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Sun 29th May, 2011

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ShadJV commented on Blast Ball is Actually the Tutorial in Metroid...:

Oh so Samus IS in this game, they're just dangling her as a carrot, reminding us we won't allowed to actually have the carrot.

Honestly though, if nintendo just took some time out of that "star fox is a game about arches" segment to actually explain this game... Well that was the biggest problem with the direct, they didn't give people much to be excited for, just shoved trailers at us. We need more explanations if we are going to like this.



ShadJV commented on Nintendo Is Thinking About Making A Transforma...:

@MitchVogel good analogy. Upon realizing they were stuck in a hole, Nintendo decided to just start digging faster and faster, hoping at some point the hole would, like... Cease to be a hole? I don't understand Nintendo's logic right now, they literally are just exacerbating the problem.



ShadJV commented on Good News, Zelda Fans, A Free Costume Awaits i...:

@Captain_Gonru oh I am certain there's more money to be made in DLC if they want to. But I don't think many people will double dip on this game (maybe I'm wrong), so making more DLC could keep Wii U players happy, and then including it all on the 3DS when it comes out would give that value as a complete version... Of course, that makes sense and I don't expect that of Nintendo right now. But hey, I'm hoping this surprise DLC is a good sign, maybe they'll make some announcement later this week...



ShadJV commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

@IceClimbers fair enough, forgot about that, my mind doesn't usually remember when remakes come out. I guess including remakes and crossovers, yes, we have three Zeldas this year... But crossovers don't always appeal to core fans and remakes are of already readily available games. Neither have taken many resources from Nintendo (as one was handled by Tecmo and the other by Grezzo).



ShadJV commented on Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Is Coming To The Wii...:

@LemonSlice as someone else answered for me, no. 3D World was great, but it focused more on multiplayer than single player and was a level-based platformer instead of a world-based adventurer. Granted, Galaxy 2 was more divided into levels, but the previous three I mentioned had hubs and exploitable worlds, more of an emphasis on exploration... Super Mario 3D World was like Nintendo shouting, "Look, we still can make couch multiplayer fun!" Hardly the grand Mario exploration adventure we've gotten every gen since 64. That's where Mario truly shines.

Don't get me wrong, Super Mario Maker looks incredible, but for vastly different reasons. It's like getting a birthday cake every year and then suddenly you get ice cream instead, and you're just so used to a cake it doesn't feel right, something's missing, and you realize what would be great with the ice cream is more cake, now a la mode.



ShadJV commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

@Quorthon three retail Zelda games this year? You do realize the Wii U one was delayed to next year, correct? Unless I'm missing something, we're getting two, not three (and one of those two is a crossover).

Anyways, yeah, I was pretty disappointed, it was mostly games we already know about, and the announced games didn't deliver what I wanted from those franchises... And god, more Amiibo support for Amiibos I can't get. I'm getting honestly irritated with Nintendo lately...



ShadJV commented on Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Is Coming To The Wii ...:

@Shirma_Akayaku Don't forget every Koopaling.

Seriously though, Mario's 30th anniversary is being so hyped but we're getting Mario Maker (which looks good but...) and the yearly Mario sports title. Wii U has yet to have a single player 3D Mario adventure like 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy. Guess it won't...



ShadJV commented on New Yoshi's Woolly World Video Shows Off Fluff...:

Glad my inkling Amiibos will have another use, since I can't seem to get any other ones for my games...

As for this game, I hope NA has that bundle including the yarn Yoshi Amiibo because I'm not putting up with Amiibo hunting anymore. Oh and hopefully said bundle will be actually AVAILABLE.



ShadJV commented on Video: The Game Theorists Plot Out Mario's Tim...:

shakes head sometimes they have some good points but this is one of the cases they're trying to make something out of nothing. There is no possible Mario timeline, and to make sense of it there would be so much time travel a timeline is irrelevant. I mean, the Mario vs DK series is one big mess then. The Mario there couldn't be Mario's father, unless Mario's father happens to have a brother named Luigi and there's an older Princess Peach... Or would they argue Pauline either doesn't age or time traveled forward to open the toy factory? Are they going to argue the characters pull their baby selves through time for tennis, go kart racing, and more? I also recall a more recent interview stating the Koopalings are not actually Bowser's children, even if it originally referred to them as such. Where's Bowser Jr (who appears to be different than Baby Bowser and calls Bowser dad)? They assume the green Yoshi that found Baby Mario is the same as the Yoshi "dating" Birdo (I've seen no evidence they're actually dating either). They're being liberal with what they count part of this timeline so what about Paper Mario? Mario is Missing? The theory that the characters are actors and the stories are all stage productions makes more sense than this explanation.



ShadJV commented on Review: Fullblox (3DS eShop):

Loving this... Except I'm in the final batch that unlocks when you beat all the packs, and I'm quite stuck on one. sigh

And I skimmed the article and see know mention of the final group of 50 puzzles that unlock when you complete the 250 puzzles in the four packs. That's when the difficulty really ramps up!



