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Sun 28th April, 2013

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Sceptic commented on Nintendo Download: 17th April (Europe):

Don't worry, I just don't buy them at those fantasy prices. Yes, I feel a dollar or two would be more in line with the actual value they provide and add more value to the whole VC concept from a consumer perspective, but nintendo is all about the milking these days.

They'd rather rip off a hundred people real good than sell it to ten thousand at a decent price. That's their loss IMO, but I guess this way they can go back to their board meetings and talk about how priceless their IP still is. Certainly not in revenue, but in valuation.



Sceptic commented on Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Could Have Been ...:

bs free Nintendo said that about the resolution, in a lucid moment, I presume. But I don't really care, I just found the quip about 720p somewhat ironic given the circumstances.

"nintendo are a bs free zone in the industry" is certainly a good one though. Iwata kind of redefined the term this last year.



Sceptic commented on Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Could Have Been ...:

@arkady77: Rather, you should double check the native resolutions of 'brand new' games like Donkey Kong: Tropial Freeze. (psst, it's 720p upscaled.)

But as a true fan of course you don't care as long as it's published by Nintendo, which is why they love to screw us over. (But you would curse any third party dev as "lazy" and "inept" for the same thing and refuse to buy it.)



Sceptic commented on Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Could Have Been ...:

I'm glad Ninteno stayed true to themselves and didn't let their own incompetence stand in the way of other people's well deserved success. But Nintendo wouldn't recognize a business opportunity if it trashed their board room table. They're too busy reskinning the 90s in 720p for us.



Sceptic commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Major Wii U Retail T...:

@WillhamBoyGeniu: Arguably that's precisely why they do. Take me for example. I expect those first-party titles to be more bland, overpriced rehashes of games I played half a decade or more ago. A demo may show me something different, but until then, 'Sochi' was all I needed to convince me that what good was coming to the WiiU wasn't going to be coming from Nintendo.



Sceptic commented on Monolith Soft's X Combat is Shown Off, Based o...:

Please tell me you can turn those overlay HP sprites off. Why do they deface such an obviously fantastic looking game like that? Seems to be a japanese thing. They make a beautiful game, then clutter the screen with overlays to the point where you can barely see it.

Other than that, this looks very promising.



Sceptic commented on Talking Point: The Watch_Dogs Wii U Delay Demo...:

@Chi: I'm referring for example to the claim that (I'm sure you can dig up the quote) 'great things' were just around the corner. Nothing came. Not 'less than great things', but just nothing.

But yeah, maybe "lies" is a bit harsh. Let's call it 'fantasy'. Like their sales projections.

@bizcuthammer: Very true.



Sceptic commented on Talking Point: The Watch_Dogs Wii U Delay Demo...:

@Chi: The Nintendo faithful finally took being screwed over and lied to over and over again a little personally. That has become the new indelible mark of Nintendo. If there's humor anywhere then the laugh is obviously on us.

I mean just look at their efforts to restore consumer confidence after that catastrophic hit it took when they had to renege on the lies they'd been feeding us for the last year: Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Because that is all they have right now.

Of course they're not doomed, but if nothing else, then the last weeks have made it quite clear that we, the stupid suckers that already gave them our money, are very last on their priority list.



Sceptic commented on Nintendo Download: 13th February (Europe):

Spin the Bottle is actually a great family game. I bought it on a whim due to the sale and we surprisingly spent almost two hours with it.

Certainly isn't much else these days. Way to keep the faith alive, Nintendo.



Sceptic commented on Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter...:

It's barely worth $40. It's very generic and a confusing menu and control system: Half gamepad/half wiimote. Some need the gamepad, some require a wiimote, even for the gamepad player. Very lame.

The family actually hated pretty much all of it. Warned me off buying anything similar for the future.



Sceptic commented on Soapbox: A Monster Hunter Obsession, and Why t...:

I admit I only played the WiiU demo, but I just couldn't get into it. I had been playing Skyrim for half a year or so and the primitive visuals and cramped maps totally turned me off, while the mechanics seemed an odd combination of crude AI and convoluted mechanics.

I can see the satisfaction in mastering something hard and I usually love that, but MH3U just didn't make me want to bother. When the european eShop gets a comparable discount to NA I'll be getting it and giving it another try. I hear so much good about the game, I just didn't see even a hint of it when I tried it.



Sceptic commented on Satoru Iwata Talks Down Wii U Price Cut Prospe...:

@XFsWorld: Yeah but so what. Build your install base, then expand on that with quality games. Right now they're trying to do both at the same time, all the while maintaining their huge profit margins, and achieving neither, meaning it's all just on paper.



Sceptic commented on Satoru Iwata Talks Down Wii U Price Cut Prospe...:

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

So now after the 3D World wasn't exactly a system seller they're all-in on Mario Kart and Smash Bros. to sell their console for them? And it will work because they'll "encourage players to invite others"? Wow. Just, wow.

