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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Shadow commented on Contra III: The Alien Wars:

Amazing great fun old school action game. This is definetly one of the top of it's kind. It's all about memorizing and learning levels and bosses pattern to get anywhere in this and everytime you'll get just a bit further.

It's a very fun and great game to play co-op in so if you have a friend and a extra controller this is one of the must haves. Be warned though the the controlls work very weird with the Gamecube controller but perfect with the Classic controller. The game works a bit different then others, that I have played anyways, as you have no energy or life bar and die in one hit but it's possible to not get hit at all the better you get. More realistic if you can call it that and you feel like a better player when actually getting anywhere. You can set the difficulty and life total yourself to best suit your own preferences so there really is no reason not to be playing this.



Shadow commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

If you're going to get a Sonic game I recommend getting Sonic 2. This original one is much slower based and platform oriented as this was the first in the series and they hadn't figured out that Sonic was best when running through the stages. Still an ok game but as I don't recommend it it will have to do with 2 starts from me.



Shadow commented on Mega Man:

Bought it yesterday evening and finished it today and I must say it was quite short. Only 10 levels in total and the boss weakness is a bit silly if you find the right weapon they die in 2-3 shots total. Takes a bit longer with the default weapon though. It was quite a fun game seeing as it focus on both platforming and action. Looking forward to playing more of the Mega Man games as they reach the VC.

The difficulty of the game is quite nice, it's always fun and it never feels impossible even if you die allot (I sure did) quite fun and still challenging. Annoying if you take some levels in wrong order though as they become much harder.