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Senario commented on Hyrule Warriors Legends Gets a Release Date an...:

Nintendo needs to seriously focus group test their names lol. They have been flopping on that for a while. As much as I love the Wii U I will acknowledge that it is a terrible name. But as far of a terrible name it is Linkle is just much worse, it screams of laziness and doesn't even sound like a real name like Aryll or something. By the way, I'd be 100% onboard if she was called Aryll who is one of Link's few known relatives in the Legend of Zelda across many iterations. It could make sense that either of them have the potential to be the Hero and is much better than genderswapping link, adding an L and an E to the end of the name and calling it a day.



Senario commented on Voice Actors Union Authorises Strike Action Wi...:

@XCWarrior On the flip side, some games from Nintendo do have prominent or at least non-inconsequential roles for voice acting such as Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, and the SMT x FE crossover game (though personally I'd love to see the game in Japanese with subtitles because it is heavily music based, english translations of music usually end badly. There is a reason why Suteki da Ne from FF10 was left as is, it sounded beautiful as is.)



Senario commented on Upcoming Super Smash Bros. Patch Will Make Did...:

@AlexSora89 Of course anybody who is actually still on Smashboards would know Zipzo is a terrible poster lol. His way or the highway type of person.

Aggressive play is what the game should be balanced around and the fairly recent shieldstun changes reflect that.

Most of anything for smash takes place on facebook/other social media outlets nowadays (twitter and twitch are pretty big as well).



Senario commented on The Pokémon Company Sues Fan for Copyright In...:

Well Nintendo, time to shut down any and all events that use your IP. Smash 4 or Smash Melee tournament? Better shut them down too. That makes sense right?

Oh wait, they forgot that the last time they tried to shut down a smash tournament they were fighting against massive funding for cancer. Seriously, why even bother going after a guy for 4k? Not only is it not a lot of money to a company like Nintendo and by extension game freak but it is supporting the scene so fans who love the game series can meet others and grow the community. It honestly creates a lot more enemies than it does create friends by suing over some petty amount.



Senario commented on Video: If You Want to Beat The Legend of Zelda...:

@Kirk Speedruns would never be interesting to watch if you weren't allowed to use skips. It would take more than 6 hours at least for some games. Would you sit around and watch for that long? I can barely stand a "speedrun" that is over 3 hours unless it is for a game I really enjoyed.



Senario commented on Video Game Voice Actors Contemplate Strike Act...:

@Yorumi People from Canada don't cross the border to get healthcare in America, that is the thing. It costs too much. I don't see why anybody would EVER do that. And whoever told you that is probably feeding you false information.

And show me where the President said pain killers instead of life saving treatment? That sounds like a whole bunch of crap since no political body would be stupid enough to say something like that except maybe Donald Trump.

You cite the MAXIMUM time for getting health care but really you don't wait all that long in Canada or the UK for treatment. I'm sure some of the people on this site can vouch for that being a UK based site. Most of the things against their healthcare system you state are blatantly false and if you looked at how it actually is you would see that it isn't the case. Go watch the Documentary: Sicko. It is a fairly concise way to show how bad America's healthcare system is for your average person.

You think big government is a problem but really the problem is the big corporations holding(buying) congress with campaign donations. As well as the people not being able to elect representatives that truly reflect their interests due to the available options being backed by big corporations. Anybody who is not does not get to be a primary canidate.

Blaming the government just makes you sound like a straight up right winger instead of looking at the whole picture. You also try to distract the argument with government being "so bad" while not really acknowledging that the healthcare system and insurance companies are far worse. Insurance companies actually want to deny as much coverage as possible and will look for every loop hole possible.

Not all corporations are bad but certainly the effect of money and power is clearly seen.

On the Writer's Strike: One of my favorite shows were run into the ground due to it (Heroes) but I do not blame the writers for wanting better conditions for their jobs. Besides, new shows will always pop up. And yes I also watched Chuck.

