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Thu 31st Jan 2013

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sector19 commented on Miyamoto Discusses Retirement In Recent Interview:

Miyamoto-sama has to retire at some point and yes it's going to be a sad day but I think it's going to be a great day too, because that day Nintendo will focus in developing more content for it's consumer and not for his company. Maybe Miyamoto-san can start developing his own software company too and we will get amazing games from him. I really see his retirement very unlikely, but until that day comes HE MUST DO ZELDA U haha.



sector19 commented on Nintendo Gives US Government Recommendations o...:

I think this is a tread that has a lot of discussion first of all because the taxes outside US are exagerated but then again if Nintendo really cares about his system, then they should try to see why is there so much piracy in México, Brazil, China and Spain, that way they can demand or give recommendations. I do not support piracy and I have every game and system fairly legal but then again here in México the prices are way too high for us to pay for everithing so I can understand why is piracy such a business, and yes crime is crime.



sector19 commented on EA: Excited About New Generation Which Is "Yet...:

I really don't care much about EA, but it's harsh for Nintendo cause it's money and they likely would want some of that investment but again Nintendo has all first party games that alone make worthy buy it's console so I fell sorry for EA.