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rosebud commented on Review: EDGE (3DS eShop):

I commented in the forum that I think the game is good but the 3D is broken. The images ghost a lot for me. I usually play in 3D so I noticed it right away. I do enjoy the game though. The level design and music are great!



rosebud commented on Say Hello To The Nintendo 2DS - A 3DS without 3D:

Though the device is slightly ugly and name (2DS???) is confusing, I believe this is actually a very smart move by Nintendo. Look at their lineup for Christmas:

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
Mario Party: Island Tour
Pokemon X/Y

They hit all their major user audiences with those three releases and then offer cheap hardware to allow for playing the new games. It (and the rest of the 3DS family) will sell like crazy. Good move.



rosebud commented on Review: Mega Man 4 (NES):

I had Mega Man 3 and 4 as a kid. My friend had MM 1 & 2. I played all four and I've got to say, we actually liked the fact that this game was less frustrating than the others. I think it is all a matter of perspective. Older, more experienced gamers will naturally like the more difficult challenges.



rosebud commented on Review: Klonoa: Empire of Dreams (Game Boy Adv...:

This was one of my favorite GBA games. Absolutely fantastic. I still play it from time to time, and my 9 year old son will forsake the 3DS sometimes to play this game and the original Advance Wars on the old SP.



rosebud commented on Review: Mario Tennis Open (3DS):

For all those who deify the RPG mode in the GBA, let me remind you that the story was absolutely throwaway and you played only generic characters until the very end of the game. I enjoyed the GBA game but in no way do I consider it the super awesome definitive game of tennis that some make it out to be. I guess I would rather have less story and more exposure to playing against or as a Mario universe character.



rosebud commented on Talking Point: What New Super Mario Bros. 2 Me...:

A few points:
1.) Nintendo is over-reliant on Mario, just like Disney was very reliant on Mickey Mouse and their franchise characters to drive people to their theme parks. This is empirically proven from both the number of games announced and the sales numbers that back them up. However, it makes good business sense, at least in the short term. We live in a capitalistic society so I don't see this as a problem.
2.) Those who are claiming that this game is "just more of the same" are basing that on exactly four screenshots. Can we wait until we see more of the game before passing judgment? In the meantime, go play some of the other 500 great games Nintendo has released.
3.) Mario is now ubiquitous in the way that Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, et. al became decades ago for past generations. All of my kids recognize Mario and Luigi, even if they are not yet old enough to play their games. Therefore, Nintendo will continue to capitalize on his popularity because they want to make money and introduce Mario games to the upcoming generation. Like the aforementioned characters, Mario will likely decrease in popularity as other iconic characters arise in pop culture. However, he will continue to be popular for a long while.

Those in their 30s (like me) who are complaining about the number of games attached to Mario need to realize that we are no longer the target demographic and that Nintendo is trying to reach the next generation.



rosebud commented on Feature: Bargain Bin DS Games:

Good games I have gotten on DS for cheap (i.e.less than $10):
1. Soul Bubbles
2. Lock's Quest
3. Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero
4. Retro Game Challenge
5. Elite Beat Agents
6. Henry Hatsworth and the Puzzling Adventure



rosebud commented on Castlevania: The Adventure Whips Japan Next Week:

I had the first two GB Castlevanias back in the day. I sold them both recently in their original boxes. Yeah, the first one is a short, very difficult straight ahead platformer. The second game is awesome. I would recommend holding off on this one and waiting for the second to hit the Handheld VC.



rosebud commented on Not n-Space's Decision to Develop Modern Warfa...:

@24: I agree with you. COD games are almost a yearly release. That means, they know the shelf life on these games is pretty low. Last week, the 3DS sold 15,000 units worldwide...and the DS/DSi/XL sold 58,000 units. If I am the CEO of Activision, the decision is a no-brainer. The DS version (playable also on 3DS) would sell a lot more units and cost less to produce. Decision made. Get to coding.



rosebud commented on Here's Your List of DS Games Due Out This Year:

The only one I'm really surprised to not see on the list is the second Fire Emblem remake that was released awhile back in Japan. The others I thought were going to be released. Maybe the Fire Emblem game will be announced later.



rosebud commented on The DS is About to Enter the Super Fossil Figh...:

When I saw this announced awhile ago for Japan, I thought this might be one that Nintendo would localize in the "post-3DS" era. Glad to see Nintendo is still choosing to put out a few games for the old standby.



rosebud commented on Alleyway Bouncing to 3DS VC:

I have the original game and I would not suggest downloading this. My parents bought it for me when I was 12. It was okay then. Playing it now...not so much.



rosebud commented on Review: Panda Craze (DSiWare):

Great review. When I watched the trailer for this thing I predicted the score would be 4 or less. Looking at the DSiWare that has come out this year, I hope someone (i.e. WayForward or Nintendo) plans to release something good if they want me to keep spending my money on this platform. Seriously, this looks like a game I could have coded.



rosebud commented on Review: DodoGo! Challenge (DSiWare):

This was obviously the second part of the originally-planned retail game. Couldn't they have just released the whole thing for 1200 points? Oh well. I have yet to play the first but it is on my "to buy" list.



rosebud commented on Review: Adventure In Vegas: Slot Machine (DSiW...:

What is the ratio of shovelware to good games for retail DS releases? Or Wii releases? The fact is, there is a lot of shovelware across the board in the games industry. Downloadable platforms are no different, so I suggest accepting that fact and supporting the quality releases you want.



rosebud commented on DS to Have Life After 3DS, says Nintendo:

I agree that this is not a surprise. The 3DS will be priced so high that Nintendo will continue to have a "budget" line for those who don't want to buy in at the high price.

I expect that games like Mario vs. Donkey Kong or Mega Man Star Force will continue to be released for a couple years. For all those that say the GBA got shovelware after the DS released, I think Nintendo published a total of 17 games on GBA after the DS, including LoZ: Minish Cap, Mario Tennis, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, WarioWare: Twisted, Drill Dozer and the Final Fantasy remakes.

However, there was a general 3rd party slowdown, with Atlus the biggest quality supporter of the GBA post-2004.