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ShadJV commented on Video: Check Out The Super Mario Maker Door-Kn...:

@Zombo clearly impossible, as Mario can't be playing the stage and building it at the same time, he literally can lift himself up and move himself around. Not to mention is Mario essentially a god now, building the entire world around him? Clearly Weird Mario is god of the Mushroom Kingdom, misleading us with promo art (I mean what gods actually let there be decisive evidence of their existence?) and using Mario and company as mere playthings. Or maybe not a god but at least a powerful trans dimensional being that can mold entire worlds to his own desire... Why else what he be hiding behind doors that clearly bend spacey wacey timey wimey stuff?



ShadJV commented on Video: Learn a Little About Pokémon Snap and ...:

The Pokedex is riddled with impossibilities and I heard a theory that I think is the best to apply here: the Pokedex is more or less written by children so it isn't necessarily the authority most people assume it is. "Alakazam is so smart, it's IQ must be like 5000!!!" "Raichu's charges are like 100,000 volts! That can knock out an Indian elephant I think!!!" Seriously, just have to accept the Pokedex exaggerates a lot.



ShadJV commented on Video: The Game Theorists Explain Why We Shoul...:

I mean, Bowser is still clearly a villain, but Mario is more of a jerk than him. Heck, in Galaxy Mario lands on an egg on a small number planetoid, forcing a newborn creature out, and proceeds to beat it to death. He crushes goombas, practically helpless enemies, under his own weight. Meanwhile Bowser rarely actually kills (if ever).



ShadJV commented on Mario History: Super Mario Galaxy - 2007:

I like to compare the 3D Mario titles with the earlier 2D ones. Super Mario Bros and Super Mario 64 created industry standards in the platforming genre, in 2D and 3D respectively. Super Mario Bros 2 (the U.S. release at least) and Supet Mario Galaxy are the black sheep; some loved them, some hated them, either way they had a very different feel and yet introduced characters that would stay through the series. Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario Galaxy were both climactic moments for the series. They got incredible long term praise and are many times argued as some of the greatest games created. Super Mario World and Super Mario Galaxy 2 took the previous entries and stood on their shoulders to shatter the glass ceiling. They adopted the most from their predecessors but made it bigger, polished it up, and threw Yoshi into the mix.

I realize the comparison isn't perfect but it makes sense to me. I loved Sunshine but Galaxy managed to rekindle fires from Super Mario 64. Sure it was a bit more linear (one of its few flaws, combining it with 64's open ended worlds would be phenomenal) but it captured the Nintendo magic of old.



ShadJV commented on Gorgeous Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Editio...:

@JacketsNest101 as already stated, you best lock in an order now, this could sell out ridiculously quick. I'm talking "this minute do it or you may regret it" quick, Nintendo hasn't had a good grasp on supply recently. You have several months to decide to cancel but every minute of hesitation counts with these things.



ShadJV commented on Nintendo Download: 27th August (North America):

@Darknyht I searched Google and found various articles claiming the digital version is $30, which makes sense given the 3.0 starter pack is $65 and includes one playset that is $35 separately. Of course, preordering the physical copy nets you one of the toy box games for free (Toy Box Takeover) which normally retails at $20, so that's the better deal.



ShadJV commented on Mario History: Mario Kart 64 - 1997:

Yeah... This remains my least favorite entry. Always has. Even when it came out... I mean, it was alright, a few tracks are actually some of my favorites (Toad's Turnpike), but... Idk, I guess the physics felt weird to me. Of course, the battle mode was boss, that's the exception, poured dozens (maybe even hundreds) of hours into battling my friends. That's still what 8 needs...



ShadJV commented on The Piracy of amiibo Now Seems Possible With t...:

Oh Nintendo... You've really shot yourself in the foot here. I've always been incredibly anti-piracy but... Well I'm never been more tempted by "piracy" and I'll defend anyone who resorts to it because face it: you're essentially selling a game and locking content behind a paywall that you won't even make available. I'll pay for figurines, I've collected around 80% of the Disney Infinty figures thus far. Granted, most were through sales... But point is, I'll pay a company for their content. Paying a scalper outrageous prices or buy this thing... What's the difference? The money doesn't go to Nintendo either way. And I'm certain this inability to meet demand has helped quicken the release of these pirating devices.



ShadJV commented on Video: Catch Up With Extensive Monster Hunter ...:

Sunk somewhere between 300-400 hours into MH4U (and a few hundred into 3U, which was my first foray) and mostly exhausted the content, sans upcoming DLC (assuming more is still coming) but I boot it up here and there still for some hunts... And I soooo hope we get this, so addicted to the series. If we don't get this one I'll probably drown myself in large wyvern tears.



