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I am the Great Mighty Poo.

Male, 28, Belgium

Collector and fan of (almost) all things Nintendo, I have a wider gaming interest. I like more obscure games, both in rarity and vibe-wise.

Wed 12th Jun 2013

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Shambo commented on Jools Watsham Wants to Know if You Want a Deme...:

Still have both DS games, and waiting for the remastered editions to finally arrive in Europe. Though I'd prefer them to be bundled on one physical game, I'll still get them. Should there ever be a third game, I'm definitely getting it, as I loved the first game, loved the improvements done in the second, the remakes look great from what I've seen, and a new one built from the ground up for 3ds would be awesome as there is an ENORMOUS lack of slower paced horror games these days, and of any decent moody games on handhelds in general.



Shambo commented on Nintendo Download: 7th January (Europe):

I bought Drill Dozer a long time ago, as I was looking at special cartridges for any game boy games. Found it very cheap, noticed it was never released in Europe, and... LOVE it.



Shambo commented on Talking Point: Fatal Frame's Trial Version and...:

One of the last few games I'm getting before I quit gaming. I've pretty much had it with modern gaming. Only Nintendo platforms managed to make me keep on playing some games until now, but now I'm slowly getting rid of most of my 15 years of collecting, without counting backwards collecting. A collector's edition still is appreciated though.



Shambo commented on Splatoon 1.2.0 Update Promises A More Pleasant...:

I found ranked battles to be a bit too frustrating, so I was soon just battling for turf again, which is an absolute blast. Not a trace of frustration there, just a fantastic game with fun balancing, and fun for all approaches and experience levels.
Believe me, I'm glad Nintendo opted for no voice chat. Later, in dedicated teams, within the team alone, it should however be implemented I think. It still won't allow rivals to supposedly insult each other about their supposed sexual orientation or the supposed promiscuous nightly activity of their mothers, but will help dedicated competitive teams to gain an edge on good communication.
That said, I'll try it later today!



Shambo commented on Hands On: Checking Out Splatoon's Freshly Unlo...:

@Peach64 Splattershots are where it's at for me. Rapid fire, quite some ground covered when just blindly spraying, decent accuracy and range for some of them. Usually top of the team in turf wars, but mixed results in ranked thus far.

As for some maps, ground coverage outside of the zones to get specials, then assaulting, say, the towers they use and are hard to take, can really help your team too.



Shambo commented on Splatoon Ranked Battle Mode and First Free DLC...:

Nintendo Scope should serve as a bazooka or charger, and ROB as a homing bomb. Just no Wii Zapper please.

When I recently played some 1080º Avelanche, I thought it must be awesome to use the paintbrush snowboard in Splatoon, especially on the skatepark map, but that will never happen obviously as it would require a completely new way of programming and playing.



Shambo commented on Nintendo Wants Metroid-Style Title Axiom Verge...:

Looks sublime. I think Metroid will stick to the Prime approach, now that they've found great shooter controls in Splatoon, that serve for scanning the environment as well, and quick precise reflexes in tense situations. Metroid should, imo, remain a modern series with a 'realistic' art direction. It could use some slower paced, scarier sections a la Zombi U's better parts.



Shambo commented on Splatoon Ranked Battles Creep Closer as the 'S...:

I'd like to see a racing mode, and a capture the flag kind of mode, the latter in which the flag can be changed colours with paint to no longer count as a point, or something else to keep the teams from splitting -or should I say splatting... No I shouldn't- up while carrying the flag. To encourage a team effort to get the flag home, or to stop the other team from doing so, yet still discourage firing at other players.

Also, I'm starting to see squids in the clouds. Might have to lay off for a while... Then again, squids in the clouds are funny, and I'm still going outside obviously, so... I'm off to paint the town virtually.



Shambo commented on Dark Half Is A Twisted SNES JRPG From The Make...:

Legal, illegal... If the developers didn't support you, what should you care about them? They're not losing on a market they didn't bet on anyway.

If I were to make a game and found out that after 20 years fans translated a hacked rom of it, I'd be happy it's not in the pile of forgotten games, and honoured some people made the effort the publishers didn't want to make.

Playing current gen games hacked that were available in your region for a fair price within an acceptable time after initial launch elsewhere, that's a different story. Anything else is fair play I'd say. Region hacking, homebrew, fan-translated roms,... As a collector I used to still get the original copies anyway, so I gave them more than they gave me.



