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Thu 26th Jul 2012

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rodolfo8p commented on These Are Nintendo's Black Friday Hardware And...:

@Spoony_Tech I just bought a WiiU about a month ago and I still think was my best choice, see I have 3 kids the little one has 8 too, for buying their first console I made a List of games that they could play (parental control) between consoles and guess what the list is about 29 games of WiiU, 15 Wii, and 26 eshop, and I´m still adding games, I compared this with the play4 and xbone list and it was a no brainier, besides a lot of this games can be found in real low prices, I just think about them first in what is the best option for their safe fun, I´m not gonna give them hyper muscular machos with guns...