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Sat 16th Apr 2011

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rubikon commented on Iwata Reveals Big New Improvements for eShop:

Funny how nintendo is talking about online stuff, but the 3ds is still unable to connect to ad-hoc wireless networks. Yes it is true, the 3ds can only connect to infrastructe wlan, and nintendo knows this (there have been complaints on forums) and nothing is changing...

As soon as upcoming smartphones will have a d-pad und easy to reach buttons things will get interesting...



rubikon commented on Pandora's Tower Trailer is Very Japanese in A ...:

Generic Bossmonsters in red, blue and green...

No, seriously it looks great But i doubt it will be released in the west, especially Europe. Not enough demand for hardcore titles to make a localisation for five+ languages worthwile.
If there was no region lock everything would be so easy... But well, nintendo has monetary reasons for this...



rubikon commented on Talking Point: What You Want in a New Nintendo...:

  • i want Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo to team up and create one platform together. No more exclusives, no more flamewars. I would rather be willing to buy one console for a higher monopoly price than to buy two additional consoles (+ accessory) to be able to play all the excellent games...
  • i hope that the new controller is optional and that there is backwards compatibility with the wii remote & nunchuck. Besides: a controller with d-pad, circlepad, motion-sensing, display/touchscreen, camera? Hello 3DS! Just let us connect the 3DS and use it as a controller if you really need a display on your controller...
  • well, one special wish: integrated screen capturing/recording. making youtube videos would be so much easier, and is essentially free advertising for big N, i wonder why they haven't done it before...

@sigourneybeaver Wireless Nunchucks? YES!