Shambo commented on Parent Trap: Code Name S.T.E.A.M. Makes Chess ...:

Absolutely love the game. It's definitely not without balancing issues (not between different characters, but between allies and hostiles on certain maps (I cursed quite a bit during the boss stage in the graveyard).

I'd love to see Advance Wars return though, those games -especially the earlier- were fantastic! But I wouldn't mind if it took some gameplay elements from this game as well.



Shambo commented on The Latest Miiverse Update Has Users In An Uproar:

@DreamOn Don't underestimate them, they slay zombies with pillows and radio's, they defeat ghosts with candles and hair blowers, conquer the world with rock-paper-scissors,...

I've seen an army of them well organized in my Streetpass plaza, and I've seen a horde in chaos when spinning the Wii U home menu Miiverse plaza.

Then again, given an actual sword in Streetpass Quest, they attempt one strike and run away...



Shambo commented on 3DS Hack Removes the Need for Flashcards to Pl...:

I still have my Cubic Ninja game, and I noticed at the local games store, used copies are more expensive than the game originally was at release (€39.99 instead of the original €29.99).

But yeah, I stopped collecting games but still prefer original copies. I do however have a modded GC, Wii and an R4 card. But mostly use those for hard to find/expensive retro games, expensive import-only titles I only want to try (they're all region free now), or fan translations. And the Wii has some emulators on it. That's how I played Mother 3 (which I now have on a GBA cartridge patched, and also the original), Sweet Home, Nanashi No Geemu/Nameless Game, Project Zero 4 (original copy though),...).

So only for games I couldn't play otherwise due to publishers and/or region lock, weren't even translated officially, and are too old to be available new and too expensive used to pay for.

So I'm absolutely NOT opposed to piracy to bypass these issues. Other uses... Well, when games are released at retail prices of €10/hour of single player campaign, and download versions at the same price or even higher WITHOUT the possibility of returning it when it's garbage or just finished and not worthy of keeping (for higher download prices I'm looking at you, PSN) by all means, pirate that game. If it's a work of love with plenty of value at a decent price, with a nice physical version, just buy it or wait for a sale or used copy - if the prices don't go up that is.



Shambo commented on Capcom Hoping For "Aggressive Digital Download...:

What is that alien concept you call 'new games'? You know what would be fun? A low-definition GBA or GBC remaster of some modern games. Or the pixely type of indie games on GBA cartridges, like say, Lone Survivor. I would buy that for my GB Micro. But I'm kind of low on anything to give about download-only HD remasters of remakes, on probably every console but Wii U. Especially if I played and physically own the original, the 'original' remake, and the original 'rebirth' on DS. Not even sorry, Capcom.

And Konami... Change your name, you're a disgrace to the Konami name I know.



Shambo commented on Video: We Tackle The Dual-Stick vs. Motion Con...:

I love gyro aiming. It worked amazing for me, and I've played RE Revelations with gyro controls for quite a while, WW HD was awesome as well. Every time I revert to twin sticks controls, it feels clunky. Stylus on DS and pointer on Wii worked great, gyro on current gen Nintendo also. Why are people complaining so much? As far as console shooter controls go, Nintendo has nearly outclassed mouse and keyboard! And I'm not a pc gamer, but that's an achievement from Nintendo.



Shambo commented on ​Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight ...:

Don't really care for the themes, I have mine set to the Snake Eater one, because of the music, and I don't feel like I need another one. I really want this game in Europe though! Loved all the previous games, including the first "Untold" and the Persona Q game, and there's always room for more.



Shambo commented on Nintendo UK Releases Wii U Sizzle Reel and Wan...:

Wii U has -honestly, not as a fanboy- all the best exclusives for this generation so far. And that's quite a few. Though I think Bayonetta 2 tops them, and Project Zero 5 might become my next favourite game. I'm currently replaying all the earlier games (1, 2 Wii Edition, 3, 4 fan translation, and Spirit Camera) in anticipation.



Shambo commented on Poll: Did The Splatoon Global Testfire Hit Its...:

I could only take part in the first half of the last round, but I had an absolute blast. Even the waiting times are fun. I did horrible with the roller, but the splattershot and aiming controls quickly allowed for many consecutive 'kills', so much so that the 'enemy' was literally stuck in their spawning area multiple games.

