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Mon 9th Nov 2009

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SaqBalam commented on Features: NES Characters, Then and Now: Part One:

That evolution it´s also apply to the other characters in those games. But, if you are speaking about playable characters, i think you have to include Princess Peach, Megaman, Fox Mccloud, Captain Falcon, Picachu and even Princess Zelda (Sheik)



SaqBalam commented on Nicalis Wants You to Know Cave Story DSiWare M...:

Hey! I know that we are talking about music here... but, where did you get that incredible artwork? That isn´t the actual gameplay... it looks so great!! I have check the Nicalis site and i saw some amazing images in there too. Are these part of the things they plan to improve with the next patch? Or it is just a bug-fixing? (I have my fingers crossed)



SaqBalam commented on Wanted: Your Memories of GoldenEye N64:

In single player, in the "Dam" level, there was nothing as take the sniper rifle an do some headshots. One bullet, one man. Even better, if they were running at you tring to shoot you. Slug heads!! Don´t you know? I´m invincible!!

Of course, there was the all-night-long round with my friends, shooting each other merciless and saying a lot of expressions like the ones you heard from Duke Nukem. **Sigh** I have something in my eye...