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Shadowkiller97 commented on Video: Digital Foundry Tackles the Native Reso...:

@Yorumi I think there are other things besides just graphics that they did. While the new textures and resolution are awesome, the more important things are the other new features. We have gamepad support (a lot of people hated the waggle controls). There is gamepad inventory/map and gyroscope aiming which are awesome Zelda features. I have loved this on each one of the other re-makes. They added an item to make the Poe quest easier. They reduced the number of tears you need to streamline the game. They fixed the issue with the rupee-chest with full wallets. They added a hard mode available from the start, to add a challenge for those who find the game too easy. The one disc has both standard and mirror layouts so it adds a new level of re-playability that you wouldn't have had unless you owned both GCN and Wii versions.

I totally understand the pricing complaints when comparing it to other companies. If you already own a previous version, it's understandable. I have played the originals but do not own them. Just to put it into perspective, to buy a used copy of Wii/GCN version of this game, it costs 29.99 at GameStop. $20 extra for the additional features and resolution seems worthwhile. I am sure I could get it cheaper on eBay or something, but I would rather get a new copy that looks and plays better.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Rumour: Online Survey Mentions NX's 4K Video S...:

@bluedogrulez I think that is highly likely given early comments about NX being a platform. Two separate devices that can work together or individually. Maybe something like iPhone/iPad where most games work on both in the same way, but then you have some iPad only games. Most games will work on both handheld/console (I would expect all of Nintendo's first party) and some will be console only (some of the more resource intense third party games).



Shadowkiller97 commented on Rumour: Details of amiibo Features in The Lege...:

@ikki5 Nintendo is still reprinting. There is a fine line between having enough and having too much. Marth sold out super fast initially and people were very upset. Now he is everywhere taking up space on store shelves. Your examples, Rosalina, Robin and Lucina, are correct. They are still scarce. But they also don't have any major upcoming game support. I am sure that if a new game gets announced that use those in any meaningful way, a new set of that amiibo will also show up. The scalper situation is actually pretty much gone. Yes, some of the old ones are still rare (though not as badly as in early 2015), but the issue is not there for any of the new ones. Look at the last two amiibo releases, Mewtwo and Falco. Both did not sell out on pre-orders, both did not sell out on day one... and both are still on store shelves. Lucas comes out this week and is still available for order. I cant speak to the AC ones since I have no interest in those. Amiibo were never designed to be limited edition. It turned out that way because Nintendo was conservative in initial production (can you blame them after Wii U?). They have been slowly fixing it. It isn't perfect, but just have some patience.

I also wish people would stop saying it was content developed and then removed to be attached to amiibo. That is quite unfair. More likely it was content developed FOR amiibo in the first place. Do you honestly believe Mario would have a Pac-man or Greninja costume if those amiibo did not exist? Or do you believe that they would have mapped a once-a-day-refill-hearts/arrows to a button in TP if the amiibo didn't exist? The Ganondorf amiibo is likely the result of the question "what should this amiibo do that would make sense for the character?" more than the thought "let's lock a mode behind this toy." The wolf-link amiibo content was designed with the amiibo in mind. I don't think it would exist if not for the amiibo.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Rumour: Details of amiibo Features in The Lege...:

@ikki5 Before this gen (for Nintendo at least) every single game was "limited quantity" since they did not have full-game downloads on the eShop. ALL the content was tied to a physical object (the game disc).

And the scalper argument is vastly outdated. Nintendo has been doing a fantastic job re-printing quickly sold out amiibo. I remember I went to a comic con earlier in the year where they had a Captain Falcon amiibo for $80 because it was one of the rare ones. I happily bought it for $10 after the recent re-print, and it is still sitting on store shelves. I am fairly certain that if a big game releases with exclusive amiibo features from a sold out amiibo, that that particular amiibo will be re-printed.

If you are referring to Ganondorf, it hardly qualifies for the scalper comment. Heck, its available right now from Amazon with Prime shipping for $10...

