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Senario commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:

Needs to be easy to code for when it comes to third parties and needs to be at least as powerful as the other consoles because it is cpming out late.

Coming out with power pc instead of x86 again would be a mistake. And if it xomes out too early I kight be too burned by the wii U to buy the new console.



Senario commented on Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Exposé Reveals Torrid St...:

@Mona-Reggie America has it's own sense of Racism. It is quite sad and I've experienced it, however this story sounds to me as more of one person being super traditional rather than a group as a whole.

That said, SMT x FE looks fine to me, ATLUS has never given me a bad game and I really don't think they'll start with this one. You can not care for it but the pure notion that you would bother using the terms weeaboo and "senpai notice me" shows that you really don't have all that much of a lack of discrimination towards things that are not within a culture, in this case western american culture. Being Asian should have no bearing on whether or not you like it or not since everybody is different. You can not like it and that is fine, but find a better reason not to like it other than things which can be written up as cultural difference. I highly doubt western culture is any different with its pop stars and some other entertainment icons (usually with music sometimes with movies and tv).

Edit: On the topic of traditional vs non-traditional. I think that the younger Nintendo employees might have good ideas but the fact that Nintendo is a Kyoto company makes it very conservative even within Japan. Listening to higher ups is paramount and that is not always a good thing, case in point: Miyamoto + Sticker Star.



Senario commented on Bill Trinen Will Compete at Evo 2015 as a Supe...:

I don't play smash 4 nor do I watch it. However I do play melee and this is one of the few things I'd be interested in watching. Lets see if he knows how to jump or up B. You don't need to spend a whole bunch of time to be able to do simple things in smash. (Cue Reggie's "16 hour" quote)

Hbox has a degree in I think it was engineering? Something like that, he does melee but he is a very educated and likely to be successful person in the job market. You don't need to be playing smash all the time to be good at it.

Also, Don't call out one of the top players if you can't handle the heat.

@hcfwesker Just looked at that lol. Yeah, it'll be pretty hard for him to beat bye. That guy is so good. He must play Sheik right?
I mean, there is no way he is that good at smash to win that one.
lol lets hope his round 2 pans out on stream or something. Or at least somebody should watch. (I run tournaments for melee, the above was sarcasm. I know what a bye is lol)

@SmithJurd Because Reggie called Hungrybox out at the smash Wii U invitational and when it came time to actually play the game Reggie didn't even look like he knew how to jump...or recover...or simply not SD. Lots of people expected him to know basics, we all knew Reggie was going to lose that one but at least know the basics and don't kill yourself.



Senario commented on Feature: What If The SNES PlayStation Had Actu...:

@hYdeks Well, I guess I have one reason to dislike sony. People like you. The games are fine, I just dislike the fanbase. You're gonna get this type of reaction when you say any group should leave the buisness because they aren't top of the market.

I'll be the first to say Nintendo's E3 wasn't great but honestly most Nintendo fans I meet are nice. No reason to hate them, I play both Nintendo games and PC anyways. Best of all worlds.



Senario commented on Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Exposé Reveals Torrid St...:

Well...Nintendo Japan -> A kyoto company. Not surprising that some are very tradiontalist when it comes to dismissing ideas. Whoever that guy was he needs to be fired because you can't use culture differences as a way to dismiss an idea without explaining it.

Western studios do some things right much like Japanese studios do some things right.



Senario commented on Talking Point: The Pros, Cons and Questionable...:

I'd hope it doesn't come out soon. I still want to get more games for my Wii U. I'll see if I feel any different after the SMT x FE game, Xenoblade, and Star Fox. With such huge gaps though it kinda sucks. I spend most of my time playing on my PC. Steam Summer Sale is Crazy!

I like the Wii U, I just don't think it was executed as well as the Wii. The Wii was amazing. People may hate motion controls but for some games I really enjoyed them. There was always the option of playing on a controller if you didn't like it. I wonder what happened to the classic controller pro setup. I liked the stick placement there better. Having them too far apart doesn't feel great.



Senario commented on Smash Fighters Settling it at Evo in Big Numbers:

@DarkKirby They support it for marketing reasons. Not because they actually support it. Otherwise there would be a pot bonus.

