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Sakura commented on Nintendo Download: 26th March (Europe):

@andrea987 I did say that I know it's crap! But it does give free exploration of the village and the demo gives you only one minigame so hard to judge the whole thing. Was hoping for a deeper discount or to get the cart cheap on Ebay, but will have to import. Rareness might keep the price relatively high. Still probably like that more than Monster Hunter or Smash. I really cannot see what the fuss is about there and am going to flog.



Sakura commented on Nintendo Download: 26th March (Europe):

I fancy Adventure Bar Story and Trine. There's Asterix too, which reminds me of childhood etc, but the humour doesn't always compensate for poor gameplay. Exploring the Gaullish village though... I'd normally hold out for a cheap cartridge, but wait, it's not being sold as a cartridge game here! Does that mean it's really bad or just that the UK doesn't really do Asterix?



Sakura commented on New Nintendo 3DS Exploit Makes Japanese System...:

Unfortunately, because it is a pain for consumers, Nintendo does see region-locking as one of its tools against piracy. Piracy is still massive for Nintendo. That's part of the reason that some companies don't like to develop games for Nintendo systems. Back in the days of GTA: China Town Wars, there were millions of players online and yet only a few hundred thousand copies of the game sold. All the rest were on those illegal flashcarts. Now everybody has to pay. Yay!



Sakura commented on Nintendo Teases Cross-Platform Club Nintendo S...:

Welcome, but a little too soon to be announcing new platforms when they only just released the N3DS!!! Is that what NOA is referring to when they talk of not confusing consumers? "Look at this new device! Oh no, not that one, this new one here!" I'll be happier when a date is confirmed, 18 months to a couple of years for the NX please. Not bothered about games on mobile devices. Nintendo has to get that share really. As long as they still produce great games for their own hardware too, I'll still buy them. I kind of trust they will.



Sakura commented on Video: This Harmless Exploit Will Help You Gra...:

When the hell does the EU get any special miis that can be exploited in a cheat like this????? You can set up a special mii as your streetpass mii really easily without any illegal flashcart or anything that supports piracy. So, until we actually get special miis I'll be carrying my console with me so everyone can get the special mii hit! Not what Nintendo wants probably, but tough! That's what happens when you give us what, 12, and everyone else at least 4 times more. Note that turning your mii special doesn't get you all the pink pieces so you cannot distribute them unless you have them already.

To some it's cheating. To others, it's using initiative to get what you otherwise cannot in any other manner.



Sakura commented on Weirdness: The Mail on Sunday Still Thinks We'...:

Well, since when did anyone at The Mail group of newspapers ever actually do any proper research... all they ever have is a biased diatribe about what they consider "Benefits Britain" that appeals especially to the, let's face it, not all that bright, aspiring working class. Hardly any true journalistic or other insight at all. Helping to direct the prejudices of any poor sod unlucky enough to come across it. It's not like they dig deep into issues. Sure, you can find out which celebrity is doing what or not to another and how everyone in the entire world is responsible for everything except the people reading their utter drivel. It's not a newspaper, it's a party political broadcast on behalf of the uninformed, posing as authoritative journalism. What I want to know is who the hell was reading that in the first place to be able to report on it here..? Shred it!



Sakura commented on Talking Point: It's Time for a Nintendo Direct...:

I'd like to know what the hidden accomplishments are in the mii plaza. No-one has confirmed yet with evidence getting over 90 000 hits so I hope to god it's not just that. I've been wondering if it's not something to do with amiibo and they might finally open up accomplishments 55-64 when the adapter for old consoles is released.

Apart from that, pretty much all of the above.



