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Tue 3rd Jan 2012

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saikun commented on Review: Planet Crashers (3DS eShop):

@Miroku Muttant mudds is awesome, but I guess it's a matter of taste
As for this game, I dunno, the trailer from e-shop doesn't look interesting... I just saw a char performing the same skill 3-4 times and not much more....



saikun commented on Review: Heroes of Ruin (3DS):

Bought this game and I'm happy with it so far. I think it's more an attempt to break some new grounds on 3DS, use the potential of the handheld and that also has to be recognized.

Many things to polish and improve: The online interaction, endgame content, and many more, but still worths the buy. After all, I'd rather have a starting point to make a better game than nothing at all.



saikun commented on Talking Point: 3DS XL - Why Now?:

Why? Just improve the flaws 3DS has and give good content to the users. I'm not gonna buy a XL version of my 3DS if "bigger" is the only improvement they offer :/



saikun commented on Iwata Hints at Upcoming Swapnote Update:

A huuuuuuge polishing on the note editor, disable the limits on ink, number of notes, colors, responses, etc.... and a better online performance. The problem about notes arriving to some contancs way later than others is constant. I think those are the main points to improve, rather than including new features



saikun commented on Learn More About 'Swapnote RPG':

I'm looking for a group of ppl to play with. I don't have much experience on D&D but I do on other RPG like Kult or Cyberpunk.
So if you're looking for a player to explore some dungeons with (or spaceships, I don't rly mind ) Add me!!

FC --> 4167-4617-5230



saikun commented on Feature: Nintendo in 2011 - Part Two:

I have to say that this year nintendo won me as a customer. I just like videogames, I'm not a fan of Mario or Zelda, but I have to admit that Nintendo is the company that makes the BEST devices, regardless of which has the biggest specs, and treats their customers with RESPECT.



saikun commented on Review: The Hidden (3DS):

"The instruction manual hilariously suggests "work" as a location you can use while playing The Hidden. "

double facepalm