Marvel gets a pass mainly because RIP marvel. Disney yanked the rights as you said. And they did it for...ugh...conquest of Heroes. Why have a good game when you can have a mobile game?



Senario commented on Smash Fighters Settling it at Evo in Big Numbers:

@ryanator008 1800+ is still a crazy amount of entrants. There is less than a 100 player difference lol.

That said, I don't see why it matters? Melee continues to grow because people find it fun. And it is amazing considering it is an old game.

Great that Smash 4 has entrants, I personally won't be watching that tournament because I find the gameplay boring. And before you attack me needlessly, that is an OPINION. I'm allowed to have it.



Senario commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

@ALEC_EIFFEL Wow, you are just incredibly rude. If he thinks Mario Tennis is a skillful game he can do so. It is his opinion. It doesn't lend to his "credibility" one way or the other.

And do you happen to know what happened to advance wars? Great game but people didn't buy it. Capitalism works like that, if something doesn't sell it doesn't have sequels. I bought every game in that series but honestly? Fire Emblem constantly out did it and even that almost died after Radiant Dawn/Shadow Dragon. Awakening was going to be the last game until it was saved because not only was it a good game but fans were able to recommend it regardless of how active they were online.

You are so obsessed with sales numbers that you see it as a straight competition and anything that is behind is a failure. It is but the bottom line for all companies is to be profitable and in the end that is what I mostly care about seeing as I don't owe my loyalty to any one company. I just want to see good games come out and if I'm interested I will get the game. There is a reason I have a 3DS, a Wii U, and a high end PC. So I don't have to deal with the console politics and circle jerk that is "my console is better than yours huurrr duuurrr". I buy games if they interest me and they are good, if not then I don't buy them and let my wallet do the talking.

I'm not saying Nintendo did great this E3, they could've shown more games and omitted things like the metroid spinoff or Animal crossing but at the very least the latter does have a reason for being there. I don't agree with it but the game is coming out because people are buying Amiibo in Droves, loads of scalpers and a lot of collectors, maybe a few parents. When something sells more things surrounding that product get made. That is why there are so many phone games. So if you hate amiibo festival too bad, as long as people buy amiibo it will continue to be made. Amiibo is also the reason there has been no change of leadership at Nintendo lately, it is putting them massively in the black. If you don't like metroid, that is fine just ignore it until a more traditional title comes along, if you hate everything? I can't help you there. Honestly, it isn't hard to ignore things that don't interest you. If people are unhappy they should vote with their wallets. If they still buy stuff then clearly somebody is doing something right.



Senario commented on Nintendo Is "Exploring" The Idea Of Early Acce...:

Early Access is a bit of a trap for both the player and the developer.

For the player they are paying for a game that isn't finished and likely many will be dissatisfied with the product. Not only that buying a game in early access can also often make you run out of content to play and thus not really contribute all that much to providing feedback through your gameplay. You stopped playing after a week or so = no more data.

For the developer they are given little incentive to actually finish the game on time or at all simply because they already have your money.

I'd say avoid early access on anything that isn't PC. PC is still trying to figure it out with many early access games that likely won't finish and a precious few that are slowly updating.



Senario commented on Video: Mario is Unreal in This New Take on The...:

Some environments looked plausibly fitting. I'd say the castle and maybe the snowy cave.

Add in a bit more Nintendo detail (to make it clash less with how mario looks) and this could work really well. That doesn't mean make it completely cell shaded but try to make it fit mario a little more.

That said, some of these environments would look amazing in a Zelda game LOL.



Senario commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

@darth2d2 I would agree that Oblivion is the better game compared to Skyrim. After a while a lot of the dungeons in skyrim feel very samey. And the quests are not nearly as fun. I still remember the dark brotherhood quests in Oblivion with all the gimicky/fun ways to kill enemies. Inherit a mansion? Manage to kill everybody. Sneak into some guy's house? Drop his moose head on his head to kill him.

I would also agree that E3 was generally uneventful this year. Not a huge fan of Fallout compared to Elder scrolls mainly because fallout 3 and new vegas were a bit of a buggy mess at times. Have to mod New vegas just to play it without crashing on PC. Plus I prefer Conjuration/Destruction spells.