@Dezzy Well you don't know if they really are rich. They have prominent roles but they do not earn as much as an actor or actress. Their names are more known but that doesn't mean they are rich and this is a power/cash grab. That said, negotiating for better wages as part of a group should not be limited by income. The NFL players wanted better compensation which may seem unfair due to how much some of them get paid but at the same time their career ends FAR earlier than most others as age prevents them from playing at a top level often. That and physical stresses that come along with the job can cause lifelong damage.

Whether or not the groups get to a consensus remains to be seen but I fail to see how they are wrong for challenging what they are earning and trying to get more to support themselves and their families better.



Senario commented on Video Game Voice Actors Contemplate Strike Act...:

@Yorumi Bit of an ethnocentric idea that "our system is the best because I haven't seen a better system" I gave you an example specifically in healthcare where I work. Is it really a good system when people are being charged extraordinary amounts for life saving care? And some people can't even get care and they are left to suffer and in many cases die. The UK and Canada both have better systems and guess what, they are not run by corporations but by A GOVERNMENT WHO CARES ABOUT PEOPLE'S HEALTH.

Ultimately your view of the world serves to continue the dominance of corporations while anybody in the so called "middle class" is now being expected to work a job where they get paid a meager amount with minimal benefits while having to be "thankful" for that job. If you would actually look at philosopher's ideas rather than dismiss them you would know that this is what is called False Consciousness as you have ideas that are so ingrained which ultimately do not benefit you but big corporations.

And guess what happens if the individual asks for money? Company will likely hire somebody else and the overall situation for these people will not improve, they'll still get paid peanuts for what they do. Collective bargaining is there so that people are not taken advantage of those with capital. I'm half expecting you to bring up trickle down economics at this point which is a total lie that you will likely believe in.



Senario commented on Video Game Voice Actors Contemplate Strike Act...:

@Yorumi Does the executive grow the food? Make the item specifically? Do they make the drugs using the science they know? Or does the farmers, engineers, and scientists do that for them?

Think about it. Executives DON'T provide the value. They just manage the company.



Senario commented on Video Game Voice Actors Contemplate Strike Act...:

@Yorumi The wealthy are not by and large a group that has "Earned" their money. But let me provide you with an example.

A top executive will earn many hundreds of times more money than the average worker in the company. Now, say you are an average worker and you earn maybe 50-80k USD a year. Do you really think a top executive works hundreds of times harder than the average worker?

To take your Pharmacy idea, yes they are open 24/7 but at what cost? In America the cost of drugs from a pharmacy can reach into the several hundreds of dollars PER PILL or DOSE. Compare this to the UK which has an amazing universal healthcare system and drugs are reasonably priced with healthcare being provided to all citizens. Even CANADA has this but the US of good ol A doesn't. I'll give you an example, I recently decided to pay out of pocket for Laser eye surgery, of course I was ready for the amount of money I'd have to spend but the most surprising cost was the antibiotic and anti inflamatory meds I'd have to take before the operation and a week after. The Antibiotics were 200 ish dollars and the anti inflammatory was 100, but they didn't give you a ton. They gave you a small bottle with only a couple of ounces (milliliters) of antibiotics. Do you really think something that small is worth 200$? And look no further than cancer medicine or even medicine for AIDS (not a cure, it controls it so you don't die immediately) to see how far this price gouging goes in the medical industry. What used to be 13.50 for a pill got bumped up about 300-400x that amount PER PILL when a new executive got a hold of the company. And he claims that it is "Still underpriced".

What you are doing is looking at the small and personal picture. Yes a small buisness owner may be able to earn a decent living while making a nice profit but you ignore that these small businesses have a lot of overhead and don't earn nearly as much as you say they do.

And no, in america it is not "new wealth" that is just an assumption you are making because "they must have worked hard for it right"? The middle class would not have such a small share of the wealth if it really was a balanced system. Most of the nation's wealth is in the top 1% and that is the group that has the money to affect policy decisions.



