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Sean_Aaron commented on Voice Actors Union Authorises Strike Action Wi...:

I don't understand the opposition to royalties here. You're telling me a game publisher should be free to continue to make money off of future game reissues and online sales throughout copyright - and long beyond the point where expense has been recouped - but the people whose talents are featured don't?

Do people not recognise the value of their own labour any more? If you can get a bigger piece of the pie because your worth is recognised you're a fool not to take it. There is nothing outrageous about getting residuals; especially because you're probably talking about fractions of pennies per unit here. CEOs making seven figures is greedy, getting a cut of a title that is arguably a massive success because of a starring role isn't.



Sean_Aaron commented on The YouTube Wii U App Has Another Update:

I tried the app once a few months ago with a video more than fifteen minutes long. Apparently it hit what would have been an ad break, but instead of playing the ad it exited the video and took me back to the front page, so I had to find it start it and scroll ahead. Not sure why it's any different from the iPad app which works great, but if that's no longer happening I could see using it again...



Sean_Aaron commented on Skull Kid is Confirmed as a Playable Character...:

I'm very surprised we haven't seen any additional DLC for the Wii U version. Warriors Orochi 3, has like 3 dozen additional levels and tons of costumes. I do intend to play the harder difficulties in Hyrule a Warriors, but no way will it occupy as much time as Warriors Orochi 3 did.



Sean_Aaron commented on Miyamoto and Tezuka Discuss the Difficulties o...:

I think they do a pretty good job. I found New Super Mario Bros U challenging, but not impossibly so. The use of extra pickups which are hard to get seems a nice way to appeal to both parties.

Nintendo's trying to sell more software and let's face it, most people aren't going to get far in a Mario game if you're asking people to use certain advanced techniques skilfully like a triple jump, just to continue playing the game. World 2 was my limit for Super Mario Bros. 3; I've never finished the original game. Until the Wii U, the only Mario games I had played through were Super Mario Land on Gameboy and Super Mario Galaxy (and I couldn't do the shadow races to unlock Luigi there). So from my perspective they're getting better.

If you can't be bothered playing games because they're "too easy" well frankly that's not unique to Nintendo: all the Arkham games are plagued with button prompts and wasted time doing presses to open doors to pad out the game and make it feel like you're doing something. QTEs fill the same role of substituting for actual gameplay and let's not get started on aim assist in first person shooters to compensate for dual stick controls. I think Nintendo does a decent job considering - if they ever have (press A) popping up every time Mario reaches the end of a platform, then you'll have a problem.



Sean_Aaron commented on Hands On: Aperion Cyberstorm is Bringing a Wel...:

That looks pretty sweet. The fact that it reminds me of old school arcade maze games is an extra boost. I'll likely be playing more campaign, but it could be fun to try out with my partner's kids. Gifting them Runbow tomorrow, most likely.



Sean_Aaron commented on Video: The Just Dance Unlimited Subscription S...:

This is what they should have done with Just Dance 4! Well I'm not sure about this. I bought Just Dance 2 and DLC and Just Dance 4 and DLC. Do I want to buy a third one and pay for Unlimited to play the stuff I already have access to without it? Probably not...



Sean_Aaron commented on Nintendo's UK Store Gives Free eShop Copy of A...:

Yep got one of these and then the game showed up in the post today, so not bad for a one day delay. The main delay in my case is the rest of the kit, which included the 3DS case and extra styluses, but that's cool as long as my little girl can do her happy home designing!



Sean_Aaron commented on Climate "Not Healthy" For Dedicated Handheld G...:

The question isn't whether or not there's a market for a dedicated handheld, it's whether or not that market is large enough to justify the expense of developing and marketing another one. Will Nintendo be willing to gamble they can sell another 50 million handhelds? If they only sell 25 million is it still worthwhile?

