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I am the Great Mighty Poo.

Male, 27, Belgium

Collector and fan of (almost) all things Nintendo, I have a wider gaming interest. I like more obscure games, both in rarity and vibe-wise. Other things I collect are movies and figures/statues of game-, comic- and movie characters.

Wed 12th June, 2013

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Shambo commented on Atlus Teases New Game Announcements Plus Brand...:

Looking forward to Persona Q, but definitely interested in something "like Catherine and Dragon's Crown" as well (not that I have any clue how one game could be like both games mentioned, given how vastly different they are... Or am I getting it wrong?). Both games are very high on my list of more interesting games in my collection.



Shambo commented on Yet More Hyrule Warriors Details Coming This Week:

I'm going to Grooseland, Grooseland!

Other stuff I'd love to see (characters, enemies, items, attacks,... doesn't matter how):
-Ezlo cap
-Zelda ghost possessed Phantom
-Ricky the Kangaroo
-The Four Sword
-Tingle. Yes, Tingle.
-Happy mask salesman
-... and Skull Kid...
-The Wind Fish, and the final boss of Link's Awakening.

Oh, and Nintendo: you better give us (the rest of the world) the option to get the Triforce clocks in treasure chests. If I need to set a clock to HYPE, what better than THAT one? (Even though there'll be some difficulties within time-space-continuum, but Hyrule Warriors is a complete disaster to that anyway).



Shambo commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

Seen a lot of pretty pictures already, I need to be able to play it myself. Even unwrapping both versions of the game will be extremely exciting. But I voted the menu screen... It raises questions, to which I'd really like to know the answer now!



Shambo commented on PDP GameCube-Styled Wired Fight Pad For Wii U ...:

Well, I'll get the adapter, since it'll be bundled with Smash Bros in some edition probably, and I want the biggest Smash Bros box. I have 18 original Gamecube controllers (for MK:DD LAN play, and 2 WaveBirds). But a Peach controller...

No way I can say no to that.



Shambo commented on Did You Realise Lone Survivor Was Coming to Wi...:

Got it for PS Vita already, might get it for Wii U at a sale or so. Great game, really, just a few weird choices (like sideways gameplay perspective with a top-down map... Really easy to get lost.)

But I love survival horror, and this game gets most aspects of the genre more right than most big titles in the genre do these days. Here's hoping for Project Zero / Fatal Frame to be announced for the rest of the world soon... Adding number 4 for Wii updated in the package. Metroid Prime Trilogy / Bayonetta 2 style.

We know you can do it Nintendo.



Shambo commented on The Link Outfit and Gear in Monster Hunter 4 U...:

Well, Guess I'll have multiple save games again. One for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and one for The Legend of Zelda X Monster Hunter. Soon after Hyrule Warriors, and Bayonetta with Nintendo costumes. One cannot have too many Nintendo/LoZ-enhanced games.



Shambo commented on NES Remix Titles Coming in Physical Version to...:

Bring it to Europe in a nice box, and I'll definitely double dip! I'd been hoping they'd do this when they announced the second game, but went ahead and bought it downloadable during a recent discount, after giving up hope...

How I dislike this era of downloadable games :( Sure, it brings us some great games we'd otherwise never get to play, but collecting is part of the fun too...

And then late physical releases happen (like Walking Dead, in which they did an even dirtier trick of releasing another episode AFTER the physical release, which wasn't part of the season pass, and then another complete season 1 physical release...).

And now this. I'll get it when it comes to Europe. And when it doesn't, I'll hate regional lockout even slightly more.



Shambo commented on Devil's Third Will Feature Chicken Gathering, ...:

This game is really high on my wishlist. I love it when developers go all-out with experimentation, fun, comedy, violence,... Like Madworld, No More Heroes,... And the very best perhaps: Killer 7. This looks to be a great add to that list.

Hopefully the chickens attack in massive flocks when attacked themselves...



Shambo commented on Official Hyrule Warriors Screens Show Ocarina ...:

There's two possible explanations for the saft approaching light at what appears to be the end of the tunnel: either we're almost there, a land where everything is better... Or the train of dissappointment is on the same tracks, different direction.

Still, at this speed, I don't think we'd already be able to see an incoming train. So it must be as amazing as it seems. It has to be, though it seems more impossible every time. This hype train is quite an intense ride...