Senario commented on Video Game Voice Actors Contemplate Strike Act...:

@Dezzy Voice actor -> Rich -> WUT. Voice actors are not rich by any means. Usually they go to a job and only get paid once for that job. Not only that there is nothing wrong with people organizing to negotiate for better working conditions/wages, otherwise companies would walk all over people and it would be terrible. Anybody remember the working conditions in factories during the industrial revolution? People straight up lost limbs due to the terrible working conditions.

Voice acting is a very important part of a video game, even if you don't recognize it. I highly doubt people would have enjoyed some games if the voice acting sounded about as terrible as bad acting sounds terrible in movies.

Saying "Well I have no sympathy because blue collar workers work their butt off" is ignoring the larger problem which is that these big companies are earning MILLIONS and generally that money goes to higher up execs rather than people who worked on the game. Specifically going to those who are specialized artists in their craft, if any of the "volunteers" for voice acting would try it...well lets just say it will likely be really bad. Coders have a consistent job, they are there the whole time and get paid in a consistent manner. Same with concept artists. However voice acting remains a "you show up then get paid for the time you were there then you have to search for a new place to work". And good voice acting is hard.

Really it makes no sense to me that people who are in the lower economic class should be complaining about others in a similar situation when the world wealth distribution is extremely concentrated in the elites at the top. What they are asking is not unreasonable, and I don't know where the idea that "unions are bad" came from. Would you rather be working in terrible conditions and say "I'm so thankful for this job" or work in good conditions where you really are thankful for your job.



Senario commented on Some Western Splatoon Players Would Prefer Not...:

Pretty fair request for a competitive game. If the internet connection is peer to peer (aka absolutely horrible) certain players will always get the short end of the stick concerning connection speed. And if there are servers but a player is located far away from a server it will be terrible. Say there is a UK server for a game and I'm from California in the United States. I will not be able to play effectively at all as my ping would be way too high.

I don't personally play splatoon however I understand the importance of minimizing lag in almost any sort of competitive game. As soon as you insert internet connection into things it just becomes a really tough task to have everybody play on even ground.

That is why LAN exists or simply playing locally. None of the competitive esports whether they are fighting game/Moba/anything else use connections over the internet rather than LAN and this should be no exception. Even just practicing you should be playing with your own region.

One of the biggest examples (a game I quit a year or two ago) is League of Legends. You don't get people playing between regions with good reason. Not only are they in different time zones to begin with but the internet lag is absolutely horrible in a game that requires fairly fast reactions.



Senario commented on Masahiro Sakurai Tackles Criticisms of Bonus F...:

@EngieBengie I laughed because it is funny he removed those features when he advocates that small features which do not augment the enjoyability of a game for most should be mostly ignored by those who have a problem with it.

Sakurai always talks big and generally too much. I happen to like both older and newer fire emblem games and think most of them offer something likable. Except radiant dawn. That game was extremely watered down.



Senario commented on Guide: How to Get the Most Out of Super Smash ...:

Hmm I don't play Smash 4 in tournament but the lack of double elimination sounds bad. In general I don't think Nintendo understands the simple tournament rules set up by the community. They are important because the consensus is that some things like items are way too unbalancing and having only single elimination eliminates the consistency in tournament results because even top players drop games to other top players in any competitive game. Having a double elimination with loser's bracket just makes for a better tournament.

The mode was already on bad ground for being only online with lag. A shame there is no simple double elimination local tournament option for organization.



Senario commented on Editorial: Super Smash Bros. Should be Integra...:

@Kage_88 so it is good buisness practice to upset your consumers and not listen to them? Do your own thing if you want but if you dont listen to fans in the day of social media you will fail. You dont have to listen to everything but generally good ideas would have been having a more open combat system for smash like melee or creating a mainline metroid game in addition to or instead of federation force. They are doing ok on the fire emblem, xenoblade, and of course zelda and mario fronts for example but other areas are kinda lacking.