Remember we're not just talking component cost and advertising budgets, but staff payrolls for the engineers and software developers. Now if a theoretical new handheld can run the same code as NX (assuming that's not the handheld), then that reduces cost, but that only really helps if one of these platforms (handheld or console) is successful enough to carry the other.

Also remember that Nintendo is a publicly held company, so even if such a venture is successful in terms of being profitable - as the Wii U appears to be, it's not really good enough for shareholders: they must see it as a success or they'll sell their stock which will seriously damage the company.

The 3DS may have sold 50mil units and that's a lot, but the loss of an entire generation to general purpose mobile platforms makes developing a successor extremely risky.



Sean_Aaron commented on Climate "Not Healthy" For Dedicated Handheld G...:

Nintendo managed to save the 3DS, but even if they got pricing and support right again I rather doubt you'd see a larger install base. I've never really been into mobile gaming (I'd rather read a book on my phone than play), but it clearly has the edge in terms of convenience, even if the lack of buttons is off-putting. I figure Nintendo will continue to offer a dedicated device as long as the cost to R&D and manufacture can be recouped without much effort. Unlike Sony handheld gaming has been a key pillar of their business and they won't walk away from that because of a little market shrinkage.



Sean_Aaron commented on Video Game Voice Actors Contemplate Strike Act...:

It's nice to know there are at least a couple of people with sense commenting on these stories. I cannot believe anyone here actually believes wealthy people invest their wealth into projects that benefit society. There are some altruists, but the majority of the wealthy don't actually do anything to benefit anyone but those who cater to their whims. Very few are starting companies or funding start-ups. Mainly they're sinking money into tax havens, real estate overseas, jewellery, cars, horses and yachts.

Real wages for everyone except the really wealthy have been falling since the 1970s. Anyone opposing unions today can look forward to having a job replaced by software or a robot in the next fifty years to ensure that trend continues. So by all means defend your betters while you can - you will live to see the light.



Sean_Aaron commented on Video Game Voice Actors Contemplate Strike Act...:

They're actors and there's an actors union and that determines whether or not actors get royalties and stuff about working conditions. If developers think they deserve same then maybe they should form a union and fight for better pay and working conditions. But more likely they'll be like most IT people and moan without doing anything about it other than quit.



Sean_Aaron commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (...:

Well my daughter got tired of repetitive tasks in New Leaf to get stuff, so this game where you can just jump in and design stuff is a lot more appealing for her. She never plays anything on her 3DS any more (in fact I suspect if this was on the Wii U she would have preferred it on that platform), so it will be nice to see her getting some use out of what is very likely to be the last handheld from Nintendo in my house. It's nice that Nintendo is going to mobile platforms as I think that's where the money is going to be down the road...



Sean_Aaron commented on New Nintendo Controller Patent Features Rotati...:

It does seem a better design idea than adding a third pair of shoulder/rear buttons. I can't think of many games that use 8 buttons and those that do often do so to the game's detriment since it's hard to keep track of all that crap between plays (Samurai Warriors 3, I'm looking at you).

The Wii showed that effective button chording was often more intuitive and made for better design than assigning different functions to every last button press. I'm all for the less is more approach and a scroll wheel seems like a better idea than using two face buttons for the same rapid inventory scroll or special weapon selection.



Sean_Aaron commented on Review: Brave Tank Hero (Wii U eShop):

Even Tank Tank Tank with its simplistic controls is fun; especially in multiplayer; most notably asymmetric against the gamepad player with the giant ape. Seems odd you could mess this up.



Sean_Aaron commented on Apple Just Announced Its Own Wii, Almost A Dec...:

If they can get the Apple TV (which is cheaper by far than any home console and has an established media marketplace) into enough homes, it won't matter how "late" they are. If I didn't have a Mac Mini hooked up to my TV I'd probably already own an Apple TV, but I won't lie that being able to stream games from iPad to TV doesn't have me tempted. The Horipad is a pretty decent dual stick controller. Hopefully this will get companies to finally roll-out MFI support across the board and we'll see a wider range of decent controllers. Hell, Nintendo could even make compatible Wii Remotes for it to work with their iOS offerings.



