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Sat 20th Mar 2010

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shadax commented on First Impressions: 3DS Virtual Console:


That main-sprite-following thing is quite a cool idea. The tricky part (for them at N) would be to identity what the real main sprite is, which in turn asks for game-specific hacks. And some games may even be too hard to keep track of the main sprite when the original programmers were keen enough to write their engines in a "too" flexible way those days. I wonder whether they're gonna consult those programmers for their support to tackle that issue.
On the software-side they'd have been way better off if the hardware engineers had designed a true "multiple-of-160*144"-screen. No doubt about that.

Still, both of your ideas sound very interesting



shadax commented on First Impressions: 3DS Virtual Console:

Seems like my concerns about the VC on the 3DS are turning out to be true. Facts first:

(1) 3DS has a screen resolution of 400 * 240 pixels.
(2) GameBoy has a resolution of 160 * 144 pixels.

Now, there would be 3 possible options to make GB games fit on the 3DS screen:

[1] Stick with the original GB resolution of 160*144 by centering the produced image on the 400*240 screen => Stamp picture will be the result. And the image will appear even smaller than on a GameBoy Advance.

[2] Double all pixels of the original 160*144 GB screen (requireing 320*288 pixels on the 3DS) and cut off 48 vertical pixels.

[3] Opt for [2], but shrink the height to fit into 240 pixels => every 48/288th pixel will be shrinked.

Conclusion: there simply IS NO proper way to transform the orignal GB screen resolution onto the 3DS resolution without sacrifying some aesthetical aspects. And this in turn should be a NO-GO for quite any GB purist.

For the record: This is my personal 4th reason to not buy a 3DS.



shadax commented on Rumour: 3DS will be Region-Locked According to...:

The region lock makes the 3DS even more unattractive to me. Having heard about the low battery life time and the estimated price range, this one's topping it totally off.

EDIT: I was just thinking of Contra 4, which I wouldn't have been able to play if the DS(lite) had a region lock. Bye bye, 3DS