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34, United Kingdom

Tue 18th March, 2014

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rubberducky commented on FORCED:

indeed i only reason i didnt buy this in steams sales was because i have diablo3 and torchlight 2 in the same genre but if i can get this on Wii U im in! :D



rubberducky commented on App Supporting 3DS Tethering With Mobile Confi...:

UK mobile providers only block tethering if you're on an iphone (because you obviously like spending lots of money anyway) and even then only some do. Ive played MK7 for an hour over HSDPA on my phone and its not been laggy and barely hurt my data cap, connection type will effect everything though, still, i cant see why a separate app is needed particularly for android devices.



rubberducky commented on Android Game Inspired by Muramasa Takes Some Heat:

The ferns are the same? really? thats really the whole basis for plagiarism? For all i know the artist on Soul Hearts that drew the ferns is the same one that Muramasa used to draw the ferns and thats just how he happens to draw ferns.