Sakura commented on Go The Whole Hog With This Amazing SNES New Ni...:

Ah yes, but I still want the best of both worlds! My hands are small and womanly because I'm a small woman so no surprise there. The XL is just that bit too big to be entirely comfortable. But I do like the res for the VC games now I know about select. If I were to keep the XL I'd definitely go with some skins. I don't think I can though. Won't be able to afford any games if I do! Glad to at least have the choice in Europe. It might have been a real turn-off if I were told I was only capable of understanding the choice between a red or black XL, the choice of the smaller models providing a layer of complexity my tiny brain couldn't deal with! At least NOA distributes the Special Miis though! Another one today. That makes, what, 4 times as many at least than we've had. Well, Nintendo I hacked my old toad console with that retail game to put a special mii on that and now I'm all sorted. My one and only venture into anything remotely naughty, but really not caring. Sometimes I don't understand their decisions. Nintendo are brilliant, just not cohesively so.



Sakura commented on Go The Whole Hog With This Amazing SNES New Ni...:

@Farpun Thanks! I didn't know you could do that - press select on launch. Not sure that it will make me change my mind though because although that is way better on screen!!!, the size of my hands can't be changed and the XL is a bit unwieldy. And a fingerprint nightmare. And it's black. A red one might be alright, but that's not EU. And I can't change the look of the console easily. And it doesn't fit neatly into my bag... A real shame about the res on VC games though. If I had unlimited funds, then I might just have one of each. Can't justify that though and anyway, I'd have to have 2 sets of data because NNID etc can't easily be changed across consoles. I'll have to put up with the slightly less beautiful graphics for VC and DS :( It actually doesn't bother me unless I can see the direct comparison on the XL so the sooner I flog it, the better. Can't help wondering why Nintendo didn't just combine all the good features into one console... a white not-quite-so-big XL with changeable faceplaces, SNES buttons.. hmmm You're absolutely right though, the XL is better for retro when you use the select button...



Sakura commented on Go The Whole Hog With This Amazing SNES New Ni...:

ubercool! ordered! There are already skins for N3DSXL, mainly on Etsy and Ebay US. The coverplates are an awesome idea. I absolutley love how I can so easily change the whole look of the console. Bought both regular and XL at launch and will sell XL as extra screen size not mattering and actually smaller screen better for retro games (VC, Ambassador GBA and some nds carts)



Sakura commented on Feature: Why We're Still Playing... Monster H...:

I still don't understand the makes me feel sick with all the jarring camera turns etc, but then I do have a balance problem so that'll be why. However, good to see others having a blast with this. And the cover plates are pretty rad even if I don't like the game itself.



Sakura commented on First Passcode Released for Pokémon Shuffle:

I sure was wondering what those passcode options were. Problem solved! I've played on 2 consoles, slightly different tactics. It is easier, from my experience, to catch all the pokemon as they appear rather than carry on without catching them. They make a massive difference in later battles, more so than the levels of pokemon chosen, although some later pokes can be fab at the earlier ones too, but they don't tend to be too far ahead in the order they appear ingame.



Sakura commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Off...:

Already gone before I knew anything about it! Shame. Still waiting for bonus Smash CD. The promo info has disappeared from my Club Nintendo account banner. Mew still there though.

I'd really like some games to be put on there, VC and full retail games.



Sakura commented on New amiibo Stock for Villager, Captain Falcon ...:

It's a hard task for Nintendo to make enough amiibo to meet demand, but not over-produce what is essentially a bit of plastic with not much actual game play for what are short-lived gaming systems. People are already excited that there could be a new console design unveiled at E3. So how many years are these things going to be valid for? Will they be compatible with any new console? Over-production could be a disaster. Sitting with a satisfied smile though, thinking of scalpers losing money on stock they imported when costs were very high and now won't gain them a profit. Ahh, shame!



