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ShadJV commented on Video: Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Online Sharin...:

@WingedSnagret because they don't need to hype Starfox, it hypes itself. There hasn't been a new Starfox game in so long that the fans are excited regardless of the details. Meanwhile, between console and handheld titles, Zelda gets an entry roughly every two years. Nintendo needs to show us why this Zelda is worth getting excited about!

Personally, I was worried when I saw it said the size of TP until the comments said that's just one area. Good, I want a lot of space to explore!!!



ShadJV commented on Activision Expands Skylanders Line-Up With New...:

@ikki5 no, they're really not the same, as you said darkness is the absence of light. They're closer to opposites than being the same, like hot and cold (cold is simply the absence of heat). Either way, I think these go for a different definition of dark and light, which is essentially "evil" and "good" (though maybe more like "chaos" and "order", I don't know enough about the game or characters).



ShadJV commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Gets Devil May Cry a...:

I do feel Capcom is kinda pushing it... I mean, I don't wanna complain because I want a few of these and I'm sure each one has people who want that crossover, but... They're adding so many!

Actually, give me a Phoenix Wright Felyne and a Professor Layton Felyne, and I'll be stoked.



ShadJV commented on Professional Super Smash Bros. Melee Player Ta...:

I agree with people commenting here. The new edge mechanics aren't "noob friendly", edge hogging is. It doesn't take much skill to grab the edge when someone is trying to recover, forcing them to simply watch themselves die. I mean, I'm still not used to the new mechanics but I don't dismiss anything new as bad, I see this requiring players to be more strategic - it's not over until you actually knock them off the screen, as even the tutorial video in each entry contains.

And I'm glad there doesn't seem to be any character that's so OP they're broken, now I can be whoever I want without someone complaining I'm playing a cheap character.



ShadJV commented on Talking Point: What's Next For amiibo?:

I'm torn about games relying on Amiibo. On one hand, I'd love a crossover title giving my more was to play with my Amiibo, but on the other hand it encourages me to collect as many as possible instead of just a few I like... And if they did choose to do such a game, they better not discontinue any figures before even announcing said game, I mean what if I want to have as many playable characters as I can for it? Given the current functionality, I hardly care about having a lot of them, so I really would be upset if they announce a game like this and I can't get certain figures at that point because I didn't purchase them as a "just in case"...

Still, I want a game that is like a combination of Kingdom Hearts, Skylanders, and Disney Infinity. Visit worlds from all the characters, action RPG, and then a sandbox mode with an editor...



ShadJV commented on Koji Kondo Outlines the Importance of Music in...:

I assume the console release means the game will exceed the 3DS's hardware limitations, in which case I think it'd be awesome if it included a free download to a 3DS app that's a standalone, on the go editor. You could design and test levels, then when you get home you sync it to your Wii U and upload your creations!



ShadJV commented on Rumour: Villager, Marth & Wii Fit Trainer amii...:

Wii Fit Trainer I understand, that I doubt was very popular... Marth, well, Fire Emblem isn't as widely popular as other first party games, so I guess I sorta get discontinuing that one (though two weeks seems awfully quick). But Villager? I figure they'd keep that one around, Animal Crossing is a fairly popular series.

@shinokami Any Amiibo released for that would likely be a different model specifically for that game, I imagine it will have its own Amiibo line, seems perfect for the read/write capabilities. I mean, it's an easy way to move data between towns, whether it's items, designs, or animal villagers (imagine animal villagers with more of an AI that learn a player's likes and dislikes and build up a bit of a memory).



ShadJV commented on Amazon UK Is Cancelling GameCube Adapter Order...:

And people thought I was crazy when I said I thought it'd be awhile before they replenish the stock. As someone mentioned, this was an optional adapter for one game on a system that hasn't taken off that well yet. For them, overestimating the demand would've been an even worse move, it could've been a big financial loss. They likely produced a finite amount thinking that would be more than enough and, considering it's only used for one game, didn't continue production past the initial batch. As there wasn't an ongoing production, it's not that simple to just "make more", it takes some time to renogiatate with suppliers for the materials and to start the production again. It's like a smaller scale situation Nintendo had with the Wii when they didn't have enough supply due to lower expectations (which in that case was because their previous console didn't sell nearly as well). There's definitely a few logical factors as to why Nintendo underestimated demand on this peripheral and is having trouble just "making more". More will likely come in time but it may take a few months before they're on shelves. There's plenty of other control methods, including GameCube controllers that behave like classic controllers by plugging into the remote.



