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Mon 9th July, 2012

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RupeeClock commented on The Japanese New 3DS Packaging Is Both Cute An...:

Totally sweet, right?
It really brings home how the regular model emphasises customisation with the plates.
It's actually making the decision to get a New 3DS XL that much harder, as despite loving the metallic blue model and preferring the size, it just doesn't have that lovely customisation.



RupeeClock commented on Poll: Tell Us What You Think of the New Ninten...:

I sincerely hope that they don't use the "New" branding in the US and Europe, it stands to be a disaster as people would refer to it as a "new DS" or "new 3DS" in casual conversation anyway.

So glad this is coming out though, I've had the same 3DS XL for 765+ days since launch and after 2300+ hours of play, it's showing its wear.
I mean the idea of portable Xenoblade or enhanced Smash Bros alone is thrilling, and I love the Metallic Blue XL, Metallic Blue was my favourite colour for the DSi.



RupeeClock commented on New Nintendo 3DS Delays Planned Homebrew Channel:

All things considering, smart move.
Just in case the New 3DS's firmware doesn't block the exploit.

Region free is probably what interests me the most as well. Anyone wanting to try it out though is best off not updating their current 3DS systems until the exploit is released though, once exploited you can probably launch game carts via the channel to bypass firmware version checks.



RupeeClock commented on Square Enix Wants To Bring Dragon Quest VII To...:

@unrandomsam Wouldn't a home console or computer be much better suited to this task than an iPad?

You neglect the portability of the system once you use a separate controller for it, a 3DS has all the physical controls needed.
I'll admit the original 3DS doesn't have great ergonomics, the XL really sorted that issue out though.



RupeeClock commented on Square Enix Wants To Bring Dragon Quest VII To...:

I don't much care for the loaded poll choices, but I do really want to play the 3DS version of DQ7.
The trailer looked so polished with a grand amount of content, making it a great title to come back to in handheld sessions.

I would be content even if Square Enix released it as digital only, if they didn't want to risk a physical release.

This is the same Square Enix though that made the boneheaded move to release Dragon Quest 8 on Android and iOS, to mere tens of thousands of downloads.
That would've easily been hundreds of thousands on a console or handheld system, nobody wants to play an 80 hour RPG like that on their mobile phone.



RupeeClock commented on Nintendo Download: 1st May (Europe):

I have been waiting a ridiculously long time for this, for as long as the DSiWare version never even launched in Europe!

Finally, my favourite indie title on my favourite handheld.



RupeeClock commented on Fresh Super Smash Bros. Screens Show Zero Suit...:

Shortly after the Smash Bros direct, a press kit containing 247 screenshots was released.

And after that, yet another press kit was released with 212 further screenshots prominently featuring Zero Suit Samus, Yoshi, Sheik, Charizard and Greninja, more of which feature 3DS screenshots.
The five ZSS screenshots you see in this article came from this second press kit.



RupeeClock commented on Swedish Speedrunner Breaks Record For Fastest ...:

It's a little unfair to say Cosmos is only ranked 97th next to EnNopp112, Cosmos practices multiple different runs of Ocarina of Time whilst EnNopp112 practices his Majora's Mask runs.
One of the beauties of the speedrunning community is that multiple people do ever so many different games for a wide coverage that makes marathons like Awesome Games Done Quick possible.



RupeeClock commented on Weirdness: Engineer Uses Four Monitors to Disp...:

The first level of SMB1 is 3584 pixels long. If you were to play it at 1:1 scale, you would only need two 1920x1080 monitors to display it.
Other levels might get longer than two widescreen monitors though, and obviously the vertical resolution's only 240 so that's a lot of waster space.



RupeeClock commented on Review: Mario Bros. (3DS eShop / NES):

Although it's on the Wii U, it's worth a mention that if you have New Super Luigi U data on your system, and you have Super Mario 3D World, you already have this in the form of "Luigi Bros."



RupeeClock commented on Review: Super Punch-Out!! (Wii U eShop / Super...:

Something that always stuck out to me about Super Punch Out was the box art, featuring three of the best boxers from the NES Punch Out, and not any of the new boxers.

The only boxers from Super Punch Out that were ever seen again were Bear Hugger and Aran Ryan, the rest didn't really hold up as well.



RupeeClock commented on Pokémon X & Y Update Mandatory for Online Pla...:

Well, looks like Instacheck has also be blocked now, making it impossible to discover trainer and pokémon "shiny values" and also a pokémon's exact IVs for the time being.

No biggie, it was good whilst it lasted. I hatched a fair few nice eggs for peeps.



RupeeClock commented on Mighty No. 9 Studio Comcept Facing Fan Backlas...:

@cookiex True, though she is actually part of Comcept's team now and that means she still has creative input into the game's designs.

With the allegations of nepotism, little to no background or investment in the Mega Man series, and what may be a political agenda, it's very concerning to anyone who backed a project expecting nothing less than a spiritual successor to the Mega Man games from the very people who designed them, or the people who were most invested in them.

I just want to play a game without politics, but these days with several media outlets it just seems to keep creeping into things.

I actually don't disagree with providing a female character option for Mighty No. 9 at all, Mega Man ZX provided both Vent and Aile, and then Ashe and Grey and it was great.



RupeeClock commented on Mighty No. 9 Studio Comcept Facing Fan Backlas...:

She is indeed claiming to be a designer now, that is a part that particularly worries me.
Regardless of any political agenda she might have or how she even got the job, her work is at odds with the established Mighty No. 9 style. I backed a project with very Japanese aspirations and her work isn't really all that Japanese at all, nor does she have many if any aspirations from the classic Mega Man series as she admitted herself.
The fact that she may be designing some of the game's characters irks me, it's at odds with the project that I backed in the first place.



RupeeClock commented on Nintendo Confirms That Smash Bros. Isn't Lined...:

Spring does seem too early, the game is still in development by the looks of things and it was only announced this past E3, so not even half a year yet.

Good games take all the time they need and I don't mind, heck prefer if they approach development this way for a change. Both Melee and Brawl have absent content as a result of deadlines.