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Thu 25th Feb 2010

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ruleof3rds commented on Review: Dracula: Undead Awakening (WiiWare):

I played the PSP mini version of this, and found it fun enough, but downloaded this because of the wii-centric controls. I disagree that the wii remote controls are poor, they're just not what you'd first guess. Essentially all weapons function like automatic weapons. In between regularly intervaled shots, you have time to move the wii-remote to its next target. It actually works quite well. The perk system is an interesting twist that gives survival mode a game-show like feeling of chance, which isn't a bad thing. Agree that the price point is a bit too high -- 600 to 700 seems more fair, but if you are into this genre of classic-style shooters at all, I would consider it. I prefer this to Geometry Wars.



ruleof3rds commented on Review: GhostSlayer (WiiWare):

I feel compelled to voice that I think this is at least a 7, and that if you have a wii motion plus, this makes a nice 6 dollar addition to that package. True, something like this will be made obsolete by the likes of Red Steel 2, but until then, this is pretty fun. I found it somewhat challenging, as the blocking system does have a learning curve. True, the graphics are not great, but Wii Sports Resort is nothing special graphically either. And it least this has a cool atmosphere. Presentation was also nicer than the average Wii Ware Game.