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Sun 6th Feb 2011

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Sekuiya commented on Feature: A Supersonic History of Sonic Cartoons:

Sonic's current voice actor sucks in my opinion, I can't get that cool feel from Sonic since it changed in Colors. I'm still hoping it was the lines and not the voice, but everytime I hear it's voice, I can only think "yuck"...



Sekuiya commented on Nintendo's Claim to is Denied:

It's not exactly blackmail. It's how everything happens.
Why do you have to buy that completely empty territory to build your house there? Because someone claimed it before.
Internet domains work the same way.



Sekuiya commented on You Can Now Use Your GameCube Pad On Your Wii U:

@Zyph Well, I guess that's why you can customize you controls, since the Wii U isn't detecting a GC but most likely a Wii Classic Controler. It probably just "lies" to the system which controller is connected.
At least that's what I hope for. Not getting it if it's not compatible in Wii U mode.



Sekuiya commented on Rumour: Next Sonic Game Will Go Back To His Ro...:

I hope they do another from the Rush series, or at least a sequel do the Advance series. Best Sonics in the last decades!
Of course, having in mind the release on the home consoles, I fear a port is inbound for the 3DS... :



Sekuiya commented on Nintendo Issues Statement on Wii U Hacking Att...:

@demonta4 Basically, for it to be legal, you should be the one dumping your bios from an actual console and dumping the rom from an actual cartridge. That way, all would be legal.
Not sure if it applies to the really old stuff. Those probably already lost their copyrights.



Sekuiya commented on Nintendo: Inazuma Eleven Not Officially Launch...:

Well, I'm happy playing my english version since monday. Gladly Portugal doesn't translate most of Nintendo games, at least as of now, meaning every portuguese Inazuma Eleven game is in english. They have the manual in portuguese but the game is in english.
Oh well, back to the game!
EDIT: The portuguese trailer shows that detail very well. Publicity text is all in portuguese but ingame images and the voices of the chars in the cutscenes are all in english.