Lastly, you are looking at it from the point of view of someone who does not have the amiibo and wants to buy it for this game. On the other hand, there are those who bought Ganondorf for nothing other than Smash functionality. Now they get this cool new feature in a new game for free... Another way to look at it, if you buy Ganondorf for this game, you get costumes in Wooly World, costumes in Mario Maker, and Smash functionality for free.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow 2DS Bundles Conf...:

Hmm... interesting... isn't the 2DS designed for kids? Not sure many current kids would be all that excited to play Red, Blue, Yellow VC games. I thought the VC releases was for us nostalgia-ridden adults. Odd that they would choose 2DS to bundle with it. Or maybe, its a way to get us nostalgia-fools to buy a 2DS when we probably otherwise never would... That artwork on the box... /sigh



Shadowkiller97 commented on Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Believes Virtual ...:

I am unsure how this VR thing is going to go. It does seem a bit rushed. The cost is just too high for it to be accepted by a wide audience. And it has the risk of falling into the catch 22 that the Wii U did. No one will want to develop for it because there aren't many sales. And no one will want to buy it because there is little to play on it. I also assume developing a VR game would cost more than developing a normal game. I don't think I have heard of any big studios developing games around it. And I wonder if the games will retain their $60 price point. I would expect them to cost more too, but then again, right now its PC/Steam so maybe they will cost less? Not sure how that market works.

All signs point to Oculus/Facebook being prepared to weather the flop the first generation will be. But I suppose that is still to be seen. They could easily pull a PS3 and turn it around with a well timed price drop. Or maybe they could pull an iPhone and release a 2nd generation product with some kind of subsidy in a year.

Sony releasing the PSVR this year could help. Even if it is vastly inferior to the Rift/Vive, if it is enough for 10% of PS4 owners to buy, it could succeed. It might even create demand for the Rift/Vive if people want the superior experience. Or it could turn people off of VR completely if it's not done properly.

TL DR; The technology is just not consumer ready. The high cost barrier to entry is a big deal and will mean that both hardware and software providers will need to weather losses to make this more than a passing fad. I don't think they are willing to though.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Intriguing Nintendo Patent Points to 'Suppleme...:

@burninmylight I think if the marketing was right, it could work. Make it noticeably distinct. Call it two different things. Color code that game disks, I.e white for the core system and black for the advanced.

If you are an avid gamer, pay more and buy the whole thing and play every game. If you are a light or party or family gamer, pay the for just the core system to play those types of games. Then if you want more, you can easily upgrade.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Intriguing Nintendo Patent Points to 'Suppleme...:

@gaga64 I disagree. A common argument for the Wii is that I catered to only casual gamers. That along with its price for it 100 mil sales. And up until recently casual games were still made and still sold on the Wii. So if all those gamers are fine with having a library with less intense games, I think that market still exists. Even the Wii U has 10 mil sales with many games not requiring the full processing power of the system. I would think that most of Nintendo's first party games would work on the core system with Zelda or Metroid being the most notable exceptions. And Nintendo has some experience too as the N64 expansion pak and the Wii motion plus are precursors to this idea.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Intriguing Nintendo Patent Points to 'Suppleme...:

Or maybe its a way for Nintendo to release powerhouse systems without completely sacrificing their family budget prices.

I.e. If you are only looking for casual or low power games (2D platformers or party or Indie games) you only need the NX 1. If you want to play the more intense complex games (3rd parties, 3D action, graphically superior games) you will need to attach the NX 2.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Intriguing Nintendo Patent Points to 'Suppleme...:

Interesting that you pointed out that this could be a handheld device plugged into a supplemental device connected to your TV to make it a home console. It certainly promotes that rumor.

My initial thoughts were more akin to a supplemental device you could plug into your existing console. I.e. if you already own a Wii U, instead of buying a whole new console, you buy the supplemental device to boost the power to that of the new one.

Either implementation has exciting possibilities.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

@Yorumi While I agree that the official stance of Nintendo supports the blank slate argument, I think it's Nintendo's stance that needs to change. Link does have defining attributes (i.e. pointy ears, blonde hair, fair skin etc.). Even though I am a guy, these don't represent me at all. So just giving him a gender swap option opens up a slew of other issues and it will hit the point where the Link everyone knows and recognizes will be lost. Look at Triforce Heroes. The Link in that game is recruited because he looks like the "Hero".

Even though the gender may be open to interpretation, there are subtleties that define the gender in the games. Ruto's engagement, Darunia's brotherhood, Mido's jealousy, Ilia's affection, Groose's rivalry, the brother sister relationship in WW, the Tetra-relationship, the fact that boys are dressed in the tunic to mimic the hero when they come of age in WW, etc.

I don't have a problem with a female protagonist, but a choice would eliminate all these small little details. Unless each choice also changed the story accordingly. That might even add some replay value.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Super Mario Maker Gets Mid-Level Checkpoints a...:

@rjejr When I saw the headline I got instantly excited at the news and the disappointed right after as I realized this was yet another announcement outside of an ND. The chances of an ND keep disappearing with each new announcement.

