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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Rossi commented on EU VC Releases: Super Mario RPG and Super Mari...:

We wonder what happens the following weeks - Surely, if the Hanabi Festival continues, the next week will have Virtual Console games as well instead of WiiWare games? Only time will tell!

Didnt you read the update... it said in the next weeks: Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa and DoReMi Fantasy: Milon’s DokiDoki Adventure are coming in a few weeks...



Rossi commented on EU VC Update - Samurai Shodown II:

I was actually going to come here and rant about what a rubish the update was.. but last night no one told me about Splatterhouse 2! So i am so happy in about three months i have downloaded nothing and now i have blessed with Splatterhouse 2!



Rossi commented on Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa:

I actually want this game so much, such a good game for such a good price... When is it coming to EU!!!



Rossi commented on Earthworm Jim:

When is this coming out? I have never payed this game before, but i believe people think its one of the greatest games of all time!



Rossi commented on Splatterhouse 2:

Does this mean it will be release in EU on Thursday? If so i need to get some points... i spent most on Gunstar heroes! I need 200 more.. i guess i can get that with the start points..



Rossi commented on Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars:

Even though im from Europe, i am soooooo wanting this game right now... i will have to admit it will be the first RPG i will have ever played.. And by reviews its a good way to start!



Rossi commented on Sonic & Knuckles:

So if this was released which sonic game would i need 3 or 2.. I have the second sonic game..



Rossi commented on ClayFighter:

I dont like this but i really enjoyed ClayFighter 63⅓.. it was the only game who stood up to say i dont want to have a 64 at the end of my game title.. I had ClayFighter 63⅓: Sculptor's Cut which was very good!



Rossi commented on Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure:

I dont know what to think of this.. is it good. The way that the game works looks alot like Earthworm Jim which was its rival at the time.. But lost hands down i think..



Rossi commented on Splatterhouse 2:

I enjoyed the first one.. and i have seen all the reviews for this and i am pritty pleased, i actually cannot wait for this one.. Even if its a bad game i will still feel happy on getting it because i love the series.. When it says OFLC rated what does this mean? Does it still mean its coming out in Europe..



Rossi commented on Metal Slug:

Fair play the neo geo did go a long time.. 2004 it last was Discontinued i think.. And the Metal Slug games finished of on the neo geo back in 2003 as MS5. At 2003 i really was not thinking about 708 Mbit graphics.. at this point, i was too busy on my ps2..



Rossi commented on TV Show King:

This actually looks like a very tidy and interesting game, with the mii support.. this is the first wii ware titles i wont!



Rossi commented on Sonic & Knuckles:

I only have sonic 2 at the moment but i am sure the addition of knucles to sonic 2 would be good.. this game alone is awsome never mind the add ons it gives you.. totally worth 800 points..



Rossi commented on Hardware Focus: SNK Neo Geo:

I should say the Neo Geo Launch price was $649.99 which is £321.91. I wounder how many peope just got this for the sake of it? I would rather have a ps3 these days.. i wounder how much complaning was done over this price? 24-Bit for £321.91 i dont think so..



Rossi commented on Tetris is Coming to WiiWare - Online Play Incl...:

Kelvin, please never say that again! Nintendo have already tried and failed with a 3D Tetris and really set the quote in stone "Tetris should remain 2D!"

3D Tetris was the name of the title and was released for the Virtual Boy. Japan didnt even get this baby due to the fact that Virtual Boy was gaining no interest from the public.

Fancy another go?



Rossi commented on Wonder Boy:

I found this game very pointless.. dont know why but i enjoy adventure island better.. colours to me looked better...



Rossi commented on Double Dragon:

The original promotional posters say Billy and Jimmy were called Hammer and Spike. LOL i dont know which sounds better..



Rossi commented on City Connection:

Ive played this and many a time and woundered why but.. it was all made up when i got to the 10th stage and the batman tune was playing with a mix of Tchaikovsky!



Rossi commented on Wii TV Guide channel available for Japanese users:

People are saying... id rather use my sky guide... i would download this and use the sky one.. its free.. be gratefull.. I bet a feature it does hold is to prompt you when your program is about to start.

So when im into my Metroid Prine 3 game and dont realise the time and the simpsons is on.. this would be very helpfull...



Rossi commented on Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine:

Classic 80/90's electro music but looks rather fun seems you can connect around corners and things.. but i would never buy a puzzle game....



Rossi commented on R-Type:

May i ask why this was 800 and not the standard 600?



Rossi commented on Psychosis:

Nice little soundtrack going there I totally dissagree with minchimuri with the music quote..



Rossi commented on River City Ransom:

Looks quiet good, but not enough for me to spend my nes points i have saved up!



Rossi commented on Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards:

Oh my i am sooooo jelous right now.. From the videos ive seen it combines the classic kirby games and puts the gloss of the N64 over it.. I cannot wait until the EU release.. 1000 points saved for this!



Rossi commented on Commodore 64 coming to Virtual Console:

Lets hope its a nice cheap 500 points games selection as SmaMan said, but i do wish they would release The Simpsons Arcade Game for it.. as that was a classic but i doubt it due to the fact its the simpsons!



Rossi commented on The Great Internal Memory Debate:

I recomend a Transcend - Flash memory card - 4 GB - Class 6 - SDHC which i got for £6.69, such a bargin and i can use it on my wii and ps3..

(Moderators: Please do not consider this advertising, i a simplying showin the members a cheap sollution to memory)



Rossi commented on Harvest Moon:

I played the gameboy games and i stopped there... This can have its ups and down.. il let you decide..



Rossi commented on Contra III: The Alien Wars:

The warnings of the game being "solid" and "rock hard" are putting me off this, but i wont a contra game so bad!