Shambo commented on Video: Atlus Unleashes the Persona Q: Shadow o...:

Preordered the limited edition already, glad Europe finally gets something this nice that doesn't require me to get a different region system, since region locking! And I can't get enough of Etrian Odyssey series, so it's more than welcome.



Shambo commented on Areal Campaign Suspended By Kickstarter:

And what if the update is completely honest? I believe it may very well be. It could also explain why they chose to claim that they're America based. I can understand what doubt and frustration they must be going through if they are honest and the media keeps spreading lies about them.

And if they are truely making a successor to STALKER, for Wii U no less, I'd really like to play it. So if you doubt them, don't support them, but stop trying to destroy them. It's like fanboy-ism. Stop hating what you simply don't praise sky-high, when you can simply leave it be without there being further victims.



Shambo commented on Wii U Purchasing Intent Doubles In The Wake Of...:

Wii U really is an amazing system. Most minor inconveniences I could list as 'complaints' are exactly that, and often easy to fix with highly probable updates (Wii Shop/Eshop, no folders in the menu,...). Others are late releases of games, or games skipping it. I'm not often THAT interested in multiplatform games, but I just don't like seeing good games skip Nintendo, or certain collector's editions/retail versions/... skipping certain regions. Which brings us to region locking, but so far the worst case would be Hyrule Warriors' treasure chest being Japan only, and I don't understand any Japanese anyway... So just localize that one, please, Nintendo.



Shambo commented on Ocarina of Time Joins Hyrule Warriors With She...:

@vamkar Nice one! :D

Welcome Sheik, I've said this since BEFORE Hyrule Warriors: Sheik should be a playable character in a (Metal Gear Rising) type of game. That same week Hyrule Warriors was announced. I just knew Sheik would be in it sooner or later. I already love this game since before it was announced, and the hype is only growing stronger.



Shambo commented on New Hyrule Warriors Playable Character to be A...:

Yeah there's like no heavy characters yet, if I haven't been missing out on news... Any of the important Gorons will do just fine.

And am I the only one that DOES want tingle to be in this game?

Anyway... As long as we GET THAT TREASURE CHEST, SCARF AND CLOCK OVER HERE ... I'm already happy about the characters, there's Midna, Impa, the Moon is present, most others I wanted to see are there already (I'd like to see Sheik make an appearance, with more back-story on HOW... Well, it may be old news, still not gonna potentially spoil it.)



Shambo commented on Timespinner Looks Like an Awesome Pixel-Based ...:

While it still has me excited, I thought for a split-second there I read Timesplitters... Ah well, guess it's...

...time to split.

"Awtch, that's not cool man." - Harry Tipper.
"I'll get the next one." - Amy Chen.



Shambo commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Release in Japan See...:

While the touch screen did indeed work very well, I'm actually intrigued by the idea of having the second stick in the same hand... I wonder how that would work in any other game genre, like an FPS? Does Moon Chronicles support second analog?



Shambo commented on Poll: Which is Your Favourite Super Smash Bros...:

I'm still hoping for Doshin, but it won't happen probably. There's some others I hope to see announced (Bomberman and Astro Boy (the latter not as important gaming wise, still...) for instance), but it has a lot of the historically most important gaming characters already, so I can't decide which one is my favourite. If Toon Link has an Ezlo hat costume, probably that one.

@Hernandez Yeah Hilda would be awesome! Maybe Hyrule Warriors?



Shambo commented on Nintendo and Koei Tecmo Hosting Fatal Frame Br...:

OOOH I want this game SO much! I'm in love with the series, and still sad they never localized number 4... Nintendo, please right your wrong, and do a Bayonetta on this one! (Meaning, obviously, give us whatever we missed out on on a Nintendo system, or in different regions, please, and supervise this new title to new levels of greatness! I'd happily accept good upscaled ports with simple Pro controller support for the older ones, and yes, I own them on PS2 but I'd really like a HUGE Project Zero/Fatal Frame box with all games on a Nintendo system...)



Shambo commented on Video: Fi Shows What She Can Do in This Latest...:

Fi doing less explaining and more swordy spirit stuff? Awesome, I really liked the character despite the infinite stating the obvious. Skyward Sword costumes are very welcome too!

And you know what else would be very welcome? I may very well have said it over ten times by now, BUT BRING THAT LIMITED EDITION TO EUROPE AS WELL! And US if they're interested too, which they probably are.



Shambo commented on Sony's Shuhei Yoshida Says Nintendo Provides B...:

@Uppercut I said -with less words- that I found many recent M-rated games to feel very forced to get that M-rating, so much so that it feels more childish than it does feel mature.

