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Sun 23rd Oct 2011

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RVN commented on Metroid Blast Joins Nintendo Land Roster:

hey, a third person shooter with multiplayer using the wiimote? looks so
man, this could be the kind of "gem" you find sometimes on a tech demo, like boxing was on wii sports



RVN commented on Talking Point: Challenges for the Future of Ni...:

nintendo, pleeeeeeeeease, something competitive, like metroid hunters was on DS, i know it's all about fun, but some franchise sure could have a competitive tone, you know, starfox could be pretty fun if it was about skirmishes between fox team, wolf team... etc.
I'm not asking for no storyline at all (wich, let's be honest, it's common among competitive games), but come on, it's lots of fun improving your gaming in a game deep enough to explore it's mechanics



RVN commented on Talking Point: 3DS eShop Deserves Big Franchises:

I can't help but having the feeling that nintendo is trying like crazy to maintain old fashioned things, when they could just throw 1st party big things on the internet and make the fans feel nice.
But they won't hear, promises like the one the title of this article suggest have been made through 3 years now and failing to fulfill them.
I'm sorry, but i'm really starting to feel like i'm not a ninty fan anymore, hype about games is going pretty downhill, i realized this while playing zelda: minish cap for the first time at the beginning of this summer, i felt quality in there, quality i tell you, the only recent thing has made me feel the same is mario kart 7, save for the fact that there were some of the new circuits based on "filler titles" to mario series, heck, even a mario-tennis track well designed could do better than that neo-koopa style circuit, which game has appeared it in anyways?, because i think i missed it... intentionally.
I know they are trying hard, not sure what they are trying.



RVN commented on Review: Save the Furries (WiiWare):

they need to change their minds, they need to make a "must-have" on this kind of shops too
sometimes i think they are like "well, it doesn't have to be so good because it will be digitally distributed, so people aren't expecting much"



RVN commented on Out Now: History of Nintendo: Volume 2 - Game ...:

Got the first one by matter of luck
4 weeks took it to arrive, but this is really a good book, there are now secrets about nintendo history that are only known by me in my entire country, muahahahaha!! XD