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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Sharecrow commented on Darius Twin:

I'm interested in this one for sure. Though I've never played a Darius game before that I can recall....



Sharecrow commented on The Three Musketeers: One For All European/Aus...:

Yeah, I definitely want this. The book is so fun and I happened to have just reread it recently...

I haven't downloaded anything in awhile (have been playing DS games), but I expect to be getting this once it's available in the US.



Sharecrow commented on Review: Deadly Creatures (Wii):

I actually want this game. And it's rare that I am really interested in a Wii game (as opposed to VC games). If and when I get my hands on some money, I may pick this up....



Sharecrow commented on Review: Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (MD):

Wow - well-written review and a prettygood score, too. I downloaded this already but haven't played it much yet. I'm glad to hear good things about it. I'm sure I'll like it overall as I spend some time with it.



Sharecrow commented on Review: R-Type (TG-16):

Level 5 looks kind of like a fiery tunnel (no walls or floors in the whole level). There are a lot of huge worms that blow up if you kill them by hitting their head, with their sections flying every where. If you blow up part of the body, they split and the headless part goes wild. Level 6 is more like a factory. There are many large crates that move around on different paths like in assembly lines. You have to blow them up or squeeze between them. This level is tough but I think it's my favorite of all of them. Best music too IMHO.

Keep at it and good luck!



Sharecrow commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - March 2009:

Revenge of Shinobi was simply awesome.

I watched those videos for that Takeshi no Chousenjou, and I've got to say it looks like a train wreck of a game. I would never download it if the US had the misfortune of receiving this game.



Sharecrow commented on Wisconsin To Tax Digital Downloads:

I live in Texas actually...

Edit: Although we have sales tax (which is a little high), we don't have state income tax. So we get penalized for spending money, but not on earning it. I'd rather not be penalized at all, but it's not too bad...



Sharecrow commented on Wisconsin To Tax Digital Downloads:

@Gabbo - Online vendors still have to charge and remit tax if they have a place of business in the same state as the consumer technically (regardless of whether the order is processed or shipped from that location). Different states have different definitions of what qualifies as a place of business, but the rules are there and those ones do get enforced. I pay taxes on Amazon sales too for this reason.

Come to think of it, why do I live in this state again???



Sharecrow commented on Wisconsin To Tax Digital Downloads:

I know - normally only get points to get games, though. I'd get more if I were to actually do that. Buying a point isn't a download, though. I'm already paying 8.25% sales taxes on points. I guess this stuff would be on top of that? Anyway, I'm gonna wait and see. Like I said, this would be hard for any state to really enforce.



Sharecrow commented on Wisconsin To Tax Digital Downloads:

It would be difficult for a state to monitor, but whatever. If they pass it, I'll just have to stockpile the games I want (that have been released) before downloading becomes taxable



Sharecrow commented on Take Five and Double It!:

Call me naive but I totally didn't see this commng. It's good though - it'll help distinguish games from one another in terms of overall quality (at least the reviewers' perspective of it).



Sharecrow commented on Talking Point: Is the Virtual Console On The S...:

I think the vc is awesome even when releases are coming at a trickle. There are an easy dozen games already out that I really want to download and many more that I would be interested in. But besides downloading them, I have to find time to play them all too. Do you have any idea how many hours I had to put into R-type to beat it??? I can think of a bunch of games to look forward to in the meantime. I think Nintendo is treating it like a long-term service, and I'm delighted to enjoy it.

Someday, if I'm really good, Faxanadu will come out