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Fri 11th October, 2013

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shigulicious commented on Video: Hyrule Warriors Majora's Mask Pack DLC ...:

I'm going to jump back into this game after clearing a few titles I'm currently playing. Love him or hate him, Tingle definitely brings um, variety, to the character roster. This title surpassed my expectations in a big way. I understand that the likelihood of more DLC after the boss pack is highly unlikely, but a WW pack would be icing on an already delicious cake!



shigulicious commented on Video: You NEED To Play Metroid Prime Trilogy:

Like many people here, I own the steel book trilogy and will download this as soon as I get home. I don't know when I will revisit the Prime series but I will purchase this great deal on principle alone. Too good of a price point for a fantastic trilogy. Hopefully, Nintendo will see some good sales figures and continue bringing us great Wii titles.



shigulicious commented on Talking Point: Club Nintendo's Closure Is An E...:

Hopefully the new program will be bigger and better. Iwata stated that he wanted to reward the loyal customers. They have taken away the DDP and now CN. I expect big things. I also expect to be dissapointed. I beleive us "loyal" fans should get first dibs on the newest amiibo waves.