Voice chat should be allowed later in tactical competitive teams. So teamwork and planning can make the difference. Not in random matches though, or only so that friends can talk to each other. To keep away insults to one's mother and/or supposed sexual orientation. It may not look the game for profanity spitting cry-babies, but competition brings out the worst in people to prove themselves the 'best'...



Shambo commented on Nintendo "Currently Investigating" The Idea Of...:

How about testing it with a 3ds update that DOESN'T boost 'stability' but ALLOWS bypassing regional lockout? Or a Wii U backwards compatibility regional lockout bypass update? It's technically previous gen then, what can you lose? Not that I need the last, my Wii has been modded. I was always against the idea, but Project Zero 4, Excite Bots, Ikenie No Yoru, and Kirby Dream Collection convinced me otherwise.



Shambo commented on Video: Catch Up With the Splatoon Direct Broad...:

These Inklings are incredibly cute, can't help but adoring their design. Also, I can't be the only one immediately thinking of 'minions' from Despicable Me upon seeing the weapon shop owner...

Really looking forward to this one, as well as Devil's Third and Project Zero 5.



Shambo commented on Feature: What We Want to See in the Splatoon D...:

Local co-op, both in story mode and online battles.

And some extra news on the side about Devil's Third and Project Zero 5.

That's what I wish to see. I'm really looking forward to Splatoon, but these 2 games need more attention. Like, WAY more. They shouldn't fail in the west.



Shambo commented on Feature: A Fit-To-Burst History Of Kirby Games:

I imported both Tilt 'n' Tumble and Dream Collection. My Wii had been soft-modded to play Project Zero 4 already, so regional lockout was no issue.

Mass Attack is still one of my favourites. It's like the Pikmin of Kirby games, and we don't get enough Pikmin.



Shambo commented on Digital Foundry Assesses The Legend of Zelda: ...:

Odama - mic is there, tilt sensors are there, touch screen for selecting targets,...
Eternal Darkness - with more sound and (better) image sources come more possibilities to scare the player.
Geist - visuals and controls were lacking but given a second chance it could be an amazing game.
Chibi Robo - just because.
Twin Snakes - Psycho Mantis. I don't get Hideo Kojima. Such great ideas for hardware usage, but when hardware with many more possibilities arrives, he jumps the ones with best graphics over the one with the most other possibilities.
Killer7 - favourite game ever. Gyro aiming would be awesome.
Pacman VS - why it hasn't been done yet is beyond me. Download or whatever, the gamepad SCREAMS Pacman VS since day one.
Baten Kaitos - beautiful game + HD + European localization of BK Origins = a winner is everyone.

And the big first party franchises. Gamecube is one of my favourite systems with so many great games... I'd love revisiting these titles with new technology. Still, I'd prefer No More Heroes 3, Timesplitters 4, Red Steel 3,...



Shambo commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

I'm actually somewhat glad they did delay it. Why? Because this, coming from Nintendo, guarantees quality. Where many publishers and developers rush their games to stores with day-one patches and many errors still present, the slower and more caring releases of Nintendo are often far better.



Shambo commented on Cancelled ZombiU Sequel Prototype Featured Co-...:

One of my favourite games really. By far not the best ever, but the slow gameplay and edge-of-seat atmosphere were incredible. A sequel that addresses the flaws and keeps what was right would be far better than whatever Assassin's Creed they plan on doing next...



Shambo commented on Review: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS):

@sinalefa I haven't looked for it, as I have the n3DS, but it probably still has the camera lock on / center option, no? I played locally between 3DS and Wii U on MH3U, taking turns and switching out the save data, and it worked rather well.



Shambo commented on IronFall: Invasion Single and Multiplayer Mode...:

I'm not that much of a shooter fan, but given how few of them the 3DS has, how enjoyable they are, and how promising this looks, count me in! I'll try it first, but if it doesn't dissappoint I'll get it immediately after.



Shambo commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Should be Prod...:

@Ron1212 They should just release the Kirby Right Back At Ya animated series on bd and dvd first.

But the animated Palutena for Smash unveiling made me wish for a cross-over Nintendo animated series...
The Pikmin shorts made me want to see more of that as well.
But maybe, just maybe... Wario Ware's cast and randomness could make for a fun series too?