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Re: WiiWare microtransactions - good or bad thing?


Having had and XBOX 360 since launch date (well, minus the weeks without it when getting it replaced, which has been 4 times to date), I find that ultimately these downloadable content add ons are either a good thing, or just plain bad. Bad has to be the example of most, if not all EA products. Basically they find the reason to get customers to pay for "keys" to unlock cheats, extras and so on in their games via XBOX Live marketplace. Infact the last EA game I bought, the latest need for speed game, would let you pay MS points to unlock features in the game you could already unlock the further you progressed in single player campaign. That is pure BS for anyone to do, but EA like to squeeze that profit margin up all the way.

Other games do stand on a positive ground with DLC, and games like HALO 3 with its level making DLC recently add a whole new dimensionn to that game. And I do want more additional items to add to games like SSBB to make levels more interesting, and more actual levels made by the game developer.

Wiiware DLC will only be as good as the game it is made for. Unfortunately, like XBLA there will be much crap made on Wiiware as there is for MS's cash cow. But the difference here is that maybe Wiiware will be more accessible to all gamers. Some original content on XBLA is too advanced for a wider audience, or so I find. But again, the way Nintendo have their internet experience, they need to really overhaul it for any DLC to seem worthwhile. I think MS have more than shown that people are willing to pay for a smooth interaction for online gaming and communication with friends. No codes there, just point and click method. Nintendo need to seriously bring the Wii into that kind of market, because the Wii is such a great gaming machine, and I think many hardcore gamers will appreciate what they have done with SSBB and its online gaming experience. But we need simple friend gaming experience, voice communication, and even video communication. Sony don't know how to do it properly, but MS do. Nintendo need to get with the times.