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Mon 9th Sep 2013

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shadow431 commented on Nintendo Launching Cloud-Based Pokémon Bank S...:

the emulator that DS games run in cannot talk with the 3ds software. the reason the import worked from DPP/HG&SS/BW&BW2 was because they where all DS games. Its a console limit. At least they provide the path unlike a lot of other manufactures. This is an optional service and I doubt they will reduce the number of pokemon the card can handle, they are probably going to increase the number now that there will be more pokemon. In the ND they made it clear that the bank will be there if your game is lost or stolen. Yes, the game save data would be awesome. In regards to the cost, "Free" online usually means ads or they are selling info about your to pay for the service. Who would buy a list of most commonly stored pokemon?

I am hoping there will be a web interface where I can see what I have in the bank and decide what I want to pull into the game without having to use the tiny screen of the 3ds, maybe tied into the dream world.

As consoles change backwards compatibility is only some feasible. Want new features? You will loose access to existing data. Game freak has worked hard to maintain the ability to keep older pokemon, even releasing remakes. At least they try unlike most.