But I would also say that as much as everybody is kinda meh, Nintendo does need to step it up in some regards. I'm completely happy with some franchises but others I just feel a little sorry for their fanbases.

I'm good with Xenoblade, Zelda, Fire Emblem, and Mario titles for example but I feel sorry for fans of Metroid, Paper Mario, and a few other minor titles. Particularly I want a thousand year door esque paper mario. The crossover is odd though I would say it just feels wrong. Mario x Mario? ): I don't even have a problem with the FE spinoff because I generally trust Atlus games. Haven't played a game they made that I didn't like yet.



Senario commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

I'm extremely tired of the constant negative comments about Nintendo. It is really bringing me down =/.

I do understand they need to do better but not much I can do besides buy games I'm interested in. Really sucks that they are stuck in a hole that they are not likely to dig themselves out/change for the better because Kyoto companies are super conservative.



Senario commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

@darth2d2 I laughed at the Sony "Here fund this kickstarter" announcement. So people are excited to kickstart a game sony will profit from and they aren't actually doing anything with.

That said hmm I can't see how people would move on from Zelda to Skyrim. They are completely different games. One is an RPG and another is an action adventure game. And even then I've played Skyrim a lot and it simply does not have the magic for being considered a classic series for me. Maybe the sidequests just feel kinda bland to me. Nothing like Oblivion which had some pretty great sidequests.

And worst E3? Hmm this E3 was generally bad but I don't think anything can top 2008's Wii Music E3. That is probably the whole reason we get Nintendo directs (which are by no means a good replacement for a panel at E3).



Senario commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

@iflywright It won't really solve the problem. Same architecture means little when there are other factors at play. The latest Batman game ran TERRIBLY on PC even though it has the same architecture as the consoles. They ported it poorly and it had capped fps at 30 ish and a few other problems that forced them to actually take it off the Steam Store until they fixed the problems.

So no, same architecture won't mean that 3rd parties will care about bringing any games to Nintendo.

That doesn't mean I don't support a stronger Nintendo system, just a few things. 1) No more gamepad or "unique" controllers. Just give me an updated gamecube controller and that's that. 2) Please not soon because I would be a little burned by having to buy another console when the console I already have hasn't had enough game time for me.



Senario commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach to amiibo is In...:

Amiibo were never my thing, I'm far too set in my ways to bother buying them if I have to go out of my way. When there is a game I want with some feature that is amiibo only that I really really want then maybe I'll get ONE. But I find the shortages and the cost fairly prohibitive in making me care.

It kinda feels like Nintendo is keeping supply short on purpose to drum up consumers to buy and even if scalpers get it they still earn money. So the problem is that I don't want it, but loads of others do and keep buying it, then Nintendo makes amiibo only things and I'm left in the dust. Not only that, if I wanted to get into it I can't because low supply.

I like Nintendo games but I have a feeling they know nothing about modern trends/western audiences/proper marketing.



Senario commented on Nintendo Is A Slave To Its Past Success, Says...:

Nintendo is good at trying to market to a younger generation but falls short when it comes to older audiences and western audiences. What they really need to look at is how to make games that are new and fit in the modern era. Look at square enix, by funding games they have come up with a few excellent titles like the batman series and possibly tomb raider(did it a little better than tomb raider has been in the past besides orginal games) while they also reach out to younger audiences with Kingdom Hearts. The best comparison for nintendo would be new experiences like splatoon or fairly fresh games like xenoblade.

What they could do with existing games is not make filler content and work on primary content. A metroid prime that turns up the isolation and darkness for an fps action adventure horror game and reboot the series would be great. Being tied down to the lore of previous games also ties you to bad writing and ideas you cant use.

There are games that reach larger audiences and nowadays rating is more of a marketing thing. Having some games rated E and some rated teen or mature would be ideal. But



Senario commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

Seems like Nintendo forgot that this direct is an E3 direct. All the game companies are bringing out the big guns to create interest in their new games however Nintendo let the smash dlc update announcement one day early and same with earthbound and other stuff.

Also all of the games on wii U we already know about and are either already looking forward to or aren't interested in. That said, 2016 release days kinda really suck.

