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ShadowSniper7 commented on Video: This LEGO Jurassic World Trailer Made O...:

@rjejr: I don't know what paper it was that you were reading but they need to get their facts straight. Jurassic World is NOT a remake of the original at all but a completely new sequel that takes place on the same island as the first one 22 years later. The movie is very different then the original. I would definitely recommend having your kids see the first movie first as it is an amazing classic. I have to say JW was very good as well, I really enjoyed it. JP 2 and 3 can be skipped.



ShadowSniper7 commented on Nintendo Releases Unlock Code Hint for NES Rem...:

@rjejr : Level skips ruin games. DKC 1-3 had no skips so why should they get added now? (Are gamers getting worse year after year?) The whole point is that your an ape on a difficult journey. The whole point of the game is to play through that journey. Level skips are for quitters imo

Anyway, after reading your posts I went back and played DKCTF on 2-2. Maybe you just need practice using Rambi? 2-2 is a very rambi focused level but all you really need to beat it is to practice dashing and jumping. Dixie seems to help, you can also give yourself 3 of those balloons that save you when you fall. No offense or anything but this level is pretty easy even without helping items. I just can't see where the problem is.

PS The music to this level just brings me straight back to Diddy Kong Racing



ShadowSniper7 commented on Video: Mario Kart 8's Balloon-Popping Battle M...:

@Adam Items can no longer be trailed. I for one am ok with that change but this battle mode news is quite depressing. Its as if they just didn't want to put forth the extra time to make an insanely awesome battle mode. Instead we get something that was probably thrown together in a week :/



ShadowSniper7 commented on Ludosity's Ittle Dew Was Pitched to Nintendo a...:

I don't get the Skyward Sword hate, for me it is right up there with Twilight Princess. And those games almost up there with MM and OoT. I haven't played Spirit Tracks yet but Phantom Hourglass (while fun) left me a little disappointed.



ShadowSniper7 commented on Zelda Reorchestrated Brings Musical Journey To...:

The ZREO team actually gave us their blessing to torrent it if you were unable to secure a copy.

"If you haven't already discovered, Twilight Symphony has been available via torrent since November 2012. We understand that out of loyalty and respect, many of you have avoided this as a means of obtaining the album. We sincerely appreciate that. It was our heartfelt desire to release the album through our record label, Joypad Records, via iTunes, and other digital outlets. Unfortunately, it appears that will not be happening, so we are not opposed to you finding an alternative means through which to obtain it. Ultimately, we just want you to have it for your enjoyment."

^^taken from the website



ShadowSniper7 commented on U.S. February Sales Figures Make Grim Reading ...:

Release a full fledged console Pokemon set in a beautiful 3D world with online co-op...


PS - it really doesn't need a price drop. For what you are getting hardware wise its fairly priced. There just ins't the software to back it up.



ShadowSniper7 commented on White Tanooki Mario to The Rescue in New Super...:

I'm not too fond of the win button either but to those that are really upset about it, you can get Super Meat Boy for less then half the price of NSMB2. There is no win button there and you will die over and over and over again. That is what you want right?



ShadowSniper7 commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda (Wii Virtual Conso...:

I agree completely with Scissors, I do have retro goggles but an 8 seems a tad on the low side. Friends of mine who don't enjoy NES games even like this one. I might even say this game has aged better then any NES game except SMB3 and Kirby.

And.... isn't hand holding a bad thing? Pretty sure that is the most common complaint with skyward sword. I'm hoping the WiiU Zelda takes note of this game and doesn't explain how to do everything 5 different times in 5 different ways throughout the adventure :/ If you do get stuck you can always just look up a map on your 3DS browser



ShadowSniper7 commented on eShop Game Size Limit is 2GB:

Ya I'm sure some of those games didn't make it because of the Wii's limited power. But I can't help but think we would have got some of those if the limit wasn't a mere 40mb (that is very small)

Anyways, it is a simple solution. Nintendo needs to raise the cap much larger AND Nintendo needs to include larger storage in its consoles/handhelds. Memory is getting cheaper and cheaper. Why Nintendo didn't include 8-16 gigs of flash memory in every 3DS console is beyond me. 8 gig flash drives are like 10 bucks...



ShadowSniper7 commented on eShop Game Size Limit is 2GB:

@TrueWiiMaster: "Before anybody replies with something like "the former size limit kept great titles form coming to Nintendo's platforms" realize how few multi-platform digital games were that great"

Dungeon Defenders
Super Meat Boy
Gatling Gears
Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
Castle Crashers
Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Bionic Commando Rearmed
Hard Corps: Uprising
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light



ShadowSniper7 commented on Feature: Castlevania - The Terrifying Ten:

Maybe I'm just weird but I'll take Dawn of Sorrow over Symphony of the Night any day. The soul collecting in the game was just soo addicting

My number one favorite Castlevania game unfortunately can't be found on a Nintendo console. My vote goes to Harmony of Despair.



ShadowSniper7 commented on Review: 101-in-1 Explosive Megamix (WiiWare):

Looking for game compilations? Get...
Metroid Prime Trilogy
Sonic Mega Collection
Megaman X Collection
Megaman Anniversary Collection
The Orange Box
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection
Zelda Collectors Edition
Metal Slug Anthology