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Wed 6th May, 2009

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SanderEvers commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

@Jayvir Nintendolife really easily gives high scores. For instance, a 9/10 for Skylanders Swap Force. Which I have on my PS4 and I really don't feel any real connection with the game. It's boring.

This, however, looks like awesome fun. Also the only downsides are minor technical issues. No, I still go for the 9/10 for this game. Nintendolife still dissapointed me by thinking it's a Legend of Zelda game. It's not. It's a Warriors game, that uses some Legend of Zelda characters.

But I will give my final review once I played it.



SanderEvers commented on Sakurai Explains Reasoning Behind Removal Of I...:

@MasterGraveheart They could've done that, but they didn't see the need to. Ice Climbers is an old game and most younger people don't know what it was.

It is sad that they removed them. But hey, it's not like there aren't enough chars in there.

And the 3DS version NEEDED to have the same rooster or they wouldn't be able to sell Amiibo for those extra characters and the 3DS version wouldn't sell this good.



SanderEvers commented on Nintendo Advert Confirms November 21st Launch ...:

@rjejr They don't say the date is incorrect, they just don't say it's the correct date. Because that would count as an official announcement of the date. Which this still isn't. So the date could be 21st of november. Or any other in the next 3 months :p

They said it's a mistake. Not that it's incorrect ;)



SanderEvers commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Will Suppor...:

There are NO official Nintendo games for the 3DS that support the CPP. It's just a device for Capcom's MH3 and a few shooters. Get over it.

(Kid Icarus only supports one analog stick, it supports the CPP only for left handed players)



SanderEvers commented on Retro City Rampage: DX Will Benefit From Addit...:


above. But why so pessimistic in the fist place ?
What if the additional NEW 3DS controlls are infact interpreted as a permanent CPP, just pretending to be infrared signal and therefore, also working with CPP enabled games ? Thus RCR would just need an update, that was already in the works but was ultimately scratched,

It's already confirmed that SSB won't work with the CPP. So there goes that theory. And it would be possible, but the 3DS has only ONE IR adapter, which would be useless if an API is using it.

The same goes to the GC adapter. Whats so implausible about the fact that this adapter will be interpreted as native controller ports

Possible but I don't really know if the GC controls of the Wii are internally connected by USB. If so, it's possible. Otherwise both the Wii firmware and the games need to be updated.

It's all possible, but very unlikely.
Also, I'm realistic. Not pessimistic.



SanderEvers commented on Retro City Rampage: DX Will Benefit From Addit...:

@shibbyduckegg A "special cartridge", do you know how stupid that sounds?

Simple facts.
1. A cartridge holds an image of a game.
2. A download from the eShop is also an image of a game.
3. The 3DS has a set of APIs which games use to communicate with the device.
4. A game can be updated to support additional APIs.
5. A Wii U cannot play Wii games, a Wii U running the Wii Mode is actually a Wii.
6. Nintendo needs to update the Wii mode to add additional controllers like the Wii U Pro Controller or the USB GameCube controller, since the Wii doesn't have APIs to support those. All games also needs to be updated to add support for these controllers. And updates are rare for Wii games. (Except WiiWare)

The image of 1 and 2 is exactly the same. Combine 3 and 4 and see how this is possible.

@Noelemahc Almost correct. The CCP API uses IR, the N3DS controls don't use IR. So: does ExternalController.Slider exist on a N3DS? No.