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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Shiryu commented on Video: What Do You Get When You Combine Mario ...:

I would LOVE to have the upcoming "Mad Max" video game on Wii U. "Fury Road" easily made it to my top 10 movies of all time. The lunacy of that trailer is just oh so spot on perfect it's almost ridiculous. What a lovely day for Blue Shells and Mushrooms.



Shiryu commented on Reminder: The Final Splatoon Global Testfire i...:

Don't tell us, tell Alex. He nearly gave me an heart attack when he tweeted on Sunday that he was sad to have missed the test-fire on Saturday the 16th. For a few seconds there, I actually believed I had missed it because I was goofing off on my other hobbies.



Shiryu commented on A Totally Complete Version Of Star Fox 2 Reall...:

There is also somewhere locked up at Rare's offices a 99% prototype of "Killer Instinct 2" for the SNES. So much denied past memories... I hope someone realizes that is far more important to preserve their work than keep it locked away from the world.



Shiryu commented on Wii U Stretch Goal Seemingly Teased for Bloods...:

What a horrible night to be teased. Anyway, wasn't it previously stated on the kickstarter FAQ that they would have to make two different games to make it fit onto the Wii U? I am a patient man, I will wait to see how this turns out.



Shiryu commented on Video: We Tackle The Dual-Stick vs. Motion Con...:

I was messing up big time when fighting in close quarters (and that almost all the time when not using the charge shot sniper ink thing) until I turned the motion controls off. Perhaps too many years of COD on twin sticks have made their damage (and yes, I do come from the mouse+keyboard PC shooters). However, Wiimote was spot on perfect on "Metroid Prime 3" so I will give motion controls a second try when "Splatoon" comes out.



Shiryu commented on Hudson's SNES JRPG Super Shell Monsters Story ...:

Ops, sorry Damien! I should have submitted this back on Satuday... when I made that video... :x

@TheRealThanos I believed this one was completely lost, development came to a complete stop a few years ago, but they somehow got it together again managed to release it! You can read all about it on the Dynamic Desings website.

@No-longer-postin: That is impossible because Hudson has been acquired by Konami a few years back and... we all know what Konami is about to become. Plus this is a fan made translation, it's extremely hard to be able to sell these without an incredibly complicated agreement between all parts.

PS: I'm loving the game!



Shiryu commented on Horizon Chase Pays Tribute To SNES Classic Top...:

I learned from this game when Barry Leitch joined in and took over soundtrack duties. He is one of my childhood musical influences and responsible for a ton of Commodore Amiga classic tunes, including the music from SNES "Top Gear" which is in fact remixed tunes from the Amiga games. If the gameplay holds up, I would certainly pick it up. I should definitely do a cover/remix album from the music of the 3 SNES "Top Gears". "Utopia" remains my favorite of his works.



Shiryu commented on Former Castlevania Producer Koji Igarashi's Ki...:

@Artwark I have worked with PCs all my life and as such I have verylittle desire to play in them when I get home. I have decided since the previous generation to own a single home console only and as such am well aware of missing out exclusives for the other consoles, but I set and follow my rules, it's not any sort of blind devotion to Nintendo.



Shiryu commented on Video: Our Guide to the Splatoon Global Testfi...:

I am going to turn off motion controls on next session because I messed up lots of times earlier this morning. I hope they make it possible to play with the Pro Controller (with gamepad still for jumping of course). Really good stuff!



Shiryu commented on Feature: Here Are Our Fondest Kirby Memories:

"Dream Land" on Game Boy was my first game of the series. It has extremely detailed and charming characters and I immediately fell in love with it. Exceptional music and a cameo from Lolo and Lala didn't affect the fact that I replayed the game over and over again (admittedly, it's a very easy to complete title). I've been keeping tabs on all released Kirby games so far, I prefer the more traditional platforming affairs, but I am willing to try new stuff like the upcoming Wii U game on Friday.



Shiryu commented on Disney Infinity 3.0 is Announced With Star War...:

@Nico07 I am currently not so pleased with the fact that "Battlefront" will not have space battles or a single player campaign (unlike the previous "Battlefront 2" that came out over a decade ago). Since the game the video below remains my al time favourite Star Wars game, I am far more happy with this trailer from "Disney Inifnity 3.0" than the EA's current one.
[youtube:EX-qKnecvFA] <- ops, NL removed the Youtube embend code, here it is ->



Shiryu commented on ​Talking Point: Is Konami About To Exit The ...:

They are on their way to become patent trolls. A shame because they made truly stellar games all the way back to the 8 bit generation, but the industry has really changed and if they are making more money of their Pachinko slots in Japan then releasing video games world wide, perhaps it's time for them to quit. I mean the following without offense to the rest of Konami's employers, but letting Kojima go is dropping your last big talented guy doenst not seem like a good move, but what do I know? I am just an old, very satisfied client who currently has zero Konami games on his consoles and everyday keeps losing interest in the so called triple A western video game industry. A shame to see them go, but I do believe they are indeed on the way out.