moved to the cinematic style that the core gamers are enjoying today and some decided to abandon gaming because of the change. Gaming is changing and the core gamer of today will not be the core market in the future, those who are callously referred to as casual will be the future core customer. The Wii is selling well because Nintendo saw that the industry was ripe for a shift and the sales show that.



shogunhitokiri commented on March NPD - MadWorld Debuts With Sales of 66,000:

Well it is not like Nintendo does not want games for the core audience because they allowed games like No More Heroes, House of the Dead, and MadWorld on their console but those games are not games for the mainstream core audience. Besides it is not like a core game cannot sale on a Nintendo system. Perfect Dark and Goldeneye sold well on the N64. Resident Evil sold well on the GameCube. The thing is those games are mainstream core games.



shogunhitokiri commented on Retail Success Eludes GTA: Chinatown Wars:

I don't think that GTA is on the wrong platform. Everybody is just impatient and looking for any little thing so they can criticize the Wii or DS. People complain about the lack of "hardcore" titles and then Chinatown Wars and MadWorld are released and sell below expectations. Then people want to say that "hardcore" titles don't sell on Nintendo consoles when the same people complain that dust is collecting on their Wii and DS and the funny thing is they don't even own a copy of those games.