And cool down a bit will you, I'm not 'trashing' anyone. I didn't even say they ALL grew up with Nintendo. But since this article makes me think of the whole 'console wars' BS, I DID talk about console gamers. Don't take stuff so personal that you go in personal offense, it's really not doing any good to anyone.



Shambo commented on Rayman Trophy Revealed For Super Smash Bros. O...:

Rayman, Astro Boy (less as a gaming character, but still some awesome games like Omega Factor) and Bomberman, the three third-party legends that are still missing in the roster, in my opinion. The other ones I'd like to see are mostly a bit too "obscure" for modern gamers I suppose (Doshin the Giant, Odama bell bearers/flippers -or at least an Odama stage-, a Cubivore, Sin & Punishment main characters, Pius Augustus, Scooter from Ribbit King, a worm from Worms maybe,... to name just a few)



Shambo commented on Sony's Shuhei Yoshida Says Nintendo Provides B...:

Anyone old enough to be an active contributor to the industry, probably grew up with Nintendo.

It's only more recent generations where people hate Nintendo, ironically for being 'too kid-friendly'. Their argument often still comes from making Mortal Kombat less bloody... Which happened like... 21 years ago if I'm not mistaken? Many of the kids hating Nintendo for this weren't even old enough to play ANY game back then, let alone Mortal Kombat (the game that brought us age-ratings, to begin with).

Let's see what else there is... Oh yeah, 'bad graphics'. An argument that should never come from someone who grew up with the classics.

In the past generations of gaming, I often thought of the mature rated games as being plain... Childish. We didn't have realistic military shooters, my brother and I collected materials, made toy swords, bows and guns, and we WERE soldiers. Not literally, but at least I have some real scars to show for it :D One of which right between the eyes.



Shambo commented on Cave Story 3D to Arrive on 3DS eShop in North ...:

I have the retail version, a fantastic version of a fantastic game. Got the 3DS version of the original nonetheless, even if I already had the WiiWare version and the 3D version.

Also, that main theme... It's stuck in my head forever. Possibly litterally. It's been for years now.



Shambo commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

This is next to impossible.

The ones I loved most and why:

-Link's Awakening (DX): my first very own game (non-DX), brought tears to my eyes several times, recently again (for nostalgic reasons during the opening scene and at some other parts of the game, the moment I remember to have found out the truth about the island and the consequences of the wakakaning on my first playthrough back in the day, and the special ending for the first time).

-Majora's Mask: obviously the very dark mood of the game.

-Minish Cap: Ezlo, the music, and the beautiful bright sprites. To name a few reasons.

But I also Love (capital L) Windwaker (HD), Four Swords Adventures, Skyward Sword, Link to the Past, Link Between Worlds, Ocarina of Time (3D), Twilight Princess (preferably on GC), Spirit Tracks, Oracle of Ages,...

Well, if you didn't guess it by now: I'm a Zelda fan. My collection is quite large.

P.S.: voted Link's Awakening DX. The more beautiful version of the one that started it for me, started gaming as a whole for me, and still one of the best games ever in my opinion. And it was portable, no less!



Shambo commented on Rising Star Games Is Now Ten Years Old:

Well, since that red star is an instant eye catcher to me, of course many favourites aren't mentioned in a summary of a handful of titles.

Quickly scanning my collection, I'd have to add

Wii: Bit Trip Complete, Fragile Dreams, Little King's Story, Muramasa (which I also imported the US PS Vita collector's Edition from, but I can't get rid of the original can I?), NMH2

DS: Flower Sun and Rain, Contact, Snownoard Kids

PS3: Deadly Premonition.

And that was a quick scan, I may have missed quite a few.
Together with some other publishers (like Atlus, Southpeak, NIS...) this one always has my attention.

@outburst Definitely NMH2, Red Steel 2, Madworld, and Muramasa. Essential (Wii) games in my opinion. But there's really a ton of great Wii exclusive "hidden gems"!



Shambo commented on Interview: Meet Naked War, The Wii Advance War...:

While the art style doesn't really appeal to me, I like the idea, and am happy that Nintendo has become way more indie friendly than they used to be back then. Maybe some day on the 3DS/WiiU with cross-platform play?

Advance Wars should really get another sequel too. On the Big screen, with the gamepad for a closer view, maybe even á la Game & Wario photographic minigame.