Just about the only new and interesting game announcement was Star Fox. Metroid made no sense when it should honestly be either action adventure or action horror type game. Paper Mario x Mario and Luigi is lame, I just want a good old paper mario game like The thousand year door. Is that too much to ask?

Oh and a side note, I am getting FE x SMT but for the love of everything...Nintendo needs to understand that marketing to a Japanese audience and marketing to a western audience is totally different. There is a large backlash in western audiences simply because of their pop style. While it is part of the game they need to understand that they are bleeding potential sales by not marketing it correctly. All they really need to do is show some dark aspects of the story and western fans will eat it up. A confirmation of which characters are which from Fire Emblem as the sole purpose of the trailer is not the way to generate interest when the whole overall theme is very light. Again, I'm getting the game (lol in 2016) but I wish they could get their act together so other people would be interested too. Atlus makes great RPGs and games and so far hasn't failed me yet.



Senario commented on Interview: Lilian "Milktea" Chen Talks Smash B...:

I'm just here reading the comments and laughing lol.

As it stands, good for her speaking out about stuff she cares about.

I am pretty sure she is retired currently from playing smash though she was a solid player back in the day. No idea how she would do now. Everything plays differently.



Senario commented on ​Feature: The Poor Career Choice of Super Sm...:

@PK_Wonder Good thing the Melee userbase is stronger than ever and pretty well defined. Sponsors may not pay as much as a bigger game but the community is dedicated and pretty well defined.

The only one that doesn't show support is Nintendo. And I honestly think that if somebody else was making the game, the game may have more chance to be competitive in the way this large part of the fanbase likes. Much like 64, Melee, and PM. It needs somebody who isn't as stubborn as Sakurai and is open to new ideas. No problems with how hard he works, just with his stance concerning competitive play. He says he supports it leading up to the game's release and then goes back to his usual "I think you play the game wrong and this needs to be played this way regardless of what you think."

That kind of mentality may have worked with gamers before the internet. But now it is really kind of backwards. And when you are against the most dedicated fans of the game then it is just disappointing. Fans who prefer the older games can easily get organized then go play with others now.



Senario commented on ​Feature: The Poor Career Choice of Super Sm...:

@PK_Wonder It isn't on the players to play the newest game in the series because it is new. When the new smash bros game has a similar amount of depth in mobility and combos as melee or Pm does then maybe if the game is fun and balanced ppl will play the new game.

The main issue being...a lot of those games have stayed true to what fans have loved in the previous games. Pokemon strangely has a history of promoting breeding and EV training which is the complete opposite of Smash's stance on advanced techniques.

That said, lots of ppl still play older games in most of those series. 3rd Strike from Street Fighter is a game I know some people still favor. Some people still play older versions of pokemon. And I definitely do prefer older versions as opposed to their remakes. I only buy a new pokemon game if it is a new generation. As far as I remember, lots of ppl stay behind between CoD games as some fans like certain games more than others due to developers and such. CoD4 is still a favorite among many though I've long since stopped playing often (stopped in CoD2 but tried later games at a friend's). Soul Calibur fans recognize that the last good soul calibur game was 2.

There are a lot of games where fans stay behind. Smash is just the most prominent because of how passionate it's playerbase is and how they are willing to put a lot of time, effort, and money into furthering their own scene.

In general I think the community is fractured because unlike Pokemon, smash does not reinforce previous game strategies and tactics to foster competitive play. It has continuously tried to fix what isn't broken and often ignored balance and the massive amount of detail and thought players have put into the game as to why some things are good or effective. It has a future for now, and as long as people keep supporting the game they love it'll keep going.

That said, there is one competitive game that has absolutely zero future. The Marvel vs Capcom series. Disney/Marvel took away the rights to that game from capcom so they can't even sell dlc anymore. The game is effectively dead with no future. In its place you have a cheap beat em up mobile game called "Marvel Conquest of Champions". It is bad.



Senario commented on ​Feature: The Poor Career Choice of Super Sm...:

Skeptical of the Title but it did do a good job highlighting the dedication of the competitive community and the lack of acknowledgment by Nintendo.