ShadJV commented on Weirdness: Fan-Made Pokémon Virtual Reality P...:

@ikki5 well, it has to track hand movements (and possible feet movements) in addition to the headset, so you can feel more immersed.

At first I was excited. Then disappointed by the weird hand movements, pokeball seeming to miss, weird throws, parts of the attack animation... But it otherwise looks beautiful, I want a fleshed out version of this. Pokemon would be great for VR because it doesn't break the immersion by you getting "hurt" and not feeling it - you don't get hurt in that game. Though if we're doing VR, I want voice commands instead of clicking attacks. "Pikachu, thunder! Not tackle! I can't tell if you didn't understand me or if you're just disobeying me!"



ShadJV commented on Rumour: Has Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem B...:

Yes, the source is sketchy. Yes, this is still possible. And yes, we'll find out tomorrow.

I don't care either way. If it does get released, I'd definitely get it as a Fire Emblem fan (I've played SMT4 and am indifferent towards it). But if it doesn't, well sucks for people who really want it but I'm not all that hyped, I'd rather have a pure FE game.



ShadJV commented on Masahiro Sakurai Admits That Super Smash Bros....:

Well part of me is saddened by this (assuming he means it this time), he has delivered 5 incredible titles in the series now. He's given us so much and bent over backwards for a very whiny fanbase. He does deserve to finally be free of these shackles. I hope the series continues, though it would not be the same without him... Who knows, maybe Namco will help take the reigns. Though I could see the series becoming more packed with Namco content then... Either way, Sakurai will be missed, but he does deserve freedom from this. Someone give this man some really great medals.

I do hope this doesn't rule out DLC. Nintendo can still do plenty of that without him, and the Namco team could handle any balancing it requires. At the very least, I'd so welcome more retro stages and stage editor parts.



ShadJV commented on Fire Emblem Looks Set to Arrive on the North A...:

Stop it, Nintendo! Stop releasing all the good VC games DURING THE HOLIDAYS WHEN I ALREADY HAVE TOO MANY GAMES COMING OUT!!! DX guess I'm holding off on this one, as tempting as it is.

I mean, I have the cartridge but I sorta want to abuse save states...



ShadJV commented on Video: Here's How amiibo Works With Mario Kart...:

I have Link but haven't used him much. Been too busy with grad school to try it with Hyrule Warriors, the main thing I wanted it for. I did try one 3 stock match of Smash with a friend and my Link, and it surprisingly jumped to level 10 from one match. As for Mario Kart, I booted it up to play with my sis today and the Amiibo icon reminded me I could use my Link and unlocking a Mii costume was surprisingly satisfying, considering I don't like using Miis. It actually tempts me to collect them all, there's something about NFC that just addicts me...



ShadJV commented on Nintendo Might Not Be Making More GameCube Con...:

Wow people will return a game just due to not being able to play with one specific controller? Nintendo didn't even have to make this adapter, chill, there's what, at least half a dozen controller options?

Anyways, I guess my wallet will thank Nintendo if they're delaying making more. I have enough to throw my money at them for and I probably would've caved soon for one of these. Considering they don't support other games, maybe any urges will have passed with my initially smash obsessions.



ShadJV commented on Science Tries To Ruin Our Fun As Zelda's Hooks...:

Poor Link is probably dead.

But I mean, as said, these are fantasy worlds. In Hyrule, who says they don't have metals that are lighter and more sturdy than the ones we have? That alone makes the first half of the Longshot equation irrelevant. Plus, no one ever said Hylian biology is that similar to human biology, they could be much more durable (after all, they deal with monsters on a regular basis), I mean macro evolution is likely irrelevant considering Hyrule was supposedly created by the goddesses (and I mean perhaps that could be considered myth but the existence of the Triforce alone at least seems to prove supernatural forces exist), so the goddesses could've created Hylians with much stronger bones and organs - or even just the Hero of Time, for all we know the average Hylian would be ripped to shreds using Link's tools, he does have a piece of the Triforce after all, I assume that thing is just for show.

But why am I even wasting my time arguing this? It's fiction, just enjoy it. Honestly, game theories really waste their time using all this math based on real world variables. All this proves is that, no matter how rich I might get, building a real world hook shot would be suicide.



ShadJV commented on Guide: Getting the Most out of Your amiibo wit...:

@rjejr unless I'm quite mistaken, Hyrule Warriors doesn't support Amiibo yet, that functionality comes out later this month. Though I would imagine it's an instant unlock, I don't see where they would hide it or why, it wouldn't make sense.



