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Sakura commented on European Club Nintendo Has a Lovely Last Hurra...:

@Dogorilla It's already there! Bargain price of £49.99 plus shipping too, 3 available!

Easy to see how Club Nintendo is being abused and not at all surprised it's being changed. That system is far too easily exploitable and isn't rewarding fans as it should. Fair enough that Ebay provides products to more people than would normally have the chance to acquire them, but profit is clearly the main incentive and that's not at all how Club Nintendo intended to operate.



Sakura commented on The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth New 3DS Patch is...:

In Europe, so can't get yet on Nintendo platforms anyway. I hope they fix it completely, otherwise I may look into getting it on the vita or PC (3DS is my platform of choice, but there are some things you just can't get!)



Sakura commented on Shovel Knight amiibo Confirms "Evolving" Relat...:

I remember games being £30-40 twenty years ago. The majority are still £30-40, but inflation means they cost comparatively less. I wonder if some of the shift to merchandising is due to this, along with possible shrinking markets. Ultimately, I don't mind paying if the content is worth it in whatever form it takes. Making it worth it is the key though. I'd love Lego Dimensions, but to unlock all content, it would cost over £600 and that is simply not a good value game since I am not bothered one bit about the lego playsets. The same thing goes for Skylanders, Inifinity and those Animal Crossing cards. Shovel Knight though - yes, it does lock content behind the amiibo (so did Splatoon) - but it was a decently-priced game anyway and I feel, personally, that it's worth the cost, especially if I can get the amiibo from the Nintendo Store at £11 instead of £15 from GAME. I won't be sucked in by marketing though - I will never desire that large Mario in Mario Maker, and even though I really like the large Woolly Yoshi, I know it doesn't give me anything more than I have already. Companies are out there to make money - it's extremely important to be picky about what and where you buy.



Sakura commented on Bandai Namco's Project Treasure Is Now Called ...:

Reavers? Aren't they border raiders from near Scotland? Well, I suppose as they are lost, it's fine for them to turn up in an Egyptian tomb

It looks promising. I'm not sure I like online play though. The lag on Nintendo servers and disconnects from people who don't want to play anymore gets irritating after a while. I hope there's a single-player mode. I wonder if there will be voice chat - as much as is possible on the 3DS.



Sakura commented on GAME Confirms Shovel Knight amiibo:

@Ras @Damo Hmm, I may have given a slightly more in-depth explanation than was needed for an issue that's essentially unimportant!!! Language is my "thing", but English, especially British English, is less rule-bound than most, and so, is extremely flexible in its usage. It often doesn't matter all that much - babies and bananas aside, of course



Sakura commented on GAME Confirms Shovel Knight amiibo:

@Ras Both "confirm" and "confirms" are correct. It just depends on whether one considers the singular noun "GAME" to encompass the plurality of the company members or not. American English more often uses the singular with company entities, but British English is less precise in this instance - we will even use the singular one sentence and the plural the next.

Scroll down on that site for an explanation.

Not that it matters a great deal - whatever is commonly used is "correct" if it is understandable by the majority. However, this is one example of where declining nouns/verbs, etc, can be a distinct advantage in clarifiying meaning of language. "What's the le/la/les for?" "Disambiguation!"

"If the baby won't eat the banana, mash it to a pulp!"

Issues arising from such statements as the above, are far less common in languages using noun/pronoun/adjective etc "agreement". I'm afraid English does not make it all that clear whether the "it" to be "mashed" is the banana or the baby.



Sakura commented on GAME Confirms Shovel Knight amiibo:

Not sure I like this being from GAME, seeing as they charge 30-40% more than elsewhere as a base price. Don't like content being locked either if it's the only way to get it - what if I don't want yet another plastic figure? Not that I'm not seriously thinking of getting it though...maybe I should get Shovel Knight on the WII U now too...



Sakura commented on Nintendo UK Sends Out Free Photos With Animal ...:

At the Manchester event you had to practically pry the cards out of the workers' hands. They would only give out one card per person and then only if you could name all the characters on a promo leaflet and show them a system with the game installed. Pretty rubbish really considering they advertised the event saying to come and get the app and cards. The cards are too small to give good angles anyway so you are always stood over the characters from a godlike viewpoint, unless you print them on A4 and then you get a proper full-face view. Only works well in good light too, especially on an O3DS. It's fun for half an hour and then really there's nothing left to do.



Sakura commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against am...:

I really think this is about getting something you haven't paid for for free - if you add up all the content amiibo lock, it amounts to a fair bit. Having said that, Nintendo could just release the content as dlc without the plastic figure that isn't always wanted and also develop a back-up app on their systems. They could even design a universal amiibo a bit like this device for the times when dlc just won't work. Ultimately, someone has spotted a "need" (or more precisely a desire) and devised a device to fulfill it. That it isn't exactly ethical isn't going to matter to those who buy it, sadly.

Nintendo do make ridiculous decisions sometimes. I'm thinking the almost complete absence of special miis in Europe and the totally unobtainable 999 999 streetpass hits accomplishment. It's not surprising that there are workarounds. This is partly a reaction to not being able to do things legitmately. And I mean seriously just not being able to do it. Still doesn't make it quite right though. Anyway, I won't be going for it since I don't have an (expensive!) NFC enabled phone and don't really care about amiibo anyway. I buy them, get the content and the sell on to get at least some of my money back.



