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ShadJV commented on Guide: Unlocking the Full Roster in Super Smas...:

@KFlow325 I think they're in the Challenge section? Idk, I wanna be surprised but I read something at some point that seemed to imply they're there, just keep completing challenges and you'll unlock everything fairly quickly I think. There's only like 7 secret stages I think...



ShadJV commented on Ocarina of Time gets a 2D Makeover:

@BulbasaurusRex I meant how far along to download, unless I choose to continually download every time they update, which may be a pain... For the record, I decided to download and play it as a break from Hyrule Warriors and it was cute, albeit glitchy (I got stuck in a ladder at one point and had to restart, thankfully the text can be skipped quickly). I have a handful of complaints but, given this is a bunch of fans, iron out the noticeable glitches, finish the whole game, and I'll be happy. As it is it ends abruptly, as in it just traps you in a room, I had to go on the forums to see what was happening, thought I got stuck...



ShadJV commented on Ocarina of Time gets a 2D Makeover:

I am torn - I want to wait to download this until more's complete (they continually release the latest versions) but if I wait too long I risk it being shut down before I get to play it. DX c'mon Nintendo, let us have this one



ShadJV commented on Hyrule Warriors Horses Around with Epona in Ma...:

Played this several hours yesterday but now I'm on a trip and won't get to play it until Tuesday at the soonest... But I love it so much and preordered all the sets! And Epona sounds like a fun "weapon", can't wait to try her!



ShadJV commented on Capcom Shows Off Comparison Screens For Phoeni...:

I wish I was excited, but I got the iOS trilogy last year (which is when I first got into the series) and by now I've played through it twice (a second time being the WiiWare versions with a friend), I really don't feel like playing through them yet again... But I hope others get into it, it's a great series, and the trilogy is its prime!



ShadJV commented on Video: These Hacked Mario Kart 8 Runs Show Tra...:

I just... That was amazing, some of that scenery is far enough away they could've just as easily gotten away with less details, some of it isn't even observable from any of the angles the track allows and yet they continued to carefully sculpt it. Heck, in that Wario Stadium track I was sure the crowd would be vague silhouettes up close (if even that, I couldn't see the crowd from the track), but every seat had a toad, all jumping at different times. Bravo, Nintendo.



ShadJV commented on Weirdness: There Are Super Smash Bros. for Nin...:

I was lucky enough to have a friend that got the email and shared a code with me, unexpected because he's not a particularly close friend nor is he local (so it's not like I'm someone he can play it with). I'm glad there's kind people like him out there, because anyone that tries to make a buck off something like this is heartless. How greedy must one be to do that? I hope Nintendo doesn't rule out offers like this in the future because of the jerkiness of a few.



ShadJV commented on Famitsu Releases Dossier on Sherlock Holmes' A...:

I first looked at these pics and when I saw Holmes I thought, "Huh... Okay, I can see this, looks like a good AA representation, now to shift my attention to Wats-OH GOD!!!" And then I burst out laughing. Seriously, Capcom, Watson has PINK HAIR?!? She's a freakin' bubblegum pop anime chick (albeit a quite young one), leave it the AA series, I sorta like it just for the oddness though. And 8 with a PhD, I think this is the youngest prodigy yet for the series, didn't Franziska pass the bar exam at 13?



ShadJV commented on Alph Confirmed as a New Challenger in Super Sm...:

Dang, since the pic of the day doesn't confirm a demo like yesterday's, I take it there won't be one in the Thursday update. Disappointment. Instead we get... A clone? Or I guess a skin according to everyone else, I'm trying my best to avoid spoiler's (so tempting to look at the full roster but I want some surprises), but maybe I need to start avoiding comment sections, the Miiverse post acted like it's a clone character so I sorta feel it being a skin (and the very existence of skins with different names) feels like a spoiler, albeit a small one...



ShadJV commented on Video: Watch Us Crack Some Skulls In The 3DS S...:

I just... I want this so bad. Today has been so long, I really hope we do get this demo soon, it's hard enough to wait three weeks for release, plus my friend keeps saying he's unsure about the 3DS version because he's worried the controls won't feel right so hopefully this demo will change his mind!!!



ShadJV commented on Nintendo Treehouse Confirms 8 Hour Twitch Broa...:

Hmm... I was hoping for some surprises when I get Smash Bros, as in the only spoilers would come from things Japanese players post online so I just would have to tread carefully... but if Nintendo of America is officially revealing every feature of the game, all my friends will know anyways, so I guess this time there will be no surprises... Disappoints me, but oh well. I can still hope one of my less likely character hopefuls are revealed, like King K. Rool or Geno... Maybe that's expecting too much, but I hope there's still a few more newbies outside of the one revealed in the leak that I could care less about.

Of course, I still am hoping for nearly all the other veterans to return.

What if- and I know this is a long shot- there are additional characters that won't be "released" until the Wii U version? I know they said both games will have the same lineup, but they could sidestep that by making them unlockable by connecting the 3DS version to the Wii U, or have them not be accessible until the date the Wii U version is released, or even free DLC for the 3DS on the day the Wii U title comes out? I know, it's a ridiculous long shot, just throwing out a theory...



ShadJV commented on Review: Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe (3DS eShop):

While I didn't dislike this minigame, I'm going to have to pass. As a completionist, I had to get every platinum in the original and... It just... It's just too painful... I'm afraid of how painful it will be completing this one, I just don't feel that masochistic right now...



ShadJV commented on Masahiro Sakurai Provides Another Look at Supe...:

@Hero-of-WiiU well a pic of the day alread showed the menu select screen for the stadium minigames, and all that was there was multi-man smash, home run contest, and target blast (the new one that's basically Angry Birds in smash), so unless break the targets is unlockable (which would be a bit weird), it looks like the 3ds is getting no such mode.



ShadJV commented on Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition H...:

@DRL Well, then that's good to know but honestly, the hints still aren't clicking much, I can't make much of the third one and I don't feel like combing the entire environment repeatedly (as I already have one looking for extra secrets and appear to have missed it), but eh. I won't lose sleep over it.



ShadJV commented on The Keep Begins Its 3DS eShop Quest on 11th Se...:

I think it could be good, I've grown an interest in first person dungeon crawlers...however, my fall is a bit too packed, between games I'm hyped for and my return to school. Gonna have to take a rain check on this one, but I look forward to reading reviews.



ShadJV commented on Talking Point: Mario Kart 8's Diverse DLC Sets...:

I'm incredibly excited. I really hope we get a great Hyrule track. Racing around Hyrule field is a dream come true, though personally I'd love to race through the Lost Woods (with maybe part of it going into the Deku Tree). Then of course there's Twilight Princess's Goron Mines, which work perfect for anti-gravity...

My only gripe is characters like Dry Bowser should've been in the initial game (as they're veterans) while the Koopalings could've made a good DLC pack with a bunch of new and retro Bowser themed courses. And the babies could've been another DLC with baby themed courses (including the return of Baby Park). Still, I won't complain, I get to race around as Link! And... another Mario and another Peach... but Link!



ShadJV commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

The Brawl in the Family writer is working on the music for Nefarious! I backed it earlier this week, my third time backing (previously Mighty No. 9 and Shantae) and I really hope we hit those stretch goals, it's looking to be a very fun game, especially the reverse boss fights!



ShadJV commented on Review: Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge (Wii U ...:


The sequels do add more; this, however, is not a sequel, it's a spinoff. As the review stated, it's a spinoff of a spinoff.

I was curious to try this but heard bad things, glad you guys finally put up a review so the last of my curiousity can go. I'll skip this one, use that money towards Guacamelee instead.