Senario commented on ESL Announces Tentative Move Into Competitive ...:

@Mona-Reggie Get rekt scrub, no fox would take you to FD. Unless you were playing Fox or falco. Then maybe. There are better choices for a stage counterpick than FD for most matchups fox has in melee. One of the few that is certainly a good choice for stage counterpick is sheik (not gonna happen until winners/losers/grand finals). Even then, Pokemon Stadium or Yoshi's is a much more popular and reliable pick.



Senario commented on Interview: Senran Kagura Producer Kenichirō T...:

Not a bad game just because it has a bit of sex appeal. I think honestly that sometimes the argument about making sexual things "bad" or "you're sexist" really kinda ignores basic human nature. Girls like looking at good looking actors, guys like looking at good looking actors, why not the same for videogames? Heck, even pop stars in pretty much any country are good looking and make most things either a reference to something sexual/a relationship so honestly it can't be that bad.



Senario commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

@Project_Dolphin Want me to name more? Assassin's Creed Unity was remarkably bad from what I've heard. That said my point still holds, many japanese games do not come out for PC. Only recently there has been one exception being the Tales series. You are putting words in my mouth when you say I want the same types of games on console when the reality is that I play plenty of games that simply do not work in a console environment. For example, I was playing Path of Exile last night with friends due to it's new update. A really fun game and there are modes for every style of play.

Nintendo can still distinguish itself with third party support. Just because a third party game follows the typical shooter tropes doesn't mean that Nintendo's stuff will be any less unique. I don't see why you are so upset, I'm just saying that there is little to no reason anymore to not have third party support. Nintendo is not any less distinguished by having it and they can still be unique. The Blue Ocean Philosophy collapsed with the advent of mobile gaming and Nintendo's PR department isn't exactly friendly to consumers in the age of the internet. When you blame your consumers for not buying the Wii U instead of recognizing that yeah there are problems here and there or at the very least making a visible effort to correct it then you have a PR problem.

I've said I do enjoy Nintendo stuff, I just wish games came out on a more frequent basis so I could actually have a reason to start up my Wii U. If they do the same thing with the NX and they release it soon as a consumer, not a fanboy, I don't see a reason to pick it up right away. Xenoblade Chronicles X is already out in Japan. SMT x FE is this year in Japan and FE fates is already out too. If anything they could solve a lot of problems by doing what POKEMON did...have the localization departments work closely together so that the release day is the same world wide. Or at the very least not 6 months apart. If they did that I would be playing Xenoblade right now, I'd also have FE fates, and then SMT x FE would be in winter. Other games which I'm on the fence about would be coming out soon too.



Senario commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

@Project_Dolphin Well for one, not every game actually does come out on PC. And not all of them are the best quality. Batman Arkham Knight had a bunch of problems lately on PC and that game was not worth any amount of money with how badly it was tossed on there.

Not all of the games are available either, in particular many games from Japanese Developers tend to skip PC in favor of consoles only. It wouldn't just be about Nintendo game exclusives but also other games that you find only on console or handheld. There are plenty of games that don't come out on PC, and it would be nice if Nintendo got the support for those games so I wouldn't have to buy either an Xbox or a PS4 (including the odd multiplat that skips PC).

That said, just because it isn't my primary doesn't mean I am fine waiting infinite amounts of time between game releases that interest me. Primary does not mean I ignore everything else and right now I haven't legitimately played my Wii U since 3D world/MK8. There simply isn't enough that interests me personally and waiting until winter or fall each year just for one or two games is a very poor showing of support. So yes, I DO CARE. Besides, why would you turn down more first party support or even third party support? It would make for a really great platform.



Senario commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

@Project_Dolphin And will likely be met on deaf ears because mobile is a market that is very hard to work with due to lack of consumer loyalty and a reliance on the multi functions of a tablet. Most people do not particularly want to buy a platform simply for a game, especially on mobile. Most of the reason people buy those things are for it's other functions.