Sakura commented on 3DS System Update Shuts Off Web Browser Exploi...:

Not bothered about shut down of hacks, though certainly region-locking needs to go. You could buy an import system if you're that bothered though. Want to play retro games? Buy a retro console. For other hacks, it's about cheating in game (too dumb or lazy to do it the proper way? and there's AR) or deliberate fraud to get games and content for free. Gold pants mii hack is useful since Nintendo do not release them, but did that without an illegal flashcard. A way to back up game data would be good too. Yeah, games locked to NNID and can be redownloaded to a new console if stolen, dies in a fire etc. But what about the hours put in on Pokemon games and streetpass etc? I want that data kept safe. So, Nintendo, we need a proper account system and the removal of region locking. I hate scumbag pirates, but you could combat piracy by providing the (legitimate) things your consumer base is clamouring after as well as by shutting down hacks.



Sakura commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Eon Ticke...:

And I played through that awful cave, where a wild pokemon appears every two steps, for an hour in GAME Birmingham on the Eon release ticket day! All that effort and now it's a code? Hmph!

Does show that the StreetPass relays still aren't good enough in some parts of the world. And StreetPass can be one of the best elements of the 3DS. That's Nintendo though. Great promise, poor delivery in some respects. Recipe for frustration.



Sakura commented on Xenoblade Chronicles 3D HOME Theme Emerges, Fr...:

@Bushido_Fai Thanks! Japanese import looks like it's the only way to go. I don't think there's any difference in amiibo from different regions except the packaging. I assume there's some code stored in the base in some kind of binary or other computer type language and that it simply communicates something to the game in that binary computer language (or whatever it is) to activate locked content. Doesn't matter then what region the game is from and all the amiibo can be the same.

That's how it works in my head, anyway...



Sakura commented on Talking Point: The Limited Edition Battle With...:

I hope Walmart doesn't get enough stock to supply pre-orders. Then, to fulfill orders, scalpers have to buy from other scalpers at an even higher cost. That would be karma indeed.

Go on, Nintendo, cancel the exclusivity deal and sell directly! Prove you're on the side of your customers and are not willing to subsidize the exploitative profiteers. Willing to bet people would pay twice the rrp to get it from you, instead giving money away to scalpers.



Sakura commented on Xenoblade Chronicles 3D HOME Theme Emerges, Fr...:

Shulk amiibo unlocks some stuff too! If anyone could only find a Shulk... The fact that there are no bundles with him is not reassuring. Just gives extra tokens for character models and music tracks that can be bought. it says. So is that a discount if you have Shulk amiibo? Is the extra content otherwise available? How much, because £53 is expensive even if it does come with faceplates and a theme? I'd be much happier if the amiibo was included at that price.



Sakura commented on Club Nintendo in Japan is Full of Delightful T...:


Might even be tempted to get some stuff on Ebay if someone could let the Japanese know that it would be best not to have free shipping. When shipping is included in the purchase price, it means that something worth about £10 goes up to over the threshold for customs VAT so then I get stuck with say £17 cost (item and shipping), then £8 customs processing and then 20% of the £17. I'd rather pay £14 for an item and £6 shipping to avoid those unnecessary customs fees. Can't speak Japanese though...



Sakura commented on 3DS Browser Exploit Hackers Bypass Pokémon S...:

This is expressly to avoid paying for content so yeah, needs patching. Cheat devices and other hacks that do not involve the avoidance of paying for what you have in game are one thing, but something that exists just to avoid paying is not an okay use of any hacker's time, no matter how talented they may be. Might think it gains them kudos, but it's still not right.



Sakura commented on Sonic and Mega Man amiibo Available Again from...:

I was a bit miffed at the statement put out on Facebook about the release of wave 4 amiibo. Technically, they did say that Sonic and Mega Man, part of wave 4 amiibo, are out now, but it was worded as if all wave 4 amiibo are in shops now with Sonic and Mega Man being part of that range. Small, but significant distinction. I felt deceived, knowing that Shulk, Meta Knight and Dedede are not in stock anywhere. Doesn't really matter I suppose, but can't stand PR crapology.



