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United Kingdom

Wed 15th Dec 2010

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rocketknightuk commented on Yes, People Really Did Buy Donkey Kong Country...:

lol I rang up gamestation on december 3rd if I can get DKCR if I bring in 10 bunch of bananas.... it didn't work but when I bought the game they let me take the special display case that wasn't meant to come with the actual game and the huge stand up advertisements to lol.



rocketknightuk commented on There May Never Be Another Smash Bros. as Hard...:

"You wanna do Smash Bros justice? Fix the online stability and allow support for more customization and modes." - kdognumba1

like he/she said the online mode in SSBB was horrible I only played with friends only.

SSBB is freaking easy why would nintendo want to make the next game easy, I really do enjoy melee but it didn't have long lasting appeal like brawl, I was so happy to finaly get to play as Zero Suit Samus, Diddy Kong and Wolf O Donnel in a fighting game for once.

Makeing a fighting game to easy on purpose is a one way ticket toward a bad game all games need a challenge.... Unless the players are given a fair choice to play a mode on easy mode to get through something quick and save time like adventure mode it wasn't enjoyable except for a few moments were funny I just went through adventure mode to unlock all characters and play multiplayer.

If a new SSB game is gonna improve on something it better be the online play, adventure mode needs more work put into the cutscenes visuals and story plot to it was boring except for a few awesome moments.

Many fans complain about some characters beeing "to powerful" this is a total lie fighting games aren't meant to be easy to win all the time this is pointless as people wishing sagat from street figher was weaker. all characters and players gameplay style can be beaten with practice and learning how to bait or trick your enemies.