But I still have high hopes. I remember when they had an ND in the middle of December a couple years ago. I think it was the one that announced Hyrule Warriors.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Super Mario Maker Gets Mid-Level Checkpoints a...:

@Azikira I hope when (not if ) they add water it is not stuck at the bottom of the screen. Some of the most creative levels in SM3DW or the Galaxy games had suspended water. The ability to jump in a block of water and swim up and jump out at the top would provide for some interesting level design.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes ...:

I have a question, if two players locally have the game, can a third player join in via download play? Also similarly, if I join a game online with friends, but I only have one friend, can a third player be a random stranger join our game?



Shadowkiller97 commented on Climate "Not Healthy" For Dedicated Handheld G...:

@rjejr I hope that HDMI out is more like a Chromecast type HDMI stick and the NX (handheld) beams to the stick much like the Wii U currently beams to the gamepad. And you should be able to sync other controllers or other NX's to the one NX beamed to the HDMI stick for multiplayer hence getting rid of the need to buy multiple game copies for multiplayer (like Smash 3DS)! That would be my dream come true.

Now battery life and cost are whole other issues...



Shadowkiller97 commented on Rumours and Contradictions Are Everywhere in T...:

The whole pre-order thing is silly. Why cant they just do the event when they have the actual amiibo? It isn't as though they are trying to figure out how much to make... they still have allocations per store. It is annoying because now you have to go to the store to pre-order... and then go again to pick it up.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Talking Point: E3 Highlighted Nintendo's Devel...:

I intend on buying the new Nintendo system at launch. Then when the inevitable drought hits I will buy the last gen Sony system (PS4 in this case) and catch up on all the games I missed.

This strategy worked very well this past gen. Most Nintendo games do not drop in price very quickly. And when they do, they are pretty scarce so even used game prices are high. I bought new Wii U games as they came out, and then bought a PS3 when the first drought hit. Bought most of last gen's hits for $5-15 and they were readily available so I always had something to play.

Truthfully, if the PS4 had announced backwards compatibility, I probably would have bought that instead...But this strategy was such a resounding success that I will do that with the NX and PS4 too .



Shadowkiller97 commented on Fresh European Trademark for Diddy Kong Cranks...:

@RupeeClock Actually Donkey Kong Jr. is modern DK's (with tie) father. See, Donkey Kong Jr. is Donkey Kong's (arcade) son. That Donkey Kong (arcade) is Cranky Kong. And we know that Cranky Kong is modern DK's (with tie) grandfather. Therefore, modern DK (with tie) is actually Donkey Kong the Third.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Reaction: Nintendo Dropped the Ball, Not the M...:

Last year's E3 Smash Tournament was a lot of fun to watch. And that was 100% invitation only.

This year, they open it up to the public to have a chance to compete and people are upset? Anyways, even if it was 29 cities, people would still complain.

Personally, I am more interested in watching the competition on the 14 than having a chance to participate. Even if it was in my city, I doubt I would be good enough to win. I also imagine that the people who are good enough/serious enough about this, would travel to their nearest location to participate.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Video: We Tackle The Dual-Stick vs. Motion Con...:

I turned off motion when playing with the roller. However, I found the game to be much harder without motion when using the splattershot or the splat charger. As was mentioned in the video, the movements became much more rigid and it was hard to keep up in the fast paced turf war.

The combination of motion and right stick worked the best for me.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Nintendo Announces Its Plans for E3 2015, Head...:

I was just recapping what happened at last year's E3 for comparison. They announced 10 new games as well as introduced amiibo. Out of that, all but 4 games are out (will be out) before this year's E3! Not to mention the other things that were announced and released in between (MM3D, Xenoblade Chronicles, P&D, etc) Can't wait to see what all get's announced this year!

Here is the announcement list I came up with:
Kirby Rainbow Curse
Captain Toad
Mario Maker
Bayonetta 1
Code Name Steam
Star Fox
Mario Party 10
Devils Third

Plus more info on previously announced games:
Yarn Yoshi
Bayonetta 2
Hyrule Warriors
Pokémon OR & AS



Shadowkiller97 commented on Nintendo of America Apologises for amiibo Shor...:

@sinalefa Well, that was always their plan: make more of popular well-known characters, and less of others. Avoiding hindsight, it kind of made sense. I mean there is only SSB functionality for Pit and Little Mac as of right now, while other characters work in several additional games. They planned amiibo as add-ons to their video games; they weren't expecting the collectible craze.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Nintendo of America Apologises for amiibo Shor...:

@sinalefa I think the "we underestimated demand" still holds. If you go back and look at some of the CPSIA certs of the original wave, the were manufactured in Aug/Sep for a November release. That's two-three months from manufacturing to release. Plus if you think about it, they were announced at E3 in June and hit manufacturing in August. Ness and Charizard show manufacturing in January and are just now about to come out. Now consider that Amiibo are less than 6 months old and the real issue started surfacing in January/February of this year. Even if they figured it all out in January (which I doubt) and ramped up orders/manufacturing, it will still take some time for the fruit of their efforts to hit stores.