I like Nintendo stuff, but on the front of competitive gaming and online policy concerning streaming and video making they are quite literally 10 years behind. It is really sad because they could do so much better but they stick to their guns.

And yeah, Smash Competitive players do not earn a lot of money in a year. We all play the game to have fun and often lose a lot of money before earning even a little bit.

All that said, I am very disappointed in other smash fans hating on those who specifically play melee or even project m. People still play those games because the games are fun, they have stood the test of time and have infinite amounts of replay value with what they offer. Smash 4 and Brawl do not offer the same thing and Nintendo has made zero effort into offering a good environment for competition with the lack of even simple things that the competitive community has asked for. This includes simple patch notes.
(Side note, They didn't solve Diddy's problems. Nintendo's understanding of balance is -> If they are too good they do too much damage. Lowering his damage only makes him kill you slower but keeps pretty much everything that makes him better than the rest of the cast. Same thing happened with PAL Melee's Fox.)
And as for best overall player of all smash games? That probably would have to go to M2k. Zer0 is good in Brawl and Smash 4 but his melee and PM gameplay is lacking. M2k is fairly consistent over all the games. His weirdness aside.



Senario commented on Masahiro Sakurai Shares His Positive Feelings ...:

He does good work concerning characters. However concerning balance I would generally not consider many of the things he does for the game balanced. And it seems to come from a lack of understanding of how people have turned smash into a competitive game and why certain characters are better than others.

It isn't simply a damage problem. If it were true then hard hitting characters would be unbeatable.



Senario commented on Diddy Kong Nerfed In Latest Super Smash Bros. ...:

The nerfs didn't exactly solve any of his problems which lie in the combos he can pull off to get a kill. How many options are available to him as well.

All this does is make him kill you slower because it takes a longer time to rack up damage.

This is very similar to Fox in Melee NTSC and PAL. He got damage nerfs but it really didn't change how good he was much.



Senario commented on Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem Wii U Cross...:

@Nimious All the classes/fighting styles are directly fire emblem. At the end you can clearly see the girl is a pegasus knight >.>. Tiki appears several times in the trailer and you see a sniper and quite possibly this game's version of a paladin with the red haired guy. If we are to assume mounts like Pegasi or Horses are replaced with machines shaped like them.

They never said they would be taking characters directly. They just said they would be blending the two into one. Which is what they did, this trailer is a little bit upbeat for the regular audience but it is clear at the beginning that the ESRB plans to rate it Mature. Not that I particularly care, game is intriguing and I can't wait for more info.



Senario commented on Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem Wii U Cross...:

@ALEC_EIFFEL But you're judging the game for not being Fire Emblem enough when really it is it's own thing based on BOTH Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei.

You really can't compare the 3ds game to this because they really won't be the same type of game. One is a SMT style/Persona Style RPG and another is a very traditional Fire emblem Strategy RPG.



Senario commented on Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem Wii U Cross...:

This looks amazing. I'm glad it is its own game. I really would find it boring if it was simply SMT or FE.

Lots of haters though, I personally think it'll be a pretty good game. It doesn't have to strictly adhere to one or the other series and it is better that way as you can make much better stories.

Also, considering SMT's history I hope it is an M rated RPG with deeper tones much like the Persona or SMT series.

If the length of your argument against the game is "Weeb" or "anime ****" then why would you be interested in FE? FE has always had roots in the Anime style and SMT and Atlus has worked in this style for a while. It is just a visual style and not an indicator of how good the game will be. That said, I trust Atlus with development of an RPG as much as I possibly can as they have made terrific games much like Nintendo has.



Senario commented on Capcom's Gearing Up For a Major Monster Hunter...:

Eh, Sony royally pissed off the devs of monster hunter and capcom by not supporting them in the slightest with localization sooooo I wouldn't be too surprised if it was on 3ds still for newer installments.

That said, Monster hunter 4 Ultimate is by far the best in the series and the entire vertical movement concept is really fun.



Senario commented on Reminder: The Free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate D...:

@Code-X Well you could be just hopping into a room and posting a quest. That is considered rude unless the people who were already in the room give you the go ahead.