And their supposed focusing on the gamepad as a unique value proposition? Like they just discovered the gamepad or something? I mean, what we've seen so far is - or so I certainly hope - their best effort. How will the same clowns come up with new tricks when new tricks is precisely where they have failed consistently?

Iwata needs to go because his leadership is an epic failure. Miamoto needs to go because creatively they've been dead in the water all through the WiiU development and release and it certainly look like 2014 will be more of the same.

No really, it's hopeless with these guys.



Sceptic commented on Poll: Have Your Say on Satoru Iwata's Nintendo...:

I just can't imagine that the company that so royally messed up their flagship console in the crudest way can now suddenly go all Steve Jobs. Especially that talk about "focusing on the Gamepad" sounds like the same hot air we were served a year ago about "it's all about content, stupid" (which turned out to be true but not in the way they thought). Their track record shows they barely have any ideas at all for the WiiU gamepad, what changed?

Also, with their licensing adjustment they may suddenly have to wake up to the idea that people are just not that into their IP anymore. While everybody and their grandma plays and thus knows angry birds, the Luigi-savvy are a dying breed.

But we'll see.



Sceptic commented on Feature: Breaking Down What Nintendo's QOL Pla...:

@scrubbyscum999: I sure hope you're right. But I have yet to read of anybody - I mean anybody - even remotely making sense of what he portrayed as 'The Great Nintendo Rebound Plan'.

It sounds like another utter misinterpretation of the past WiiFit success and a lot of delusion. But hey, we'll see. I'd like to see some actual concepts and plans though, not more "please, unterstand."



Sceptic commented on Satoru Iwata States That Nintendo Should "Aban...:

Hiroshi Yamauchi would tell you to fall on your sword.

He certainly has been carrying a lot of air this past year. Not sure it's one of confidence though.

I mean, they can't even manage a unified account system and now they're building their strategy on something they don't even have up and running yet?



Sceptic commented on Feature: Breaking Down What Nintendo's QOL Pla...:

"Leapfrog strategy" is just a buzzword. There is no "non wearable" blue ocean beyond "wearable". If there is (or was), then we already have had it for at least a decade. And it came before mobiles and wearables. Remember when fitness sites were just that? Before Endomodo and MyFitnessCoach and what not. Non wearable!

They are just trying to glaze over is the fact that they have nothing to offer the current big and evolving trends which are mobile and wearable hard and software, so they're acting like that's some brilliant business move.

"Non wearable" sounds exactly like the encumbrance that it is.

The man is insane. Somebody needs to stop him.



Sceptic commented on Iwata And Miyamoto Both Take Pay Cuts In Respo...:

Yeah, roughing it by reducing your salary for a measly five months is a real gesture when you've pulverized two billion in market value and jeopordized your company's future. Top lad, this Iwata.

A gesture would have been to reduce his salary until he can show he's turned things around. A gesture would have been to just step down. This so called gesture is just a Machiavellian propaganda trick, and not even a clever one at that.



Sceptic commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

All you really need to know about the future of the gamepad is in DK:TF.

Seriously. A first party flagship title - that has local multiplayer at that - that makes no use of it at all. It's just black. Total resignation. What more is there to say?



Sceptic commented on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Reduced to $19.99 on...:

Ironically this discount is why I'm definitely going to pass on the European version until the price is at least roughly in the same ball park. If capcom values it at $20 on a discount why are they asking us for more than twice that on our 'discount' (250%!)? Because we're suckers I guess.

It helps of course that I'd only be buying to figure out what the hype is about. I hated the demo, but everybody keeps saying there's more. I'll pay anything under $30 to find out, but not $50.



Sceptic commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

I'd like to say 'keep it' but I can't name one single game except nintendoland that really uses it. Most games actually play worse with the gamepad than any other controller (MH3, Planes, Trine2, The Cave and any shooter).

It's a great 'deluxe' feature but should not be marketed as part of the core system. It has failed, as a feature, seeing as even Nintendo doesn't know how to use it in a ming-blowing way.



Sceptic commented on Preview: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze:

@unrandomsam: Never had a problem with 30fps if it's stable at that rate.

But upscaling a game from 720p you're marketing as 'full HD' just sounds like more corner cutting. Like they ran into the performance wall kind of early there.

An upscaled DVD isn't Bluray.



Sceptic commented on Preview: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze:

$75 is the retail price where I live. Yes, I agree. It's ridiculous.

Graphics look only slightly better than on my three year old Android tablet.

Maybe because it's only 720p natively.

On the up side, it makes Rayman, Giana Sisters and Trine 2 look like they're next gen or something.



Sceptic commented on Nintendo "Confident" in PC Box Anti-Piracy Cas...:

People should be allowed to do what they want with the hardware they purchased. There were it is being used to pirate copyrighted material, it should be stopped, but only there.