"Why would I buy a Nintendo when I could buy an Ipad/Android and get features a-z because there is an app for that?"

In order to even think about marketing towards the young tablet gamers they would need to do what other throwaway tablet makers do they would have to make it exceedingly cheap (less than 100 dollars). People would then impulse buy it for their children and the games would DEFINITELY NOT be anywhere close to high quality.

And of course older gamers would roll their eyes and laugh at what Nintendo is doing again. While the PC gamer market does sometimes have the best hardware it really depends on the person and what type of parts they buy. People with lower end PCs might actually only play a few PC games like League of legends but buy every other game on console. People with Higher end PCs like me don't necessarily buy Nintendo consoles out of preference. It would be really cool to have a Nintendo console that actually had the support that the others had. Or at the very least faster first party releases because I can play my PC for pretty much forever but at the rate where Nintendo games I'm interested in are coming out? Feels pretty slow and dead for Wii U. 3ds is slowing down but it still has enough games to make it feel like it is totally worth my time and money.



Senario commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

@Project_Dolphin They are gonna have to try pretty hard to market then. Most PC gamers are fairly satisfied with what is on PC. Best of all worlds and the only real reason you would get a console is exclusives. And right now Nintendo's home console needs to match the speed at which the 3ds pumped out exclusives during it's height or go faster because I sadly have not had a game I was interested in come out in 2015 yet. That'll change with Xenoblade but that is way too far off. I still am waiting on if there is a special edition so I can preorder that instead of the standard game.



Senario commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

Maybe innovation later when they are not bleeding consumer goodwill and telling the consumer that they dont know what they want, only Nintendo does. Their PR department is terrible like their marketing department and it is no wonder they dont do live events. Reggie's "game" against HBox after specifically calling him out was more pathetic a loss than Chillin vs Leffen.

Dont get me wrong,I love playing certain Nintendp games but right now I think they cant really afford to make the same mistake again. Make it a desirable third party platform. Do what the others do in order to get third parties. Avoid anything gimmicky and just have a regular non region locked console with a hardwire commection and ample power (that doesnt mean best. But it also doesnt mean worst. ). Make sure it has decent enough storage too. While I understand why the Wii U only has 32GB consumers dont actually care about the difference between solid state and HDD drives. They care about amount. Only a person who is tech knowledgable would prefer a SSD. And even then they are extremely expensive.



Senario commented on Video: Doctor Who Joins The Cast In LEGO Dimen...:

@TheRealThanos Hmm I actually liked some of David Tennant's companions the best. Donna Nobel was my favorite companion and it really wasn't about how she looked I just liked how she was just a good friend. And of course there is Rose Tyler and Jack Harkness who are both great characters. The 10th Doctor is my favorite Doctor for New Who and that isn't due to nostalgia because I started watching the whole rebooted series less than a year and a half ago. Netflix is a thing.

Concerning the 11th doctor's run I thought Matt Smith worked well for a cheery doctor and I definitely approved of the better special effects and music in that run. Though I kinda didn't care too much for Amy Pond, Rory, and I actually disliked River Song. Clara Oswald is getting old for me too, I don't feel like I actually enjoy her character all that much in the story and hope there is a new companion soon.

Capaldi's doctor is great though personally I prefer a good mix of Dark and humorously light. Go too much on one side and it feels very stale. Honestly one of the upsides that I thought was weird but somehow it kinda worked was the new Master who I thought was great. Though I wish they hadn't just simply killed her seeing as now they can't use that incarnation again without some time travel shenanigans.

p.s. I'm tired of Weeping Angels, they were such a joke in the 11th doctor's run. In the 10th doctor's run about 4 of them were a huge threat to the doctor and his companions. In the 11th doctor's run it took them an army to feel threatening.



Senario commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:

Needs to be easy to code for when it comes to third parties and needs to be at least as powerful as the other consoles because it is cpming out late.

Coming out with power pc instead of x86 again would be a mistake. And if it xomes out too early I kight be too burned by the wii U to buy the new console.