Try making your own room and waiting or joining a group of players who all want to rank up. I went through HR 6 and 7 all the way through urgents and all one day because I met a group of players who all had the same goal. Did the Urgent for Rank 7 to 8 4 times that day. 6 to 7 about 2 times.



Senario commented on Guide: Getting The Most Out of Monster Hunter ...:

Quick rule that might be important.

In japan (and consequently anywhere in the west) it has been found that it is much more efficient to let a team heal up/sharpen while somebody is doing a mount. Hitting the monster may cause it to get in rage and knock the person mounting off. Which is overall bad for the team because a successful mount = monster is downed for a good amount of time taking the max damage from the party.



Senario commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Apex Champion Call...:

Counter argument to this is that Melee top 9 was delayed for approx 4 hours longer than it needed to be because Smash Wii U took so long to run.

The Tournament Organizers and players made some very questionable decisions that contributed to this. 1) delaying matches instead of having the Wii U tournament on the secondary stream like it was for most of the weekend. 2) Top 8 for Smash wii U was 3/5 games WITH coaching (which is an extra 5 ish min between each of those games) 3) there were some really campy players in the top 8 for wii U.

To put this in perspective. Melee top 9 did not even start until 12:00 Midnight Local time for the tournament. The venue was supposed to close an hour before that time/at that time and many fans thought that the most popular game at APEX was going to have to be played in some hotel room or random place. Many fans of melee who honestly just love their game were extremely tired. They had been there since 9 AM and just didn't want to wait anymore when they had been sitting on top 9 for melee for several hours. The tournament ended at 3:00 AM. Absolutely unacceptable for any big tournament series since many people had flights to catch and jobs to go to.

People cheered because melee was starting but also because the person who came from loser's side in Wii U grand finals was extremely campy, Zer0 made quick work of him and people were thankful he did. The other player made a few matches go to time and used his coach's advice to get farther in the bracket instead of adapting to his opponent himself(as a reference, coaching is banned in competitive melee because it simply takes too long).

I'm not going to spend time reading the inevitable hate on the Melee community. We get it, you guys don't understand or want to understand. But there was a good reason why some people were disappointed. The melee community as a whole is definitely one of the friendlier communities out there, and if you would disagree generally the trend is that people base that opinion off of random idiots on the internet. And as we know Internet + anonymity + People = train wreck.

For many people, melee has the best mechanics (and by extention PM) for all forms of play. And that is why it is still so popular. It is hypocritical to criticize these people for wanting to see the game they play but at the same time condemn them for not playing the newest version. Would you condemn people for playing Mario 64 over sunshine? Or preferring Older RPG series to their newer iterations?

One criticism I think I will address is that Melee top 8 only had 3 fox players, the rest of the people played other characters. With 5th place being Yoshi. 1st place went to PPMD's MARTH. So no, we don't only play fox.



Senario commented on Super Smash Bros. Melee and Wii U Confirmed fo...:

@Jahir Well that is because pichu is bottom tier lol. You wouldn't see a smash 4 bottom tier character in a Smash 4 final either.

That said, being in the low/mid skill range I have seen a Kirby in grand finals in melee. And Kirby is the worst character in the game. The person playing him is one of the top 10 in my region.

So your point is kinda invalid. You won't see any character in smash 4. You'll see the top half of the cast approx AT BEST. You definitely won't see a character who isn't as good in the top 8 for Smash 4.



Senario commented on New Pokkén Tournament Controller and Gameplay...:

Ugh, I never play with a controller for traditional fighting games because the D pad makes my thumb hurt. I much prefer the fightstick controls because my hands don't get as tired since I'm using my whole arm rather than a single finger.

I don't think I like that controller. Just give me a fightstick. It'll be easier on my hands.



Senario commented on Super Smash Bros. Melee and Wii U Confirmed fo...:

@Jahir You're right, it'll just be Diddy Kong instead! Oh JOY.
Fox is extremely hard to use, don't complain. If you are even slightly off in your play you will get destroyed. And his downside is that he is easily combo'ed.

Also, depends on what country you are in. I highly doubt you would know the best roy player in the world lol. That likely would be Mew2King simply because he plays roy for fun and is one of the best players of the game. You see him here in socal sometimes at big tournaments. He is an odd guy.