Sakura commented on Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and amiib...:

HHD is a probable for me just because of the Streetpass group, but I'm honestly not all that hyped because of the cost of the cards and the way they are packaged with one special in every pack making the cost even higher than it would be for just blind packs. Twice the price as in the US is also annoying. I certainly don't think the game is worth £150, which it would cost (minimum) to get all the cards and associated furniture etc.

AC Amiibo Festival is a definite "NO!". There are way better, much more interesting games available and giving it away for "free" with the amiibo still does not mean I will play it. And I won't get the amiibo because there's no game to play with them that warrants the purchase and again, the cost is simply too high. I can live without figures for the sake of figures. Gameplay is paramount, not all these (costly) frilly extras and these 2 games just don't seem to have quite enough. It's all just underwhelming.



Sakura commented on Potential Massacre Averted At Pokémon World C...:

Thankfully they didn't have the intelligence to pull this terror act off and sadly they have the level of intelligence to think they were justified. May they rot wherever they end up. Not about race, not about class, not about poverty or disadvantage or anything other than two selfish emotional retards needing to prove how "big" they are through violence. That cr*p cuts across all barriers and is only unique to a minority of social inadequates. This is only about two kids thinking they can act with total impunity, disregarding everybody and everything else.



Sakura commented on Nintendo Download: 20th August (Europe):

Just downloading Darksiders II, which is still on sale. Completely missed all the hype for that, since I didn't get a Wii U until way after launch. Great to discover another gem. And at a decent price point.

Considering The Bridge too. Trying to buy stuff on sale since I've got a massive backlog and not in a hurry.



Sakura commented on Nintendo Removes Ironfall Invasion From 3DS eS...:

This is fairly big news as it allows any 3ds console to run homebrew. If it were only region free and a handful of not-very-useful apps, then it might not be so big an issue. However, the homebrew launcher is really the key to manipulating the system. As well as region free, it allows cheating because it makes available save files and other data dumps. All those massive scores on Pokemon Shuffle competitions? A few will definitely be hacked games with maxed out pokemon, free power ups, hearts etc. I know python, so I was asked to manipulate a save file by a friend. I refused. Region free might be useful. Back ups of saves might be useful. But in order to do that, the exploits that make homebrew run also lead to further exploits used simply for cheating and piracy. So if Ironhax is released and it works on latest firmware, it opens the door wide for cheaters and pirates.

A shame the game is pulled. I played the demo and it wasn't bad, though hard to control via stylus. But it has to be pulled - Ironhax will allow other unscrupulous programmers to take advantage so the fewer end users who can get it to run, the better. Won't stop piracy development though. That's what happened with the earlier exploit - the underlying work was used to boot an "illegal" flashcard on the N3DS and to create tools for reverse engineering by end users. A few custom firmwares already out and that's just from a quick internet search. Those do boot game "back ups", but only on certain firmwares. Ironhax is "dangerous" because it works on 9.9, and even though it doesn't yet launch games, the fact that it works at all will be of huge interest to those who support the custom firmwares and flashcarts. Not a done deal, but you can bet there are people working on it.

Want to play retro games? - buy a retro system, get the full experience. Want to play other region games? - import a console. Want to play Nintendo games? Buy Nintendo games. Going to be hard next gen for Nintendo to argue that region locking prevents piracy or easy importation of games at a cheaper cost. They may have to give in and simply make their systems region free. Region free NX would be great.



Sakura commented on Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Hits The ...:

US $6 for 6 cards(£3,85). UK £3.49 for 3 cards. Cash grab. Blind packs to start with, then every pack also contains 1 special card, of which there are 17. So if you get 17 packs with all of the special variations, you still only have 51 cards, with 49 non-special cards minimum still to find = 25 more packs minimum because there are only 2 in each pack = £146.58 minimum supposing you have no non-special doubles (unlikely!) and you will inevitably have 25 double specials. Cards are worth £1.16 each so should be more like £116. That's if you're bothering with full set and only buying the packs instead of individual ones you need from resellers. Still makes it very expensive for collectors. A few cards here and there is reasonable, but I'll pass, thanks.



Sakura commented on Nintendo Download: 13th August (Europe):

@manu0 True, but he was the one to instigate them as CEO so I don't know whether they would say anything about him or not. Too soon would not have been good, but even so to not mention anything might feel weird. Depends how it's handled. Mention a new CEO, can't not mention Iwata. Don't say anything and carry on as normal is another way to go. It's a new era, whatever.



Sakura commented on ​3DS Free To Play Release Pokémon Rumble Wo...:

@Mus1cLov3r ha! No, you're right, but if you do the competitions you really need coins. I started by buying them, but it quickly got expensive to keep up with the competitions and limited time stages (and I mean really expensive! £22.99 and a couple of £4.49 purchases was not enough to get me enough power ups to clear the special stages to get the pokemon needed for a good score in the competition stage) Now I just play level 37 over and over and can get about 5000 coins a day from that which is plenty. Wish I had known about Meowth earlier. No more Shuffle purchases for me!



