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Sun 29th May, 2011

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ShadJV commented on Review: Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge (Wii U ...:


The sequels do add more; this, however, is not a sequel, it's a spinoff. As the review stated, it's a spinoff of a spinoff.

I was curious to try this but heard bad things, glad you guys finally put up a review so the last of my curiousity can go. I'll skip this one, use that money towards Guacamelee instead.



ShadJV commented on Weirdness: Pikmin on GameCube Can Be Run in Wi...:

@Obito_Tennyson Doubt it. The executable is barely playable, it runs but it crashes easily and is very incomplete. Plus, it is unconnected to the game itself so even if you managed to mod it, it wouldn't affect the game... And would be pointless to do anyways because the windows executable is so incomplete. It does give insight into Nintendo's debugging processes for the game though...

It must've been so fun making this game, AI is one of my favorite parts of game design and trying to replicating "herding" was one of my most enjoyable parts of game design in college!



ShadJV commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

Pretty disappointed, I could have bought any of these if I really wanted them. And the price range is ridiculous, should've at least been all retail choices for platinum. Well, now I guess I should decide between Game & Wario or DKCR3D... Ugh idk which to pick...

Also, do we get this codes right away?



ShadJV commented on Best Buy Gearing Up For Enticing Buy One Get O...:

Must not forget, must not forget, must not forget...

And wow I was tempted with that 3DS (I need an XL and want a good special edition one) but I have Dream Team already... I'll continue to pray to Palutena for a Smash one, Nintendo will auto win my money then!



ShadJV commented on Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin All Join The ...:

Haha Sakurai, gotta love him. Using Monolith to troll us... I think this debunks the "leak", though I still wouldn't mind Shulk. Even better, we finally have a Fire Emblem magic user, so I'm stoked! Overall, a great reveal!



ShadJV commented on Fi Confirmed For Hyrule Warriors Along With Sk...:

I would've prefered Tingle announced. But I actually liked FI and her calculations (which seemed to usually be 85% for everything). She was my favorite partner.

Next will clearly be the King of Red Lions.

Edit: oh I agree Groose better be in it too, he deserves the love.



ShadJV commented on Controversy Arises at U.S. Pokémon Nationals ...:

Over reactions. I have my doubts he did any hacking, otherwise he would've thought more about which ball to have it in. He would have had to actively specify the dream ball when hacking it. It likely was due to wonder trade, some ancestor of the Aegislash likely was hacked and I'd assume it wasn't his, or he'd have been aware of what ball was used. Besides, its stats were legit, it's perfectly plausible that it was due to a trade and not his knowledge. He shouldn't be punished if he himself didn't do any hacking, and it's impossible to prove that pokemon was hacked rather than one of its ancestors.



ShadJV commented on Nintendo Download: 10th July (Europe):

@Geonjaha it rewards you with a certificate. Which plenty of players are proud to obtain. A good half of the game is about collection, including the very reason your character sets out on their journey, to COMPLETE the Pokedex. Just because some players could care less about that doesn't mean it's not a big part of the game. Without the ability to trade, the game is incomplete.

Not to mention trade evolutions are also impossible. Want a Gengar? Too bad! Your Haunter will always be a Haunter.



ShadJV commented on Mighty No. 9 Has Another Crowdfunding Campaign...:

Some people seem confused. In the FAQ, they say none of this money is going to the original game and stretch goals, those are funded already. This is to give people who didn't back a chance to snag some additional rewards and for them to throw in some additional content. Everything they promised will be in there. Also, they are only doing one stretch goal at a time here, they're just testing the waters. If you don't want the bonus preorder content, don't bother, the game is already funded, these are just little bonuses they'll throw in if they get enough extra money.



ShadJV commented on Video: You Really Don't Want To Know What Kids...:

A few of those kids surprised me, they were quite logical given how much of a dinosaur the technology is. I'm 25 (not over 30 like the article says) but grew up with one of those grey bricks. I'll admit I see the device with nostalgia glasses, not to mention kids today have an overwhelming number of low quality but free games that give them shorter attention spans for something like this, but to be fair this thing is quite prehistoric compared to current technology. I wouldn't expect kids today to love it.



ShadJV commented on Video: This Hyrule Warriors Trailer Shows Off ...:

Hm. I like her due to the sheer oddness of her fighting style... But I still really have my fingers crossed for Tingle. Starting to get nervous he isn't playable, that's the one reveal I'm anxious to hear...



ShadJV commented on Feature: Our Weirdest And Most Wonderful Tomod...:

@Bassman_Q there's three real options. QR codes are the easiest, Nintendo has a handful on their sites and I've found plenty of people posting them all over forums and such, Google makes it easy. Second, if you already have a celebrity inspired Mii, you can import them from your MiiMaker. The third option is yes, make them in game. Honestly, I've found no shortage of QR codes online though.



ShadJV commented on Feature: Our Weirdest And Most Wonderful Tomod...:

Best moment? Well hard to say, but one stands out as the first time I showed the game to my friend. It happened to be my Mii's dream, as a little fairy of Nikki (from Swapnote) hovered over my shoulder, warning "A ravenous lemonade is attacking the island!" My Mii, holding a potato over his head, shouted, "By the power of buttered potato!" An awesome superhero suit appeared on him and he continued, "JV Bolt go!" He then gave a cautionary, "Remeber, kids, never brush your teeth with shrimp paste unless you really like shrimp paste!" Considering this was my friend's first exposure to the game, it was fairly unforgettable between us. Then there was the time someone brought me cheesecake in real life and just as they entered the door, one of the Miis was dreaming of a bunch of the islanders circling a giant piece of cheesecake, chanting, "All hail the cheesecake!" Lastly, shortly after I started the game, my Mii wanted to ask out my sister's Mii... I just... No no no, bad Tomodachi!!!



ShadJV commented on Developers Outline The Creative Process for Cr...:

Squids are my favorite animal, but they aren't a very well represented creature of the animal kingdom... Imagine my joy when I saw a game at E3 that revolved mechanics around squids. Imagine my increased joy when said game looked incredibly fun and novel. I'm glad there will be a single player campaign but I honestly hope the most resources go into the online multiplayer, the game looks built for it - and I'm not usually too concerned with online, this game is a huge exception!