ShadJV commented on Editorial: Super Smash Bros. Should be Integra...:

So many people doing in depth game speculations on a system we still know nothing about... I'm going to laugh so hard if Nintendo comes out of left field and the NX isn't a hybrid system, especially if the nature of the system is so different that these editorials are irrelevant. And fine, at the very least a Smash Bros on this system could only benefit it, but still, so many people are just assuming it's a hybrid system and running with that. For example, if like the Wii it's introducing a completely new control scheme... Well, a Smash at Wii's launch would've taken the focus away from the games that showed the tech's capabilities like Wii Sports, the system likely benefitted from an slayed launch (though I think it was a little too delayed). Granted, I think Nintendo needs to focus on reclaiming core gamers, the casual market clearly lost interest in them, so I'm not saying such a strategy is wise right now... I'm just think we should stop speculating what games a system should focus on when we don't know anything about the system yet. Unlike its competitors, Nintendo is very unpredictable with its hardware.



ShadJV commented on Reminder: Grab a Mythical Diancie in Pokémon...:

@KingMike they already had an event in the US for Diancie in XY before ORAS came out. Now they're having an event for it in ORAS. And yes, it may be one of the three Kalos event Pokemon but ORAS's special Pokemon is Mega Diancie, which does not exist in XY.



ShadJV commented on Video: Prepare Your Creative Appetite with the...:

I mostly haven't been thinking about this game so I don't get too hyped and I impatient but... Suddenly I have an intense urge to make a bunch of Super Mario World levels, as that was literally one of my first two video games. I'll be like a kid in a candy store.

Does this game have blarggs? Please have barggs!!!



ShadJV commented on Blast Ball is Actually the Tutorial in Metroid...:

Oh so Samus IS in this game, they're just dangling her as a carrot, reminding us we won't allowed to actually have the carrot.

Honestly though, if nintendo just took some time out of that "star fox is a game about arches" segment to actually explain this game... Well that was the biggest problem with the direct, they didn't give people much to be excited for, just shoved trailers at us. We need more explanations if we are going to like this.



ShadJV commented on Nintendo Is Thinking About Making A Transforma...:

@MitchVogel good analogy. Upon realizing they were stuck in a hole, Nintendo decided to just start digging faster and faster, hoping at some point the hole would, like... Cease to be a hole? I don't understand Nintendo's logic right now, they literally are just exacerbating the problem.



ShadJV commented on Good News, Zelda Fans, A Free Costume Awaits i...:

@Captain_Gonru oh I am certain there's more money to be made in DLC if they want to. But I don't think many people will double dip on this game (maybe I'm wrong), so making more DLC could keep Wii U players happy, and then including it all on the 3DS when it comes out would give that value as a complete version... Of course, that makes sense and I don't expect that of Nintendo right now. But hey, I'm hoping this surprise DLC is a good sign, maybe they'll make some announcement later this week...



ShadJV commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

@IceClimbers fair enough, forgot about that, my mind doesn't usually remember when remakes come out. I guess including remakes and crossovers, yes, we have three Zeldas this year... But crossovers don't always appeal to core fans and remakes are of already readily available games. Neither have taken many resources from Nintendo (as one was handled by Tecmo and the other by Grezzo).



ShadJV commented on Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Is Coming To The Wii...:

@LemonSlice as someone else answered for me, no. 3D World was great, but it focused more on multiplayer than single player and was a level-based platformer instead of a world-based adventurer. Granted, Galaxy 2 was more divided into levels, but the previous three I mentioned had hubs and exploitable worlds, more of an emphasis on exploration... Super Mario 3D World was like Nintendo shouting, "Look, we still can make couch multiplayer fun!" Hardly the grand Mario exploration adventure we've gotten every gen since 64. That's where Mario truly shines.

Don't get me wrong, Super Mario Maker looks incredible, but for vastly different reasons. It's like getting a birthday cake every year and then suddenly you get ice cream instead, and you're just so used to a cake it doesn't feel right, something's missing, and you realize what would be great with the ice cream is more cake, now a la mode.



ShadJV commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

@Quorthon three retail Zelda games this year? You do realize the Wii U one was delayed to next year, correct? Unless I'm missing something, we're getting two, not three (and one of those two is a crossover).

Anyways, yeah, I was pretty disappointed, it was mostly games we already know about, and the announced games didn't deliver what I wanted from those franchises... And god, more Amiibo support for Amiibos I can't get. I'm getting honestly irritated with Nintendo lately...



ShadJV commented on Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Is Coming To The Wii ...:

@Shirma_Akayaku Don't forget every Koopaling.

Seriously though, Mario's 30th anniversary is being so hyped but we're getting Mario Maker (which looks good but...) and the yearly Mario sports title. Wii U has yet to have a single player 3D Mario adventure like 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy. Guess it won't...