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Wed 12th February, 2014

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ryanator008 commented on Gallery: Nintendo Celebrates Women's History M...:

Yeah, that stuff doesn't really happen. Any hint of it gets front page in the news, giving the illusion that it's all over the place. If anything, I'd say the common people are quite discriminated against these days. If Assassin's Creed Unity had four black lesbians, there would be no complaints from the media. It would be how they praise the rumor of the all-female Ghostbusters movie, calling it "progressive" and "revolutionary". But if the opposite happened, people would be quite outraged, like with that Last Airbender movie.



ryanator008 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Flirtation With Micr...:

The new "remodel" feature in Steel Diver Sub Wars was so blatantly pay to win that it made me stop playing the game entirely. I really liked the road it seemed to be going, but that was just unacceptable. As for Rusty's Real Deal Baseball, I think the games are way too basic to warrant even the lowest price you can get for them, but I haven't bought any, so I don't know. Pokemon Shuffle has all the worst aspects of free to play, and I hope that nobody actually pays for that crap. Free to play is a broken system. Not even Nintendo can get it right. I'd rather them just stick to add-ons for full games, like they did with Mario Kart 8.