Senario commented on Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Exposé Reveals Torrid St...:

@Mona-Reggie America has it's own sense of Racism. It is quite sad and I've experienced it, however this story sounds to me as more of one person being super traditional rather than a group as a whole.

That said, SMT x FE looks fine to me, ATLUS has never given me a bad game and I really don't think they'll start with this one. You can not care for it but the pure notion that you would bother using the terms weeaboo and "senpai notice me" shows that you really don't have all that much of a lack of discrimination towards things that are not within a culture, in this case western american culture. Being Asian should have no bearing on whether or not you like it or not since everybody is different. You can not like it and that is fine, but find a better reason not to like it other than things which can be written up as cultural difference. I highly doubt western culture is any different with its pop stars and some other entertainment icons (usually with music sometimes with movies and tv).

Edit: On the topic of traditional vs non-traditional. I think that the younger Nintendo employees might have good ideas but the fact that Nintendo is a Kyoto company makes it very conservative even within Japan. Listening to higher ups is paramount and that is not always a good thing, case in point: Miyamoto + Sticker Star.



Senario commented on Bill Trinen Will Compete at Evo 2015 as a Supe...:

I don't play smash 4 nor do I watch it. However I do play melee and this is one of the few things I'd be interested in watching. Lets see if he knows how to jump or up B. You don't need to spend a whole bunch of time to be able to do simple things in smash. (Cue Reggie's "16 hour" quote)

Hbox has a degree in I think it was engineering? Something like that, he does melee but he is a very educated and likely to be successful person in the job market. You don't need to be playing smash all the time to be good at it.

Also, Don't call out one of the top players if you can't handle the heat.

@hcfwesker Just looked at that lol. Yeah, it'll be pretty hard for him to beat bye. That guy is so good. He must play Sheik right?
I mean, there is no way he is that good at smash to win that one.
lol lets hope his round 2 pans out on stream or something. Or at least somebody should watch. (I run tournaments for melee, the above was sarcasm. I know what a bye is lol)

@SmithJurd Because Reggie called Hungrybox out at the smash Wii U invitational and when it came time to actually play the game Reggie didn't even look like he knew how to jump...or recover...or simply not SD. Lots of people expected him to know basics, we all knew Reggie was going to lose that one but at least know the basics and don't kill yourself.



Senario commented on Feature: What If The SNES PlayStation Had Actu...:

@hYdeks Well, I guess I have one reason to dislike sony. People like you. The games are fine, I just dislike the fanbase. You're gonna get this type of reaction when you say any group should leave the buisness because they aren't top of the market.

I'll be the first to say Nintendo's E3 wasn't great but honestly most Nintendo fans I meet are nice. No reason to hate them, I play both Nintendo games and PC anyways. Best of all worlds.



Senario commented on Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Exposé Reveals Torrid St...:

Well...Nintendo Japan -> A kyoto company. Not surprising that some are very tradiontalist when it comes to dismissing ideas. Whoever that guy was he needs to be fired because you can't use culture differences as a way to dismiss an idea without explaining it.

Western studios do some things right much like Japanese studios do some things right.



Senario commented on Talking Point: The Pros, Cons and Questionable...:

I'd hope it doesn't come out soon. I still want to get more games for my Wii U. I'll see if I feel any different after the SMT x FE game, Xenoblade, and Star Fox. With such huge gaps though it kinda sucks. I spend most of my time playing on my PC. Steam Summer Sale is Crazy!

I like the Wii U, I just don't think it was executed as well as the Wii. The Wii was amazing. People may hate motion controls but for some games I really enjoyed them. There was always the option of playing on a controller if you didn't like it. I wonder what happened to the classic controller pro setup. I liked the stick placement there better. Having them too far apart doesn't feel great.



Senario commented on Smash Fighters Settling it at Evo in Big Numbers:

@DarkKirby They support it for marketing reasons. Not because they actually support it. Otherwise there would be a pot bonus.

