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Mon 9th July, 2012

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RupeeClock commented on Sonic Lost World's Wii U Exclusivity Ends With...:

It's a good game that has a rewarding control scheme, get skilled at the game and you really can nail the skill based stages.

However there were a few gimmick based levels and crappy bosses throughout, making it a mixed bag.
A lot of people could never grasp the control scheme though, even wall running was flakey and the Wisps generally detracted from the game rather than adding to it.



RupeeClock commented on Nintendo Attempts to Show the Fun Side of Anim...:

The important part is I can buy the figurines I want individually, without the game.

For example, I do not want the game, but I want Isabelle and Digby.
I also am not interested in Reese and Cyrus, but I do want K.K. Slider.

Thank goodness eh?



RupeeClock commented on Deep Silver And Comcept Confirm Launch Date Fo...:

The beta does not have weapons, you get to play the opening level, three of the eight boss levels, and some EX challenges.
Defeating a boss unfortunately does not unlock its weapon.

At most, you can only upgrade Beck temporarily by defeating enemies that give off certain colours of Xel.
From what I can tell the Red Xel gives you fire shots which pierce, and the Green Xel gives you a movement speed increase.
I can't tell what the Yellow Xel does though, and Blue Xel did not appear to do anything.

But yeah, as it stands the core "dash to kill" system sucks, it does not complement the use of a weapon that has restricted range and by default no piercing.
That might change when we see how the other weapons work, but omitting them from the demo is a curiously bad decision.



RupeeClock commented on Deep Silver And Comcept Confirm Launch Date Fo...:

@DarthNocturnal As much as I'd like to vocally defenestrate Comcept for their conduct and performance, ignoring the burden of living up to Mega Man or the weight of their convictions to deliver a game they promised, Mighty No. 9 still doesn't measure up as a worthwhile game.

Even ignoring that the graphics are not as nice as you might like, I found the core gameplay to be a drag.
The entire "dash to kill" system put a damper on the standard run and gun gameplay, enemies can be shot to weaken them but they can only be finished with a dash. If they're not weakened then trying to dash though them simply hurts you instead.
This is a problem because the stage layout and enemy placement does not favour this at all, your means of attack with the basic pea shooter makes this awkward,
It's also possible though that the weapons you unlock from defeating bosses improve how stages handle, but this is absent from the demo.
To me this feels half baked so far.



RupeeClock commented on Deep Silver And Comcept Confirm Launch Date Fo...:

After Comcepts numerous fiascos and failures in consumer relationships and product development, and having played the disappointment of a demo, it's hard to even be excited any more.

At this stage I'm more anticipating the backlash or unceremonious launch of the game, I don't think it's going to be pretty.



RupeeClock commented on A Mighty New Patch For Shovel Knight Is On The...:

Good to see stuff getting fixed, although this one:

Binding two separate attack buttons no longer allows Plague Knight to throw bombs while bomb charging.

Is kinda disappointing to see, this is the sort of trick that makes for exceptional speed runs.



RupeeClock commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (...:

What's curious is the complete lack of metrics in this game.
One of the key goals in previous Animal Crossing titles was that the Happy Home Association would score your house by metrics such as colour scheme, placement, complete sets, feng shui etc. Raising your score was an accomplishment that took effort and was rewarded with rare items.
Now that the role is reversed, why have these metrics vanished?

With the absence of these metrics, what's a game is now just an activity, with no goal other than to keep playing to expand the roster of content.
ACNL does this too with the real time clock and gradual upgrades, but has plenty goals for you to pursuit along the way.
It sounds like Happy Home Designer only has progression in that you do your work each day, making it little more than a doll house that you get more to play with over time, with no sort of management involved.
That may not necessarily be a bad thing mind you, the design aspect looks the most flourished of any Animal Crossing title and then some.



RupeeClock commented on Save Data Hackers Top Competition Leaderboards...:

The save editor in question is apparently usable thanks to the YouTube exploit, or similarly the Cubic Ninja or Ironfall Invasion exploits, anything that enables someone to launch the Homebrew Launcher.

So yeah, it's a little too accessible for anyone to pull stunts like this.
Ditto apparently behaves like a wildcard just like in Pokémon Battle Link, which seems to make it incredibly broken resulting in the 660k top scores currently on the leaderboards.



RupeeClock commented on Guide: Unlocking Building Items And More In Su...:

Here's a couple of things you left out.

Builder Mario
Complete the Fly Swatting mini-game.
You can initiate this mini game any time you want by shaking a Muncher, but flies occasionally show up on the level creator anyway.

Nintendo World Championship 2015 levels
Play 10 Mario challenge enough times until you unlock all of the Sample Courses, the 4 levels featured in the finale of NWC 2015 will be available in the course bot.

Skinny Mushroom
Play and beat the 4 NWC 2015 levels.
When you've unlocked the Skinny Mushroom, shake a Super Mushroom when creating a Super Mario Bros. level.
Skinny Mushrooms turn Mario into the surreal Skinny Mario, which uses "Luigi" physics.



RupeeClock commented on Guide: 8 Tips to Become an Expert Level Design...:

Definitely watch Playtonic's live stream of Super Mario Maker.
They make an excellent case of designing a level around a core mechanic: buzz saws.
Then they design the level around that, and use ditches, coin placement and other nuances to train the player around the new mechanics or the rules of the level, so that failing a first obstacle trains you how to approach the course without an immediate death.