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i bored of nintendo games and i want to sell my wii u.

Sun 23rd Feb 2014

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sasoriobi commented on Bayonetta 2 Director Eager to "Nurture" the Se...:

"Personally, I don't feel like we've reached the next generation yet only because gaming still feels segregated and the only innovations have come from Nintendo's control schemes. Give me a game that connects gamers all over the world no matter what platform they play on sand then I'll acknowledge the next generation of gaming has arrived" sorry but the ps4 and xbox one are real next gen conosles but are current gen. the wii u is just a current gen console with terrible cpu performence, terrible disc reader/ speed spin, out dated 2009 gpu and a gimmick gamepad that doesn't really add anything new but just a paper wheight and destriactions in most games like tekken tag tournament wii u edition. next gen is here but that wii u is not a part of it because it doesn't even have ps3/xbox360 features nor any of the ps4/xbox one features. why is wii u based off of powerpc while x86 allows more gpu power to be used in games.



sasoriobi commented on Digital Foundry Pins Down Mario Kart 8's Resol...:

i remember when they were braging how wii u has more 1080p/60fps games than xbox one and ps4. lol digital foundary pretty much confirmed wii u is last gen. even i own a wii u, i'll not even buy mario kart 8 because its a generic rehash as mario kart 7 and wii. its funny how ubisoft was able to make rayman legends run 1080p/60fps but nintendo cant even run their on 2d platformers and other games 1080p. it pretty shows nintendo lazy efforts in games. other reason why am skipping the game is just the pathetic character rosterm, water down battle mode, lame online multiplayer that can even run voice chat and graphics.