Marvel gets a pass mainly because RIP marvel. Disney yanked the rights as you said. And they did it for...ugh...conquest of Heroes. Why have a good game when you can have a mobile game?



Senario commented on Smash Fighters Settling it at Evo in Big Numbers:

@ryanator008 1800+ is still a crazy amount of entrants. There is less than a 100 player difference lol.

That said, I don't see why it matters? Melee continues to grow because people find it fun. And it is amazing considering it is an old game.

Great that Smash 4 has entrants, I personally won't be watching that tournament because I find the gameplay boring. And before you attack me needlessly, that is an OPINION. I'm allowed to have it.



Senario commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

@ALEC_EIFFEL Wow, you are just incredibly rude. If he thinks Mario Tennis is a skillful game he can do so. It is his opinion. It doesn't lend to his "credibility" one way or the other.

And do you happen to know what happened to advance wars? Great game but people didn't buy it. Capitalism works like that, if something doesn't sell it doesn't have sequels. I bought every game in that series but honestly? Fire Emblem constantly out did it and even that almost died after Radiant Dawn/Shadow Dragon. Awakening was going to be the last game until it was saved because not only was it a good game but fans were able to recommend it regardless of how active they were online.

You are so obsessed with sales numbers that you see it as a straight competition and anything that is behind is a failure. It is but the bottom line for all companies is to be profitable and in the end that is what I mostly care about seeing as I don't owe my loyalty to any one company. I just want to see good games come out and if I'm interested I will get the game. There is a reason I have a 3DS, a Wii U, and a high end PC. So I don't have to deal with the console politics and circle jerk that is "my console is better than yours huurrr duuurrr". I buy games if they interest me and they are good, if not then I don't buy them and let my wallet do the talking.

I'm not saying Nintendo did great this E3, they could've shown more games and omitted things like the metroid spinoff or Animal crossing but at the very least the latter does have a reason for being there. I don't agree with it but the game is coming out because people are buying Amiibo in Droves, loads of scalpers and a lot of collectors, maybe a few parents. When something sells more things surrounding that product get made. That is why there are so many phone games. So if you hate amiibo festival too bad, as long as people buy amiibo it will continue to be made. Amiibo is also the reason there has been no change of leadership at Nintendo lately, it is putting them massively in the black. If you don't like metroid, that is fine just ignore it until a more traditional title comes along, if you hate everything? I can't help you there. Honestly, it isn't hard to ignore things that don't interest you. If people are unhappy they should vote with their wallets. If they still buy stuff then clearly somebody is doing something right.



Senario commented on Nintendo Is "Exploring" The Idea Of Early Acce...:

Early Access is a bit of a trap for both the player and the developer.

For the player they are paying for a game that isn't finished and likely many will be dissatisfied with the product. Not only that buying a game in early access can also often make you run out of content to play and thus not really contribute all that much to providing feedback through your gameplay. You stopped playing after a week or so = no more data.

For the developer they are given little incentive to actually finish the game on time or at all simply because they already have your money.

I'd say avoid early access on anything that isn't PC. PC is still trying to figure it out with many early access games that likely won't finish and a precious few that are slowly updating.



Senario commented on Video: Mario is Unreal in This New Take on The...:

Some environments looked plausibly fitting. I'd say the castle and maybe the snowy cave.

Add in a bit more Nintendo detail (to make it clash less with how mario looks) and this could work really well. That doesn't mean make it completely cell shaded but try to make it fit mario a little more.

That said, some of these environments would look amazing in a Zelda game LOL.



Senario commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

@darth2d2 I would agree that Oblivion is the better game compared to Skyrim. After a while a lot of the dungeons in skyrim feel very samey. And the quests are not nearly as fun. I still remember the dark brotherhood quests in Oblivion with all the gimicky/fun ways to kill enemies. Inherit a mansion? Manage to kill everybody. Sneak into some guy's house? Drop his moose head on his head to kill him.