Other than that, Nintendo should invest more money in developing games, instead of legal fees fighting of perceived threats to their IPs.



Sceptic commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's 'Relevance' Is Abou...:

@Falco: Absolutely. Greed and Arrogance killed the WiiU. They thought they could milk the Wii-suckers with another round of the same low cost/high margin cookie-cutter games, but people saw through it. For that, they deserve what they're getting.

Even 'epic' titles like Wind Waker got absolutely minimal effort from nintendo. They even admitted it only took them six months to port (but a year to release?), and that's including the 'delay' because they "underestimated" the work required to port it to HD (think about that!). In other words, they thought they could pull it off for even less than that.

The ever-delayed Donkey Kong game is going to be the next one to bomb. I look at the trailer and I keep having to remind myself it's supposed to be a full blown $70 game on a living room console, not a $4 tablet time-waster. It's like watching an elderly street artist draw unicorns.



Sceptic commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's 'Relevance' Is Abou...:

WiiU wasn't a bold decision. It was incredibly vain and arrogant. And then they tried to puff it up with lies and hot air ("soon", "just wait", "patience", blabla), a scheme the market obviously saw through a lot better than I did back then.

How are the same clowns that so stubbornly refused to see the emperor had no clothes right up until the very end going to improve the situation?

I'm totally with @Caryslan. They are way out of their depth here and the game is over. It's too late.

What they can still try to compete with is the nVidia Shield and the likes. Let the WiiU die quietly five years from now and bring out the controller as a mobile device.



Sceptic commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

@kereke12: It's a crimimnal offense to knowingly mislead your shareholders and the stock market like that. They had no choice now but to make the correction they ethically - and quite probably legally - should already have made last September.

They would argue they were hoping for a Christmas Miracle but frankly they didn't have much factual basis for that hope.

That is probably also why they made the WiiU price cut effective when it was (instead of immediately), so that they could further claim the Q2 numbers were 'improving' at the end of September (remember the "300% increase" claim?) and thus the projections didn't warrant adjusting. The whole thing reeks. Very questionable business ethics at best.



Sceptic commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

@Tritonus: What I mean is I won't be buying a 'WiiU Sequel Console' from Nintendo until they prove they are able and willing to make it a winner (which is doubly hard now that they utterly failed the few people that trusted them on this one).

I have zero trust in Nintendo at this point. They just don't get it, and not only that, they sweet-talk, lie and deny until the very last possible moment, as this sales episode made painfully clear. Remember all that talk about "super secret fantastic stuff"? All that "you wil be amazed, just wait"? All that "we have great things we unfortunately can't talk about yet"? All that 'magical fantastic content' obviously simply doesn't exist.

Of course there are some good games for WiiU, but they're not worth owning a WiiU for.



Sceptic commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

Ah, it's all in the wording isn't it? Nintendo is not doomed, because even if they layed off everybody tomorrow they could make a proft with their IP.

As for the WiiU, it's not doomed either. It's obviously pretty much dead. Maybe Nintendo will dream up some new concept for the next round, but this gamer for one will be steering well clear of anything Nintendo after this debacle.



Sceptic commented on Notch "Not Aware of Any Plans" for Minecraft o...:

Minecraft has taken over just about all gaming time for my kids for the last nine months or so. Pikmin 3, for one, still sits at level one while they both hack and stack away at their castles and villages, and no indication of that changing.

I really can't think of a more 'family compatible' game than Minecraft.



Sceptic commented on Nintendo Acknowledges Network Issues and Sugge...:

@Webby-sama: Yeah, it really is ridiculous to expect Nintendo to act like a present day customer-focused company.

You sell a product with certain functionality. When your product fails to work as advertized, you lose consumer confidence. A rationally acting company tries to restore consumer confidence in their brand by doing something positive to make them forget the negative experience that is now directly associated witht heir brand.

You see, it's so that next time when their customers talk about their WiiU to a friend, it will be a more positive story than how the eShop was out for three days.

Does that vaguely make sense?

Come on, we're not even talking about some innocent "sorry, our servers are currently unavailable". We're talking actual system crashes and serious sounding stuff like "Error Core: 112-1154. Your system will now shut down. If the problem persists, please contact your service representative". That is more than just a few servers that are unavailable.



Sceptic commented on Nintendo Acknowledges Network Issues and Sugge...:

Whichever way you look at it, this is an epic fail for Nintendo. And yeah, IIRC this happened last year too and for several lengthy periods during the year (but thanks to the random error messages I had no idea where the problem was).

But who's surprised. Nintendo have turned denial into a business plan. I'm sure the first report from the server farm admins was "no, our servers are just fine, thank you very much."

@PinkSpider: It's called consumer confidence.