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I am the Great Mighty Poo.

Male, 27, Belgium

Collector and fan of (almost) all things Nintendo, I have a wider gaming interest. I like more obscure games, both in rarity and vibe-wise.

Wed 12th June, 2013

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Shambo commented on Eternal Darkness Trademark Renewal Increases H...:

@Donutman I bought the ZombiU pack on launch day, and a few issues aside, it's one of the greatest survival horror games ever, imo. Because it's just that: survival, and horror. Left 4 dead is a fun arcadey game, but I much more enjoyed the slow pacing and the whole nerve-racking 'one bite and it was all for nothing' tension. And then there's the parts where you run for the helicopter, with shaking hands on the edge of the seat... or the nursery, where I actually had to gather my courage to continue, and in the basement, I personally went in sort of the blind rage mode from the Scarface game... Most intense horror game, from quite creepy to quite all-out run 'n' gun, but always on the edge.



Shambo commented on Eternal Darkness Trademark Renewal Increases H...:

A 3ds remake could be quite nice, a WiiU remake also, but less refreshing maybe. I'd say: do a Bayonetta 2, Nintendo. Make a superb sequel, remaster the first with some extra's, put them both on discs in an amazing collector's edition, and... profit. It's one of my favourite games ever, but even I am getting tired of the constantly renewed false hope... And since we're not hearing anything about Project Zero / Fatal Frame 5, missing out on the REmake remaster, or only see speculations about a possible ZombiU sequel, I really want SOMETHING within the horror genre to look forward to...



Shambo commented on Miyamoto Talks Up Star Fox Wii U's "Fun And Un...:

Naggers gonna nag, I guess. It's either too different, or too much the same. You can't make 'em all happy, but you CAN stop caring about the ones that NEVER are.

I'm looking forward to it, if those in power haven't brought WWIII (no, not the next Nintendo system) to Europe by then.



Shambo commented on Feature: Time to Vote For Your Game of the Yea...:

@Kolzig Yeah, a painful reminder of Fatal Frame 4 (would've been Project Zero 4 over here...) Well, Nintendo made me mod my Wii for that game, and now I use it to play fan-translated roms of some of my favourite games ever: Sweet Home (NES) and Mother 3 (GBA) for example.

On topic: Bayonetta 2 is my GOTY, no doubt. I've been waiting for it eagerly eversince the very first announcement and teaser, and it wasn't a disappointment!



Shambo commented on Renegade Kid Is Bringing Survival Horror Title...:

Have the originals of 1 and 2, 2 had to be imported since Europe never got it.

Which seems to be a bit of a problem... We also still haven't seen Moon on 3DS (still have the original though). I really look forward to Dementium in 3D, especially the second game, when running can be done by pushing the analog stick further... But when are we ever going to get it?



Shambo commented on Weirdness: Sony Uses Art From Super Smash Bros...:

@vonseux Yeah, my thoughts exactly... Mega Man artwork from Smash Bros, Thavis Touchdown from NMH, the second game being Nintendo exclusive, Leon Kennedy RE4 artwork, while still the best physical version of the game was Nintendo exclusive, the monkey from Timesplitters could be excused for the first game being PS exclusive as far as I know, but the multiplayer was one of the biggest aspects and PS2 only supported 2 controllers,... If anything -without being a fan boy, yet as a simple fan of Nintendo's work- this proves to me they had to look quite hard to fill their screen with diverse 'Sony' characters... And I know they have quite some, but the amount of licenses needed for All Star Battle (or what was it called again) proves they lack when compared to Nintendo's Brawler.



Shambo commented on Review: GetClose: A Game for RIVALS (Wii U eShop):

@rjejr Ah yes Castle Crashers :D also great game overall. I love co-op with some versus aspects, like the fights over the princess. Or Four Swords Adventures, Mario 3d world (those crowns... Every time I played it co-op, we ended up 'fighting' over the crown and failing halfway a level, because it turned into a smash fest!



Shambo commented on Talking Point: What's Next For amiibo?:

Pokken Fighters, at home, Wii U. Plenty to choose from, no second step required, profit!

Stealth Inc / Shovel Knight twin pack would be a DEFINITE insta-buy!

Also, team up and put them games together on a disc!

Edit: how about Amiibo Crossing?



Shambo commented on Interview: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker's De...:

Just maybe, Captain Toad has been assigned this seemingly simple task: get Fludd to Delphino Island, in time for Mario Sunshine 2. Of course, this time Mario gets up in space and actually visits the sun, walks some Rainbow Roads, and shares the fun in dual screen multiplayer.

And then I woke up.



Shambo commented on Nintendo Reveals New Wii U Footage and Details...:

After rewatching it about the tenth time, I really need to see an actual trailer, like the Twilight Princess one. Although I'm not sure my body is ready for something of that level about a Zelda game of this scale...



Shambo commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U St...:

I'm not complaining about what we will get, far from it, to complain I would first have to dig my jaw out of the floor and find something else to complain about other than 'where do you expect me to get all that money?', but Nintendo... Don't forget gamers in EU and US want to shoot pictures of ghosts with th gamepad in haunting environments too...



Shambo commented on Nintendo Wins Four At The Game Awards 2014, Wh...:

@aaronsullivan I know, Wii U is truely amazing. From day one, if I wasn't sneaking past zombies, or ordering mini nukes and clone factories to burn in my Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace (just for me), I was drawing on Miiverse, browsing the web (I prefer Wii U for that over a pc),... I really don't get all the negativity. But then again, I was a real fan of the Wii too, and most other Nintendo systems, but always with new reasons, and never getting how people could say they had no games...