Also, I just noticed as I went to check the CPSIA certs for this post that Ike and Meta Knight have received a new month of manufacturing.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Nintendo of America Apologises for amiibo Shor...:

@BinaryFragger True they have been out for a while, but the problem did not really begin until mid December when it was revealed the Marth, WFT, and Villager were being discontinued. I remember being pretty wishy-washy on pre-ordering my favorites from Wave 3, and I had no problems when I finally pulled the trigger for Meta Knight and DDD. I think the real issues began with Rosalina pre-orders/launch day lines. Even then I don't think Nintendo realized the problem until February. It takes time to order, manufacture, and ship these things. They announced Marth re-prints in Feb and it still hasn't shipped yet. Hopefully the fix is implemented, but it will take time for the effects to show up in the market.

I am a bit disappointed at the disaster wave 4 appears to be. Wave 3 pre-orders were up for several days/weeks before the sell-outs happened. For Wave 4, you basically had to refresh constantly and hope you were fast enough for the 10-15 minute pre-order window . But I will throw Nintendo a bone and assume wave 4 orders were decided before the amiibo craze was fully realized...



Shadowkiller97 commented on Nintendo Reveals the Final Club Nintendo Elite...:

@wisdomsprince Yea, I was hoping for some new games too. But its the same issue as last year. All the platinum rewards are games platinum folks probably already have. Not that I am complaining, but I probably would have been happier with 700 bonus coins to get one of the other games on the download list... just so that there is a bigger selection to choose from.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Nintendo NX Will Be About Creating "Fun New Wa...:

@earthboundlink I wish there was a way to like posts... I agree with you 100%. It's not Nintendo, its Sony/MSFT who are the problem. They haven't changed their controller for 3 generations and now people believe it should never change... I like that Nintendo tries something new every single time. If no one ever tries anything new, how are things to improve? If 10 years ago, you told me that everyone would have phones in their pockets that had no buttons at all, I would have a hard time believing you. I applaud companies who are willing to try new things. I for one do not want Nintendo to make a "normal" controller as their main.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Nintendo's Strengt...:

@Quorthon I concede the fact that Nintendo marketed it as revolutionary. But I disagree on the point that simply because it is not revolutionary, it should be scrapped and abandoned.

The point of the anecdote was to counter your generalization that "everyone" hates using the gamepad from the comments of anonymous people on the internet who like to whine, the vocal minority.

Those are not FACT, they are OPINIONS. The gamepad failed to live up to its potential, for you. It does not justify the price tag, for you. It does not change anything for the better, for you. For me, it does all of those things. Maybe it is because I am used to multi-tasking? I work in a paperless office and have 4 screens on my desk. Six if you add phones.

The only game off the top of my head that does not have Pro Controller support is Captain Toad. I looked through 2-3 days of posts, and found not one on Miiverse asking for Pro Controller support. Can you share some of these posts on games that I am completely missing? The only reason I can think of for someone to want Pro Controller over the gamepad is battery life, but that's not really an issue for me (my home has a power outlet near my couch).

Lastly, I appreciate how my personal anecdote is non-evidence for you, yet that is all you use to back up your claims. Personal anecdotes of whiners over the internet. I do find it strange that you can have a personal experience of how most people would prefer to push a button...



Shadowkiller97 commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Nintendo's Strengt...:

@Quorthon "even most Nintendo fans don't seem to like using it"

You mean the vocal minority? I, for one, could not imagine life without the gamepad! It has allowed me to game far more than ever before on a console. Yes, for the majority of the main game, I play on the TV... but the gamepad-only mode has me coming back to games while I am doing other things. I will have a race or two on MK8 while watching TV or go back and collect some Riddler trophies or do side quests in Arkham City. I have probably played more Hyrule Warriors on the gamepad than on the TV.

Beyond just off-TV, I personally love the maps. My favorite genre is action-adventure. Glancing down to quickly get your bearings is 1000 times better than constantly pausing the screen. When I went back to play Arkham Asylum or Infamous on the PS3, I kept looking down at the dualshock 3 to no avail.