Sakura commented on Gold Mario amiibo Set to Shine as Walmart Excl...:

There's no photo of an actual amiibo so hard to tell. Not really all that tempting a concept though. A bit showy/blingy/common/pretentious/unnecessary? Not sure what I mean, but not appealing. Some of the repainted amiibo on Etsy look way more inspired. Anything special about these amiibo in game? Think I can live without these.



Sakura commented on Nintendo of America's Damon Baker Explains the...:

Anyone know if there's a place where different firmware can be flashed to a new unit, EU on an NTSC console and vice versa?

Owning both a New 3DS and a New 3DS XL, I much prefer the smaller version as it's much more comfortable to hold and play. And the fingerprints that jump onto the XL's outside cover make it look cheap and beaten up. I'll be getting rid of the XL.



Sakura commented on Feature: The Heartwarming Tale of a Missing 3D...:

Good on her for doing the right thing! Humanity is often so inhumane, it's reassuring to find kindness and decency around.

A bit of a damning indictment on all societies that a kind and honest act is considered unusual though. I'm liking the sound of New Zealand.



Sakura commented on Nintendo Download: 19th February (Europe):

Also, there don't seem to be any Club Nintendo stars for Wii downloads. And the next wave of amiibo will be released on Friday so they also will be competing for my dosh this week.



Sakura commented on Nintendo's 'Stability' 3DS Update 9.5.0-22 Tak...:

I don't like piracy, but there are a couple of things that Nintendo could do to make it less tempting - remove region locking and release things worldwide. I used ninjhax (not piracy, but hacking) with the required game to install a gold pants mii on an old console in order to get the "ten special mii" accomplishment on my other consoles because Nintendo simply does not release enough special miis in the EU, about a quarter of the number in the US and gaps of 18 months between releases. I'd like to play the Animal Crossing photo app, but the EU doesn't even have Photos with Mario yet, so not hopeful about a release here. Still no Scribblenauts Unmasked. Sorely tempted to get a card to play, but will not. Can understand those who do though for such reasons. Consider myself law-abiding, but can still feel the temptation.



Sakura commented on Nintendo Shows Off Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's...:

Even with the most powerful electron microscope known to man, it would still be impossible for me to locate my interest in this game. Chase monsters, kill monsters, repeat, die of boredom. I'll be playing Majora's Mask, thank you.



Sakura commented on Video: See How The New Nintendo 3DS Compares T...:

Thanks for that! Already have the white regular and that is my favourite of them all. Will upgrade to an XL too, but will go for the black as opposed to the blue because I don't like the outside colour much - inside blue looks fine. Would have preferred red or white. May not have to wait that long anyway - a new design about every month.



Sakura commented on Hundreds of Limited Edition Majora's Mask New ...:

Not surprised by this, but disappointed in humanity. Always needing to take advantage to the detriment of others, then justifying with some spurious rhetoric about freedoms and seizing opportunities. It is exploiting the situation to pre-order limited stock with the sole intention of reselling immediately at an inflated price. That's Capitalism? Sounds more like profiteering to me.



Sakura commented on Poll: Which New Nintendo 3DS Will You be Buying?:

I don't really like the MMN3DS XL. gasp It's too showy/blingy for me. I really like the white N3DS, which I already have. I don't understand why it isn't being released in the US. "'Cos we decided not to" is not an acceptable explanation. Not just the firmware that's region-locked - Nintendo is not global, it's 3 separate regional companies :(

But the name is ridiculous in whatever region - search for "New 3DS" and you get all 3DS consoles ever released - they are new, but they're not the "New 3DS".

I really like the embossed faceplates so have pre-ordered those. Would have liked a red XL too, but no go here in the UK. A bit crappy all round really, but particularly crappy for those in the US who wanted the regular and have no options at all for it. How's that for expanding consumer choice?



