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RYBlast commented on Review: Mario Tennis Open (3DS):

This game looks very lacking in features, and I honestly see no reason to buy it as I can buy the Wii port for half the price next month.



RYBlast commented on Nintendo Reveals New Super Mario Bros. 2 for 3DS:

@Dodger But it reuses ideas like they've never been used before, making them completely different. The level design style, controls, mechanics, and pacing are completely refined. Super Mario 64 reuses Goombas, Koopas, Bowser, etc. but in a completely different way, in a similar fashion to 3D Land. 3D Land is the biggest gamechanger since Super Mario 64.



RYBlast commented on Wii U Panorama View Demo is Awesome:

Wow, that Double Dash idea someone mentioned earlier sounds too good to be true. It sounds exactly how I would have imagined video games in "the future" when I was a child.

Also, why am I the only one who thinks the Wii U is much more impressive now than at E3 despite having the exact same tech demos? If I'm impressed by mini games that were put together for demonstration purposes, then imagine what I would feel like next E3 when they show the actual games. [drools]



RYBlast commented on Nintendo Developing New Game Genres to Revital...:

The Wii has mother effing Mario Galaxy, which makes it an instant win. Haters can go fu - err, bury themselves as far as I'm concerned.


Teh Wii haz no gamez becuzz dey makin' de gamez 4 teh 3DS and WiiU. Besidez, dere is dis game called Skyward Sword dat is really amazin and cool.



RYBlast commented on Skyward Sword Nearly Had Button Combat Controls:

To everyone complaining about motion controls, can you please explain how the game would work without them?

Seriously, instead of the B button act as the "win" button, you actually have to know where the opening of the enemy is and hit it in it.

God, people are so whiny these days.



RYBlast commented on FAQ: Your Super Mario 3D Land Questions:


Good point about SMB1. Didn't really notice that the Famicom came out that earlier in Japan.

And the game looks good, and it will be one of the best games on the 3DS if it manages to be difficult, but it could use more content. Part of why I love NSMB so much is its content.



RYBlast commented on FAQ: Your Super Mario 3D Land Questions:

@StarDust None of these games were rushed, though, especially SM 64, where Nintendo has taken a lot of time developing it. SM3DL looks rushed. Miyamoto said that they couldn't program Tanooki Mario to fly in 3D, which is just.... I'm sure that Nintendo has the ability to make Tanooki Mario fly, if they were taking their time.

I agree about the extra couple of months. They can add new game modes, up the difficulty, add multiplayer, make Tanooki Mario fly, etc.



RYBlast commented on FAQ: Your Super Mario 3D Land Questions:


I think it's because Miyamoto is doing his best to make it come out this year. To develop a game that quick, you're gonna have to skip over a lot of things like the maps. SMG2 has a linear map because it was developed in less time than SMG1. This is one of the few Nintendo games that seem rushed this gen.



RYBlast commented on FAQ: Your Super Mario 3D Land Questions:

The problem with this is that it doesn't seem very ambitious. It looks like it was rushed. I like the direction they're taking (turning 2D Mario into 3D), but I haven't seen enough that made me go, "want!" If I wasn't a 3DS owner, I wouldn't really have cared about the game. Nintendo needs to take this game further with a sequel or something, like James said in the podcast. I'd rather have the game delayed another year for multiplayer and minigames like in NSMB.