I don't understand why the gamepad has to be revolutionary? Why cant it just take normal things and make them more convenient and intuitive, like maps and inventory? For me, those two things are more than good enough. And most games do that well (except for SSBU, why cant I use the touch screen Sakurai!!?!). As for it being a requirement for games, that's quite untrue too. DKCTF proved that the gamepad does not have to be utilized, and the gamepad has the same inputs as any "normal" controller. So the excuse that the controller is too different for developers to develop for is hogwash.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Review: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. (3DS):

I was completely uninterested in this title. I paid zero attention during the E3 reveal and the E3 treehouse coverage. My eyes glazed over during the ND as well. But I downloaded the demo, because why not? And I had way more fun than I expected. I definitely want to get this now! Probably not day 1 because I just got into MH4U and don't think I have time for this yet, but soon!



Shadowkiller97 commented on GameStop Lists Crazy Majora's Mask New Nintend...:

@Chicagoway Haha, no, I am not a GS employee, nor do I have any love for them. Heck, I can't even remember the last time I bought anything from them.

My only point was that of all the shady things GameStop pulls... this is hardly one of them. Bundles have been around since as long as I can remember. Limited items will be bundled with other things at retail price. Overstocked items will be bundled at a discount. And it isn't just GameStop... every retailer tends to do this.



Shadowkiller97 commented on GameStop Lists Crazy Majora's Mask New Nintend...:

@Chicagoway Like I mentioned before, they did offer the MM N3DS at retail price alone. No one is forcing you to buy the bundle, there are plenty of N3DS systems out there without the additional items. Regardless, this bundle sold out instantly, so clearly they only had a few systems (probably from returns or expired pre-orders). Seeing as how the system by itself sells for far more than MSRP anywhere else it's available (read eBay), this is far from them being sleazy.

Mario Galaxy had a re-print in the Nintendo Selects line and is not available on the eShop. And sitting on store shelves is different from still being in print. It was also a new game, vs OoT which is a remake. Furthermore, the only reason this is getting so much press is because its a Zelda game and collectors have started to panic. As I said, the game is still easily available on the eShop.



Shadowkiller97 commented on GameStop Lists Crazy Majora's Mask New Nintend...:

@Chicagoway Except it is MSRP as stated by someone else in an earlier post. Therefore, unless you think MSRP is unreasonable, this is totally worth $500.

As for OoT 3D being in demand... It's an almost 4 year old game that is actually a remake of a 16 year old game that has been re-released several times in various generations. I doubt that it really was in demand. Rather, the news of it being discontinued likely had some effect. At some point, everything has to go out of print to make room for the new stuff. Plus, this can still be bought on the eShop.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Video: Wreak Havoc as Ganon In Hyrule Warriors...:

@MrGawain At first I though this was just a cheeky comment referencing Ganon... but then curiosity got the better of me and I googled it. If I did not have it already, I would gladly buy the game and all the DLC at full price at once for that one secret alone!

Now I can't wait for this pack to hit NA!!!!



Shadowkiller97 commented on Poll: Do Video Game Reviews Need To Have A Score?:

I think scores are important. Yes, you have the people who start comparing scores or only look at scores or complain about X game getting Y score when Z game got W score... But that's just the vocal minority. The reason they are important is because people have different writing styles. Some people are very blunt and my talk about all the negatives... but when you ask them to give it a score out of they might say 8/10 or 9/10. On the other hand, some people are way more flowery and speak in euphemisms.. but then give it a 6/10 or 7/10. Both individually cannot give an apt picture.

Let's face it, everyone has a score that they mentally give certain games. You might not consciously think about it, but I bet you could easily come up with scores if pressed.

And I would point out that everything gets scored. Movies, books, TV shows, restaurants, events... Imagine if your schoolwork didn't get scored. You would just end up confused about your progress. Just getting a "good job" isn't sufficient because "good job", "good game" means different things to different people. There has to be some level of objectivity.



Shadowkiller97 commented on Nintendo Provides a Handy Quick Guide to Compl...:

The basic system transfer simply copied over all the licenses tied to your 3DS. You then need to plug your SD card into the new system ... However if you are using a normal SD card, since this is SD going to micro SD, you need to use the computer to transfer the data.

If you don't want to use a computer, you have two other options. Do a light data transfer that transfers over all saves and additional information. You would then connect to the eShop on your new system and redownload all your games.

The last option is to transfer everything, games and all wirelessly. This is the least recommended option because it takes so long. A user at IGN said his took 13ish hours to transfer a 16gb card. I hate to think what might happen if something gets interrupted in the process.