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Sat 26th Dec 2009

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senfgurke2 commented on Review: Rayman (DSiWare):

After reading that review I just had to register and write something.

I believe the score of completely unjustified and it seems the review was written by someone who either doesn’t like platformers or Rayman…

10-15 years ago I had this game on PC and loved it and in my family it wasn’t just me. Other than me my sister played it, my father and even my grandfather, it’s just this great. I played it for months but still, I never got to the end-boss (Mr. Dark?).

The game starts of easy and gradually gets more difficult without some steep learning curves, yet being fairly challenging at later stages (well, since I never beat the game I can’t comment on everything). At first you can just jump and walk but quickly you gain more abilities, like punching, holding onto ledges, grabbing stuff and more.

So, what are the changes from the old PC version (and probably other versions too)? Well, the smaller view was already mentioned but I think if you weren’t comparing screenshots, you wouldn’t notice it (I certainly didn’t) except maybe in the boss fights. The picture that gets taken when you get to a checkpoint is just a small feature and probably the only way to implement the camera and call it DSiWare…nothing major but alright. I don’t really care that much for the achievement list, since I just want to be able to finish the game for the first time. One major change is with your life. You get much more extra lives and HP. I think it’s about double from the version I know. Right now I have completed the game 52% (playing it the first time on the console) and rarely visited a level twice (have yet to go back and collect all the cages) but I still have around 30 lives, way more than I used to get. Also your HP are doubled. Except having 3 HP (normal) and 5 HP with the red Power Up, you have 6 HP (normal) and 10 HP (red Power UP) what makes many things a lot easier. Oh and when you already finished a stage and revisit it, you can quick switch through the individual levels by pressing Select but I just found that out a couple of minutes ago myself :>

So far I have just found one “bad” thing about this port: the controls! They aren’t as good as on the PC, especially punching. When I try to punch a bouncing fruit (or rubber ball in later levels) and stand really close to it, sometimes it doesn’t move when I hit it or when I try to grab onto one of these pink flying O’s (to swing around), it sometimes releases immediately (luckily I haven’t died because of that, yet…). It’s as if the DSi registers pressing Punching twice or something like that. Also the fact that you can’t change the button assignments is a bit annoying but you’ll probably get used to it (especially if you’re new to this game).

The thing about the respawning enemies is not a bad thing or design fault in my opinion. I don’t remember any stage where you HAD to go back the way you came from to finish the level and suddenly get surprised by respawning enemies, hell, in later stages the main problems aren’t even enemies (there are almost none) but trying to navigate through spikes, pencils, pits and sunflowers like that…I can only imagine this happening when you try to get some power up or some cage and missed the first time or something like that but even then you don’t just turn around an BAM! all the enemies are back.
I still think it’s not as difficult as the version I’m used to from the PC. The map could make it a bit easier to find the cages but so far I haven’t used it much.

I have to confirm Skrubbers comment, that you have to complete every stage and free all the pink things from the cages to be able to get to the final boss (which, as I said, I was never able to do). But that was on the PC, maybe they also changed this and made it easier but I doubt it (still haven’t finished the fourth world).

As a conclusion: the port itself gets a score of 9, since the only thing that bothered me were the inferior controls. The game by itself gets an 8 (probably a 9 if I could FINALLY BEAT THIS FALALALALA THING!)

(This is the first "review" about a game I ever wrote and English isn't my first language, so please be nice :> )

Edit: Alright, I just beat the game! They definitely made it easier which isn't a bad thing, though if the original version wasn't hard enough for you, then you can ignore this game. Playtime for me was around 12-15 hours but I still remembered the placement of many cages, so if you're completely new to the game you could add a couple of hours.