Sakura commented on Hands On: We Check Out The New Nintendo 3DS XL :

If they don't think they'll sell as many, why not simply produce fewer of the regular-sized model? They could use the same production run as for other regions - it's just the firmware and packaging that's different, isn't it? Cover plates could then be imported. Really wish Ninty would act with more transparency and coherency. Nintendo presents itself as a global company, but it operates as 3 distinct regional companies. They seem to be oblivious that people from all over the world talk to each other! I really like my regular white N3DS, but would go with a red XL also if it were available in the EU.

I have an email from Nintendo asking for my experiences as a Nintendo customer. Now, how to be tactful...



Sakura commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:

I'd like to know WHY they let different territories make such vastly different decisions. Maybe there are sound economic reasons, but they never tell us. I also fail to see how witholding products from certain regions when demand is apparent can be good for customer relations. Thinking especially about the Club Nintendo sites here - if it's free, then claiming things won't sell will not wash. I would like to see a fairer worldwide business approach. Abandoning region locking would eliminate much of this, it would seem.



Sakura commented on New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed for 13...:

@rjejr In previous generations I believe that generalisation is probably correct :) The regular n3DS has screens that are slightly bigger so it doesn't feel as much of a downgrade as I suspected, so we'll have to wait and see for this generation. If anything, the (original) 3DS XL now feels clunky, but I don't know about the n3DS XL. I expect the XL model might outsell the regular in all regions because of the bigger screens, though the real bonus is extended battery life for me.

I'm not keen on the 2DS design either. I wonder if in Japan the market was already considered saturated? I think the 2DS is aimed as a budget model for emerging markets. Gaming does tend to be about a third more expensive in Europe compared to the US so that might account for an EU release, but not sure why they bothered in the US unless to tap into emerging South American markets.

For the n3DS releases, I wonder if they are testing the Western markets in the EU to see whether it would be worth it for the US or perhaps whether it is a simple stock issue. I do wish they'd unify decisions a bit more and explain the decisions they take. Variation across regions is crazy and decisions are baffling at times.

As for the charger, could not including one be an eco move? Less fuel for transport because the package weighs less, less packaging (conveniently missing the point that chargers will have to be bought and sent seperately anyway)? These initiatives attract subsidies worldwide. The EU has had chargerless XLs from the beginning. US is just catching up. And, of course, it saves them money. All of their decisions are about maximising profit in the end, even if they do provide some fantastic experiences for consumers along the way.



Sakura commented on New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed for 13...:

@rjejr That makes a lot of sense, apart from the regular being just for kids! Hmm, thanks...:) It actually feels really good in my hands when I play and I really like the idea of keeping it fresh by changing the cover plates. Will keep it looking new too if there are any scratches, though I don't like many of the cover plate designs. Have always used a case protector on all my 3ds consoles, but that means I can't use the charging cradle and it covers up the design. I really want a white XL with cover plates!!!

@jos Cheers! I used the first code listed.



Sakura commented on Feature: Five Key Reveals We Want in 2015's Fi...:

@Tsurii897 The Club Nintendo account is linked to the Nnid and not the console so it makes no difference which console one is on once the nnid is registered. Anyway, have transferred everything and there is nothing in my Club Nintendo account so it would appear there isn't a mechanism to register a new console if an existing nnid is transferred to it :(



Sakura commented on Feature: Five Key Reveals We Want in 2015's Fi...:

@Tsurii897 Perhaps, but my NNID is already registered because I've had it on another system for ages so cannot be re-registered, which means that there's nothing for the new console unless a new account is created (which is against the EULA). Hoping for something more...



Sakura commented on Fresh Batch of New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Ema...:

@ZenTurtle @Peach64 You have some valid points there, but this is the chance to play a seriously sweeter system before general launch (which will be when?) and MH3 is compatible with the new c stick. Other games, smash esp, play better IMHO because it feels more responsive. Also, the face plates feature makes this the preferred model for some, despite the smaller screens. My XL feels clunky after having played on my imported faceplate edition. Wondering whether I'll bother with a new XL at all.