Shambo commented on Nintendo Wins Four At The Game Awards 2014, Wh...:

Bayonetta REALLY deserves GOTY. It really does.
And Shovel Knight deserves better than just some downloadable code. Bring it on Wii U disc and 3ds cartridge, I'm almost certain Nintendo will gladly help publish it. Who knows, maybe even patch him in in SSB afterwards? Come on, you know you want to, Nintendo. You know we want this!



Shambo commented on Shovel Knight Digs For Victory With 300,000 Co...:

Still need to get it, but I'm still thinking of which version, 3d or HD on WiiU... Also, given it's succes, and some downloadable games still getting retail versions, I'm really hoping this one gets that same treatment... It certainly seems worthy of it, to be visible in stores and collections everywhere.



Shambo commented on Atlus Confirms Etrian Mystery Dungeon for Spri...:

Just got my Persona Q limited edition today, but given how absorbing the style is, don't wait TOO long before releasing the next Etrian-ish game in Europe... I do hope we get the Untold 2 here as well. Man, I love those games...



Shambo commented on Nintendo Serves Up An Infographic For Its "The...:


Bought it day one, and it's been a joy eversince. ZombiU bundle, 30 cents VC games, quality first-party titles, Earthbound on a handheld, without having to import anything, lovely limited editions like WWHD, MK8, Bayo2, and the sadly-not-as-awesome-as-the-Japanese-version Hyrule Warriors LE,... and of course great indie titles (still love that Little Inferno ending!) and nice to see a new platform grow better with each update.

Also great web browser, which I'm using right now.



Shambo commented on PDP GameCube-Style Wired Fight Pads for Donkey...:

They use pretty weird colour schemes, but of all of the controllers I've seen so far from them, I like the DK and the Wario one best. But if I get one, it'll be the Link one, if the packaging is nicer than they've been thus far, for display in my LoZ collection.

edit: I don't really like how the c-stick looks like the regular one, too... Is it just me?



Shambo commented on Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry Almost Made Our D...:

I'm a fan of the movies, and Clint Eastwood in general, but no matter how much I like the tagline, I don't feel unlucky. It COULD have been great, sure, given the source material... But so COULD the Max Payne movie...



Shambo commented on Review: Picross e5 (3DS eShop):

By now solving Picross has become second nature. I race through them, yet somehow the're still entertaining and relaxing. And unlike sudoku's or Tetris, I don't start seeing numbers or falling blocks when I close my eyes :p



Shambo commented on Weirdness: April Fools Comes Early As Amazon F...:

That'd be a cruel joke... Just like Red Steel got a sequel that made every bad thing good, while the first game was already enjoyable, I hope ZombiU will one day get the same second chance, since this time it's already one of my favourite gaming experiences ever. Bought the ZombiU pack on launch day, and never regretted getting it!

Just give it a better name, for obvious reasons...



Shambo commented on Mario Kart 8 Scoops Best Game Prize at British...:

Four great nominees, and an obvious winner. MK8 screams fun and pure social gaming if played with friends.

Rayman Legends is ONE OF my favourite platformers in many many years, especially on Wii U, but as a children's game of these times, it may be a bit too 'hardcore', actually... But as I said, I really love it.

Tearaway is beautiful, charming, and colourful, but very short and felt a bit... empty at times.

Pokémon is an obviously popular franchise, but I like the old ones better, because the latest ones are actually way too easy to beat... I know there's more to these games for die-hard fans, but I'm not one of them anymore (heartgold/soulsilver were the last ones I played a lot, after playing pearl only a little)



Shambo commented on Review: Tetris Ultimate (3DS):

Tetris DS all the way, and Party as a second, for the 'co-op' mode. The one I carry with me is the 3ds version though, since it has amazing single cart multiplayer.



Shambo commented on Review: Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U):

Glad I cancelled my pre-order. It screamed rushed all the way, if there was anything but absolute silence about this game. Tried the 3ds demo, and it had way too long loading times too begin with...



Shambo commented on Details Uncovered of Upcoming Update for Zelda...:

@gage_wolf If you don't play too much of too many Warriors games, and are a fan of Legend of Zelda, there's a lot of joy to be had here.
I for one was hoping to get a game one day starring Sheik, and two days later this got announced and I knew Sheik had to be a playable character. But it's much more than that.



Shambo commented on Peculiar Outfits and Details Revealed for Twil...:

The whole game is pleasantly bizarre, so this content really fits right in!

But PLEASE, make a weapon for link with mole mits, a gust jar, and Ezlo as an agressive cap! He hould dodge by shrinking, or finish an enemy by shrinking him and stepping on it, Duke Nukem style...

And a Toon Link and Toon Ganondorf skin, a Wind Waker as weapon, or the hammer. It might be a weird fit, but they come from different era's anyway. And 8bit weapons are awesome too, so why not? Or even some side characters or bad guys from the DS games!

Sadly, no pack is themed Minish or Wind Waker. Still, Tingle...



Shambo commented on Nintendo Secures Plenty of Nominations in The ...:

It's been an overall pretty sad year, and Nintendo platforms still did quite well, with some truely amazing titles that could easily dominate their respective genres for several years to come, if not a generation.

So they should at the very least get a few rewards.

I was going to honour Shovel Knight's nomination by writing in 'butt-mode', but that would've been pretty confusing to get a message across.