You are free to think that smash 4 will be more interesting. I just don't exactly believe that you've been in many good tournaments or seen a lot.



Senario commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Announcement Revea...:

@ikki5 lol exactly, Sakurai worship is too real since Brawl. Back in my day we didnt have the internet or cared which individual made our games. We just played.

Probably going to be some single player modes or something for party game smashers and 4 player ffa. Wouldn't be surprising but unless the wii U version differs in gameplay I don't see the need for it.



Senario commented on Video: Catch Up With Nintendo's Super Smash Br...:

@BLPs Well that was uncalled for. A lot of ppl in the competitive community simply didnt care for the tournament because not only was the initial rounds ffa with items on but the prelims started with rulesets that were wholelly anti competitive. Limited entry first come first serve, the above problems, also taking place on the same weekend as The Big House 4 which is a huge smash tournament wasnt the best of choices.

There is also an issue about the game and it's own mechanics with how they work for competitive play but if you see that as bashing rather than criticism there is no helping you. Nintendo can do what they want, but their rulesets will not likely be taken seriously just like in the pokemon community.

I would like to add I think Nintendo wants go make it competitive but they do not know how and Sakurai's design philosophy holds the game back from being truly deep and competitive.



Senario commented on Turns Out The GameCube Controller Adapter Won'...:

@BLPs There is nothing wrong with non for profit mods to a game. If you had something against mods to a game you better start up writing a long list of games that "didnt need to be fixed" like dota, team fortress, ect ect.

There was a group of passionate fans who loved a gameplay style and set out to make a mod for it, i dont see how this is bad for anybody because they did it with their own free time and money plus gave it out for free. You are exactly part of the reason there is such a divide in the community due to your hate of the competitive community no matter how nice they actually are.

Also, 10th doctor was way better than the 11th. You dont always have to like newer better. Or are we going to pretend the original star wars trilogy was worse than the prequels? Not even nostalgia here, I watched the whole new who series last summer and have continued to watch to the 12th doctor.

Also, it is a combination of rage, VI, and acting out of tumble that makes combos very hard to do. Improvement over brawl isn't really hard to do, bit the game still is missing some things a lot of players consider important. Like good movement options and a reasonable ability to edgeguard. As it stands the person off the edge has a free recovery due to new ledge and how far their up b goes. Gimping them doesn't do much and chasing them off the stage is likely met with airdodges or throwing out a hitbox so it is hard to finish them off.



Senario commented on Turns Out The GameCube Controller Adapter Won'...:

@BLPs lol wavedashing is easy. You jump then you airdodge into the ground. Just because you can do it doesnt mean you are automatically better. It is a little slide that means nothing unless you know how to use it. Then L cancelling is also super easy press a shoulder button right before landing.

It baffles me to think that people understand the competitive community so little as to think that what Sakurai and co. Are doing is in our best interest when it really isn't. Rubber banding mechanics like Rage, low amounts of hitstun and ability to act out of tumble, VI to avoid all combos and eliminate them at any percent above on and so forth.

The game, like it always has been, is a good casual experience but in terms of competitive play it certainly has been designed against that in mind or with a severe lack of research about why people like melee competitively. Nobody who is knowledgeable in the competitive community will tell you a FD only mode is good for competitive play.

And furthermore, citing your degree which has nothing to do with the topic is lol.



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@AJWolfTill Thing is, adding competitive mechanics do not come at the expense of the rest of the players. Do you really think small details will change the game so much that the difference in rulesets would be invalidated? A competitive player doesnt use some stages and items for a very good reason. Competitive play and casual play are so far apart that the inclusion of competitive mechanics wouldnt adversely affect most players.

That said, there are a lot of misconceptions of what a competitive player wants. A gamecube controller is nice but it is nowhere near a dealbreaker. What matters is the gameplay and as of right now there are a good amount of fair criticisms to be said about the new game. Lots of people misinterpret criticism as a direct attack on them or the game and thus consider almost anything that is not positive as the person being a "hater". Even if they provide points to back up their claims rationally.

And lol, all the competitive hate. You guys can make strawman arguments of how competitive players all you like. All you are doing is splitting the community for your petty anti competitive hate.