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Fri 11th October, 2013

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shigulicious commented on The Nintendo Wii U Is Better Value For Money T...:

Wait, so there isn't going to be a holiday bundle? Hasn't Nintendo noticed the huge spike that the XboxOne is achieving with the price cut +bundles? Nintendo is great but man they live in a bubble. I was expecting a Smash bundle for $279 at the very least. I believe the Xboxone bundle with the 500gb white box and Sunset Overdrive for $349 is a better value. There isn't much print for the WiiU in all if those black friday ads. The masses read those ads. Gamers that already own the WiiU , or are considering it,are the only ones hearing this message. Who are you talking to Reggie because I don't believe it is the demographic that Nintendo should be focusing on. BLAH



shigulicious commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Update 1.0....:

On a somewhat related topic, my store put out some amiibos already but the register denied the purchase. Street date of the 21st of course. But I had a yoshi in my hand and was way to excited for a 40 year old with a plastic figurine. Ah well 4 more days.



shigulicious commented on Video: Watch The Mario Kart 8 × Zelda DLC Run...:

I haven't played all of the new courses yet but my opinion thusfar is mixed. The new tracks bring some much needed , um, "newness", to the game but the courses that I have played have too many turns. For that reason, the Excitebike stage is my favorite of the dlc. The Yoshi course however, invokes more rage then fun for me.



shigulicious commented on Video: Five Vital Tips for Conquering Shovel K...:

Short or not, this game is worth every penny. NG+, unlockable alt armors, and achievements give the game legs. Along with the basic fact that it is a blast to play. Oh, and playing around with all of those cheat codes. Just buy it, please. The world needs Shovel Knight 2.



shigulicious commented on Genyo Takeda Discusses Nintendo's Hardware Future:

I love Nintendo and their ambition to innovate. I only wish they made their consoles as powerful as their counterparts so porting 3rd party games over would not be such a chore. You need to buy a Nintendo system to play a Nintendo exclusive, of course. But I really had hoped that I wouldn't have to buy another console to play Batman Arkham Knight for example.