Sean_Aaron commented on Rumours and Speculation Stir Over Potential In...:

Well if Nintendo was going to transition away from making consoles this would be a neat solution. After all their existing controllers are all Bluetooth, so all they'd need to do is port games from Wii/Wii U to tvOS; might not even need any mods to the controllers.



Sean_Aaron commented on Rumours and Speculation Stir Over Potential In...:

Damn I didn't realise about the AirPlay streaming for games. Gotta try playing Pinball Arcade on my partners AppleTV tomorrow. Even though I'm already having a Mac Mini connected to my TV for films the game streaming thing is tempting considering how cheap the low-end AppleTV is. I have a Horipad already which works great with RYPE 1&2 and the new Geometry Wars game. Just have to see how the streaming works.

Having tried streaming it leaves a lot to be desired. For classic arcade games and stuff like Pinball Arcade it's just as bad as connecting using an HDMI adapter. Unless the content is optimised for external displays the split-second lag on the external display is very noticeable. Geometry Wars3 was playable, but I expect the only game in town will be apps that run natively on tvOS or have been tweaked for external output rather than iOS mirroring.



Sean_Aaron commented on Update on the Way to Make Wheels Round Again i...:

I'm surprised to hear there would be any issues for eShop titles running from external HD. Most if them are small enough that the entire game should be able to be loaded into main memory before executing. This title is less than 1GB if I remember correctly - anyone know how much system resources are available for game use?



Sean_Aaron commented on Chieftain Bob Meets Gunman Clive, You Won't Be...:

This is great as is the amazing hypocracy in so many comments. This character element is far less offensive than stuff like the smooch of victory at the end of Double Dragon or reward sex in many recent games - THAT is being forced upon you; this is just an ending you can skip.



Sean_Aaron commented on Some Western Splatoon Players Would Prefer Not...:

@MegaWatts that's been my finding as well though I've not played for a couple of months and really need to pick it up again. You get a team that knows to paint where painting is needed and not just go for the enemy side and you do well. You get with people that never look at the map or use their specials tactically and it turns out badly.



Sean_Aaron commented on Amazon Now Offering Nintendo Games For Direct ...:

I have in the past had Amazon credit from gift cards and wished I could at least buy some eShop credit via a card from them, but that's not been the case that I've seen - unlike the old Wii points cards. In addition to that if I'm reading the instructions correctly it appears the content is also sent to your device, meaning if your Wii U is configured to do updates in standby, you could be out and about, buy a retail release and come home hours later to find it waiting to be played. That's worth it right there!

If this rolls out in the UK I would totally use it to get games remotely.



Sean_Aaron commented on GAME Confirms Shovel Knight amiibo:

That looks cool. There's some logo in the right hand corner that suggests it's part of a different series so maybe Nintendo is planning a series of amiibo for indie game characters? A Commander Video one would be awesome! I've actually skipped Shovel Knight, but all this focus is causing me to reconsider...



Sean_Aaron commented on Next Wave Of Super Smash Bros. amiibo Now Avai...:

I got two for my partner's kids. Given how late it was I think either stock issues aren't what they were or people aren't jumping on them like they used to. The Nintendo UK store also seems to have stock on many that were impossible to find before (could have saved ten quid on Pac-Man had I been more patient), so I've ordered Captain Falcon and Bowser (Smash) as well, mainly for the Mario Kart Mii outfits (so sad).



Sean_Aaron commented on Feature: The Unexpected Legacy of Wii Music:

Wii Music was fun, but failed to live up to its full potential - a potential I think could be realised on Wii U with its expanded storage and better networking. I collaborated with other NL members on creating pieces in Wii Music in spite of the limitations of the system and the app. I'd love to see a sequel and it would be nice if it was on Wii U, but you know, a Wii Music sequel on NX that delivered the goods might just sell that machine to me...