I would also agree that E3 was generally uneventful this year. Not a huge fan of Fallout compared to Elder scrolls mainly because fallout 3 and new vegas were a bit of a buggy mess at times. Have to mod New vegas just to play it without crashing on PC. Plus I prefer Conjuration/Destruction spells.

But I would also say that as much as everybody is kinda meh, Nintendo does need to step it up in some regards. I'm completely happy with some franchises but others I just feel a little sorry for their fanbases.

I'm good with Xenoblade, Zelda, Fire Emblem, and Mario titles for example but I feel sorry for fans of Metroid, Paper Mario, and a few other minor titles. Particularly I want a thousand year door esque paper mario. The crossover is odd though I would say it just feels wrong. Mario x Mario? ): I don't even have a problem with the FE spinoff because I generally trust Atlus games. Haven't played a game they made that I didn't like yet.



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I'm extremely tired of the constant negative comments about Nintendo. It is really bringing me down =/.

I do understand they need to do better but not much I can do besides buy games I'm interested in. Really sucks that they are stuck in a hole that they are not likely to dig themselves out/change for the better because Kyoto companies are super conservative.



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@darth2d2 I laughed at the Sony "Here fund this kickstarter" announcement. So people are excited to kickstart a game sony will profit from and they aren't actually doing anything with.

That said hmm I can't see how people would move on from Zelda to Skyrim. They are completely different games. One is an RPG and another is an action adventure game. And even then I've played Skyrim a lot and it simply does not have the magic for being considered a classic series for me. Maybe the sidequests just feel kinda bland to me. Nothing like Oblivion which had some pretty great sidequests.

And worst E3? Hmm this E3 was generally bad but I don't think anything can top 2008's Wii Music E3. That is probably the whole reason we get Nintendo directs (which are by no means a good replacement for a panel at E3).



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@iflywright It won't really solve the problem. Same architecture means little when there are other factors at play. The latest Batman game ran TERRIBLY on PC even though it has the same architecture as the consoles. They ported it poorly and it had capped fps at 30 ish and a few other problems that forced them to actually take it off the Steam Store until they fixed the problems.

So no, same architecture won't mean that 3rd parties will care about bringing any games to Nintendo.

That doesn't mean I don't support a stronger Nintendo system, just a few things. 1) No more gamepad or "unique" controllers. Just give me an updated gamecube controller and that's that. 2) Please not soon because I would be a little burned by having to buy another console when the console I already have hasn't had enough game time for me.



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Amiibo were never my thing, I'm far too set in my ways to bother buying them if I have to go out of my way. When there is a game I want with some feature that is amiibo only that I really really want then maybe I'll get ONE. But I find the shortages and the cost fairly prohibitive in making me care.

It kinda feels like Nintendo is keeping supply short on purpose to drum up consumers to buy and even if scalpers get it they still earn money. So the problem is that I don't want it, but loads of others do and keep buying it, then Nintendo makes amiibo only things and I'm left in the dust. Not only that, if I wanted to get into it I can't because low supply.

I like Nintendo games but I have a feeling they know nothing about modern trends/western audiences/proper marketing.



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Nintendo is good at trying to market to a younger generation but falls short when it comes to older audiences and western audiences. What they really need to look at is how to make games that are new and fit in the modern era. Look at square enix, by funding games they have come up with a few excellent titles like the batman series and possibly tomb raider(did it a little better than tomb raider has been in the past besides orginal games) while they also reach out to younger audiences with Kingdom Hearts. The best comparison for nintendo would be new experiences like splatoon or fairly fresh games like xenoblade.

What they could do with existing games is not make filler content and work on primary content. A metroid prime that turns up the isolation and darkness for an fps action adventure horror game and reboot the series would be great. Being tied down to the lore of previous games also ties you to bad writing and ideas you cant use.

There are games that reach larger audiences and nowadays rating is more of a marketing thing. Having some games rated E and some rated teen or mature would be ideal. But