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Tue 21st December, 2010

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Ryno commented on Retrospective: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish...:

Just played it for the first time this past December and it was great on my Wii U. AL TYPE will always be my favorite but this will be up there close to it. I didn't think it was the short if you actually explore the whole world.



Ryno commented on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Limited-...:

@ThomasBW84: I ordered one this morning from before this sold out this morning from both and (including both editions with and without the guide from Gamestop). It is exclusive to, Gamestop, and Fry's per Nintendo's Facebook. Thanks for the early head's up this morning.



Ryno commented on Little Mac's amiibo Appears to Have Actually B...:

What is Nintendo supposed to do, people? Limit all people to only purchasing 1 of each kind of amiibo? Blame the scalpers/resellers that buy up the stock more than Nintendo. Now I will start the bidding at $100 for my unopened Little Mac...



Ryno commented on Here's a Handy amiibo Compatibility Infographic :

@rjejr: First, let me say I hope your New Year's Eve and Day went well. I'm looking forward to when my kids are "old enough" to really enjoy New Year's Eve with them. Second, I need to get used to your new avatar. Now back to our 2nd favorite discussion, amiibo. I think one of things that gets mixed up with these particular amiibo is that they are the specifically the Smash Bros. line of amiibo. Zelda U, StarFox, XBX, the next Mario game, etc. might get their own line of figures so in that case I think amiibo is limitless. The fact that the Smash amiibo line works with other games, well I see that is a small bonus. I'm not arguing whether the Smash amiibo are "worth it" because that is up to each individual who is interested in spending $13.00 on a figurine of their favorite Nintendo character(s). The smash line of amiibo may continue on for many months but eventually they will get through all 49 characters and then I imagine they will produce other lines specific to their upcoming games. Yes, I have a Fox Smash amiibo and I would buy another amiibo of Fox that was part of the Star Fox amiibo line if available along with some other duplicates.



Ryno commented on Talking Point: Five New Year's Resolutions for...:

@rjejr: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friend. I'm glad I don't get points automatically from my physical games. That way I can save more for the following year if I need coins. As far as amiibo, I have 5 with many others preordered. I have no interest in DI or Skylanders and there are plenty others like me who will continue to collect them and not really give a rip about their in-game functions.

@TrueWiiMaster: Nice job explaining PS+. People think that it is the best thing ever for gamers (and sure it may be beneficial) but in reality in Sony's genius loyalty and continued cash flow scheme.



Ryno commented on Parent Trap: The Eyes Have It, Why amiibo Deta...:

I'm amazed at how critical some people are of amiibo's. I'm going to collect some but no freak out over every little imperfection or the fact that they really don't do much. They are only $13.00 mass produced figurines and I can't complain about how they look. I also hope they don't do much in video games because I don't want to miss out on big things If I don't have a particular figure. The sucky part for me is I feel like I have to preorder the ones I want because who knows if I can find them in the wild. Guess that is just the power of Nintendo and their characters.



Ryno commented on Talking Point: Super Smash Bros. and amiibo Ha...:

I will get a couple of amiibo's of characters I like but the amount of amiibo's just for Smash is pretty ridiculous. Plus, who knows how many more amiibo's will be released for other games not named Smash Bros.



Ryno commented on Review: Shadow of the Ninja (Wii U eShop / NES):

Glad to see a positive review. Some people can be pretty harsh on it. I enjoyed this game in this day and age but wish I would've played the co-op back in the day with the kids in the neighborhood. That would've been better than taking turns with Ninja Gaiden.