Sakura commented on ​3DS Free To Play Release Pokémon Rumble Wo...:

Great! Mainly finished with the rest. Also, didn't mind paying for the game because it was relatively cheap and there's a spending cap (unlike Shuffle where you could easily go bankrupt unless you farm coins with Meowth 10 times a day). Frustrating if trying to play for free, but not bad otherwise.



Sakura commented on Disney Infinity Sales Struggling To Maintain M...:

Too expensive! For a full set of characters the cost is not worth it for the enjoyment gained in any of the toys-to-life sets. Lego is the one I find most appealing, but the cost there is huge - £80 the game, £30 per level set/team pack, £14 per character set. There are already about 5 extra level sets announced. I prefer to wait a couple of years and buy second hand or when prices drop to a reasonable level.



Sakura commented on IRONHAX to Use Free-to-Play IRONFALL Invasion ...:

I've done some quite in-depth research to see if there's a way to back up the contents of my 3DS so in the event of theft or destruction I can restore my 97000 legit streetpass hits to a completely new device. There is a sort of way, but it requires a LOT of messing about, decrypting etc that is too complicated for me. I wish Nintendo would back stuff up in the cloud. Games I can play again and the licence is linked to my NNID so no problems there, but I wouldn't get back my 3 years' worth of streetpass progress. Not in the case of an entirely new console, anyway.

I did discover that there are a few custom firmwares that will run roms/game files and 2 cards. Again quite a bit of messing about for the CFW and not something I want to be into, but it is possible. The cards look pretty straightforward though. Also found out there is a way to "spoof" amiibo and Skylanders using an NFC programming device. Not much point to that since you wouldn't have the figures and they are the big selling point, but for those who just want stuff in-game, I bet there'll be a market.

So, people might think the illegitmate scene is not that big, but I was shocked personally to see that it is. Nintendo needs to be doing more still.



Sakura commented on Scathing Nikkei Report Hints At Shameful Treat...:

The downside of an ultra-conservative society where complaint, dissension and criticism of the oligarchy are forbidden... Goes some way to explaining the alarmingly high suicide rate. Respect for the hierarchy only works if the respect is two-way.



Sakura commented on Dragon Quest XI Is Coming To The Nintendo 3DS ...:

Bodes well for specs of NX if it has the same version of game as the PS4! Come on, what is it already? Thought it wasn't replacing the Wii U! Looks like it might at the moment. Poor Wii U, it's actually great to play on.



Sakura commented on Nintendo of Europe Confirms Animal Crossing: H...:

@ROBLOGNICK Yes, it is free (an indication of quality!) and I don't even mind that the game is lacklustre because it did get us the amiibo. However, you will need one amiibo per player, so £20 minimum for this "free" offering. I think it's a missed opportunity in terms of gameplay, but not bothered as there's so much else worth playing.



Sakura commented on Nintendo of Europe Confirms Animal Crossing: H...:

@datamonkey Have you not seen Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival? At least this has some kind of gameplay. That, however, is an even more shameless cash-in on the popularity of amiibo - dev even said they only made it to get the amiibo produced. That's the game that gets the title of "least wanted" in my book.



Sakura commented on Editorial: Super Smash Bros. Should be Integra...:

Sakurai-san has a lot of my respect for the way he explained his creative process in the development of the DLC for Smash Bros Wii U. I hope that whatever Nintendo does with the NX that he doesn't get shafted if he's moved to a less prominent role for the series. I think it needs him. Or at least needs his working ethics and seeming genius.



Sakura commented on Mario Kart 8 Soundtrack CD Club Nintendo Rewar...:

While the Animal Crossing CD is a nice listen, when I put into my PC in order to transfer the music to MP3 player (that's how I usually listen), it is listed as Super Mario 64 with none of the titles corresponding to the actual tracks at all. Not a big deal, but a bit weird.



Sakura commented on Review: Epic Word Search Collection (3DS eShop):

Not a fan of wordsearches unless they have time limits, clues instead of the list of words to find already written out etc. Good for extending vocabulary and improving spelling though (depending on vocabulary set) and not bad as a quick pick-up-and-play title if you do enjoy a good wordsearch.



Sakura commented on Japanese Retailer Highlights Stock Issues With...:

@CTMike Pretty safe to bet that these will be region free since the NFC chips won't be any different to those used in the figure amiibo and those are all region free. Might have Japanese writing on though. Know what you mean about taking risky leaps! I try to wait for collections to have been out a while and then buy a bundle second hand on Ebay. Lego Dimesions is very tempting though as I love the humour in Lego games, but at £80 for the game, £30 per extra level and team pack and £15 per fun pack, 2017 might be the year I actually get it.



Sakura commented on Japanese Retailer Highlights Stock Issues With...:

@Starz Unfortunately I don't read Japanese, but I did put the description into a translation page and it said 3 out of a possible 100 cards. The cards are in Japanese packaging though so could be an explanation and I'd definitely feel much better paying around £4 for 6 cards! Guess I need to wait for official pricing really, just seemed a bit steep.