ShadJV commented on Reminder: The First Splatoon Global Testfire D...:

Ugh, I didn't get to play at all. Lots of refreshing, praying it'd work, kept disconnecting. Well that was a fun hour. >> the servers better not act like this when it comes out or they may lose my sale...

Too bad I can't make the other two times.



ShadJV commented on Disney Infinity 3.0 is Announced With Star War...:

I'm more curious of upgrades to the system. Any new modes, additional skill trees and level caps, maybe downloadable worlds with stories that allow any characters, etc. reasons to get figurines that don't have playsets. Including older ones, some cool figurines seem like they'll never get much use at this point.



ShadJV commented on Nintendo of America Apologises for amiibo Shor...:

I don't care about the most of the smash roster, I'm not looking to collect them all or even favorite characters. I haven't ventured far in Codename STEAM or Kirby because I want the Amiibo content for those games. Fire Emblem If seems to be gearing up to the same problem, which may push me from getting it. I almost bailed on Splatoon until I was randomly lucky enough to find the 3-pack for preorder. Don't make some content unlockable only through a certain Amiibo and then not let me buy them. Unless Dedede, Meta Knight, and the Fire Emblem characters suddenly get vastly restocked, I'll continue to be upset with Nintendo's stupid practices.



ShadJV commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Legacy Makes The Vir...:

As others have stated, the past couple articles are incredibly loaded. I'm not satisfied with VC because it's so barren, but it's not that I think it should change in format. The biggest thing is not being able to upgrade all my Wii VC titles off the bat. Fine, charge the small fee, but this should've been built into the VC system off the bat, a way to easily make it multiplatform. Nintendo is always way too short term with how they do things. Having to wait for a trickle feed to get the same games is silly. Yes, I have them on Wii Mode but some of us like the convenience of Off TV Play (doesn't count if you need a controller in addition to the gamepad) and restore points. And what, will the next system have a Wii Mode within a Wii U Mode? Doubt it. We've reached an age where we should be able to transfer our content to each new system. It may be whining but if we're stating what's wrong with the VC service, this is it. We have to wait for the same games to drip feed again and again and actually have less supported systems. Worst of all, the releases just seem to get slower, and the Wii U won't seem to ever even reach the same number of titles as the Wii. This is not progress. Before they can think of changing up the service, they should, ya know, actually try improving the current service.



ShadJV commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Paid-DLC Details Emerge...:

There are so many misunderstandings about day 1 DLC. This stuff was likely developed after the company submitted the game to ESRB and began printing copies. There's a couple months there where anything they make can't be included, the game is already finished. Adding this stuff in the game would've delayed release. That's usually why day 1 DLC exists. Obviously some companies abuse it and purposely withhold content... I don't think this is a case of that.



ShadJV commented on Review: Pokémon Rumble World (3DS eShop):

Wait, people are refusing to even download out of principle? Now I'm seriously considering downloading it on my two older 3DSes just to cancel that out and encourage Nintendo to keep doing these types of games. Because I think it was inevitable the big companies will have to make some F2P games to stay afloat and this one did so much right. I've spent $2 and have all but a few balloons, I can easily see getting them all for $5-$10 and careful gem budgeting. And this game probably would've cost at least $15 if it wasn't f2p. Even without paying money, I got a good portion of the balloons. I think this is quite generous, and fun as well!



ShadJV commented on Social Networks Go Into Meltdown Over Apparent...:

Oh come on. Admittedly I was all for Majora's Mask 3D because that's my favorite Zelda title (possibly favorite game) and it tended to be overlooked, but this is ridiculous. Do we need to remake every Zelda title in 3D? I mean, an HD remake would be a little more excusable, it deserves HD more than Wind Waker, but we still are getting more remakes than new Zelda's these days. Still, if they must remake this, they should at least do it in HD.



ShadJV commented on WayForward is Bringing Shantae and Friends to ...:

I wasn't even aware of the Apple Watch, and looking at prices... Dang. I haven't ever been into watches, and as much as I love Shantae and am intrigued by this... Well, just sad it doesn't seem to be playable with only an iPhone.



ShadJV commented on Mario Maker Japanese Website Points to Inclusi...:

Is it twisted that my first thought was a Yoshi death chamber where Mario must drop numerous Yoshi's into the lava below to get to the end and stuff like P switches dropping Yoshi's to their death... Wow I'm messed up.



ShadJV commented on Each Splatoon amiibo Will Unlock 20 Special Ch...:

Well now I'm really pissed at Nintendo. I already can't find Amiibo I want for certain games, I was so looking forward to this but chances are I won't be able to find the Amiibo, locking me out of some content. Nintendo is really losing me because of this Amiibo crap...