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Thu 21st Jun 2012

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shadowfinger3 commented on Talking Point: Wii U Bundles Need to Suit Us All:

I agree with ur points but I also have my own ideas. first of, nintendo should not bundle this with wii motes ... the system and game pad should be enough with the cables n a pack in game.(either nintendoland or super mario bro U) The system should launch in black first then white comes after. ninty should lower the price on the wii motes and other accessories for those who want those extra stuff. and finally if nintendo plans on releasing this over $299 my wildest wish is dat they bundle this with 2 games (mario u & ninendoland). take the loss on software rather than on the hardware. I believe this would def fly of the shelves, plus if the games r preloaded or can be downloaded they would not have manufacturing losses plus they can make downloadable content to help with those loses such as extra levels. I remember my first nintendo system I got bundled with duck hunt and mario .. I would love to see ninty do this again ..also this bundle could be only for a yr then bundle it with something else ala sony ... overall keep the system price low n have good content from the get go then u can have my money ... and for the love of good please make a duck hunt game in nintendo land in the near future ^_^ ..