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Tue 6th Mar 2012

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sflancer06 commented on Iwata Hints at Upcoming Swapnote Update:


Wow, I'm glad there's a few reasonable people reading through all these comments like myself. I was already planning out how to explain all of that before I got to your comment.

One thing I think Nintendo really should add is the ability to export images. I don't want to delete any of my notes.... ever. While the 3000 limit is pretty large, I'm writing 5-10 notes per day with ex-coworkers in Japan. That buys me less than a year's time, and I don't want to lose any of these - I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to electronic data, and I like looking through everything later.

I would also settle for permission for it to use the SD card as additional storage space, increasing the 3000 limit.

Multiple selection for deletion would be nice, too.

Other colors would be amazing, but as a software engineer, I'm guessing that'd be a pretty major patch. Not impossible, but I doubt it'd be easy to get out.