ShadJV commented on Masahiro Sakurai Explains Why Mewtwo Isn't Pai...:

If Mewtwo is added as paid DLC, I hope we get a good long head start of a couple years, I want to feel I get a benefit from buying both. I mean, I'd be happy enough with one version, I really want Mewtwo though!

Still, I'm crossing my fingers for DLC. Not now, Sakurai deserves a vacation and I'll be happy for awhile, I want them to pull a MK8 and create some 6 months or so later to keep it fresh. And honestly, right now I want stages more than characters. I mean there's a few characters I would LOVE in this game, but I'll be more than happy with this roster for awhile, it'd be dream for me if I could get all the previous stages, even if I gotta shell out some money. And of course new ones would be nice. Ice Climbers would be great DLC for the Wii U though, since they can't do it for the 3DS... Idk, I don't wanna be greedy so TAKE A BREAK SAKURAI, YOU DESERVE IT YOU GIFT TO HUMANITY!



ShadJV commented on Eiji Aonuma Discusses Changes On the Way to Ma...:

Please don't be Goht, PLEASE DON'T BE GOHT!!! That was the most fun in the whole game, don't change him!! Or Twinmold because giant time is fun! I remember who Gyorg is but the boss fight is mostly a blur, but I think I remember finding it a pain to hit him, so yeah, maybe fishing him out? Seems logical. Though I don't know how I feel about added fishing, I mean Majora's Mask is my favorite Zelda game but it has such a constant feeling of impatient stress, how could I ever just screw around and fish? There better be an incentive or I'll probably not even bother fishing...

I just want to know if there's any real new content. Master Quest, boss rush, bonus dungeon, Tingle's story... Hope they don't just add "hero mode, double damage, no hearts" and call it a day.



ShadJV commented on Captain Toad Producer Says Nintendo Never Full...:

@StarDust4Ever I seem to recall someone at Nintendo claiming Yoshi isn't a "dinosaur", he's a "Yoshi". With that logic, maybe all Yoshis lay eggs, including males?

As mentioned, yes, mushrooms are asexual and reproduce via spores, so it seems Toadette is no more female or male than Toad. Still, think for a minute what happens when Peach holds out Toad in Smash Bros and he gets hit. Think about his reaction and what that means.



ShadJV commented on Poll: Who'll Be Your Main amiibo Buddy?:

@yuwarite Well that was a harsh response. Though to me that just sounds lazy, seems our culture has become so much about instant gratification with the least effort possible that they can't just go to the store or even order it online and wait a few days. You act like I only purchase Nintendo consoles. This seems better than DLC, at least you get something physical for your money in addition to the digital content. If you're that lazy with going to the store, then why bother with Nintendo games? Though it's not like NFC is limited to Nintendo, given Disney and Skylanders did it first, and other games are starting to use similar things, this is a recent trend, it's marketed to kids and collectors, yes adults can enjoy Nintendo games but their core demographic is children and they seem to find NFC figurines cool these days. If you're that bothered by this kind of things, just don't get Nintendo consoles, games geared towards adults will likely not implement NFC because the majority of adult gamers don't give a crap about NFC.



ShadJV commented on Poll: Who'll Be Your Main amiibo Buddy?:

Link is the only one I'm definitely getting, due to the Hyrule Warrior weapon unlock. I'll probably get a few others... I mean, I'll use them for smash, but likely the features in other games will determine which I get.



ShadJV commented on Upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Pa...:

@xj0462 you'll be locked out of online then. Plus if higher versions can't play with you, neither can you play with them.

Somebody got it right here. At least, I know that's how replays worked in Brawl, it takes wayyyy less space to save the sequence of button pressed than to save an actual video. When if the update changes even the most minor balancing issue, it could make a lot of the videos screwed up. People complaining, there is no way Nintendo can save your replays unless they didn't ever fix balancing issues like this. It would've worked if they saved the replays as actual videos, but that probably wouldn't have been wise for the 3DS anyways, given it isn't the most spacious of systems. Perhaps they could've let them be saved online but either way it's not and that would take a lot of work at this point, and likely would still mean you lose your current replays.



ShadJV commented on Teaser Tweet Suggests Binding of Isaac on the 3DS:

I played (I think) a demo of this... either way, even as a Christian, I'm not easily offended. It's just a game, and I can enjoy the game play without agreeing with the message. I'll consider purchasing this if it's released; it's not at the top of my list, but depending on what other games are coming out around then, I might download it. Either way, I remain neutral about the whole "religiously offensive" argument. If others are offended, I understand, but I still continue to believe the media I'm exposed to doesn't affect my faith - if it really shook it that much, I must not have had much faith in the first place.