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Re: Hackers Expand Wii Storage, Door Now Open To Filthy Pirates


94. LaDaDaBa 29 May 2009, 15:47 GMT

Most people are overestimating the effect of piracy especially on a console like the Wii. Since this system is geared towards the casual audience more so than any other system, the vast majority of people who use it probably don't even know what the homebrew channel is or how to go about using it. Saying pirates are hurting the sales of games is ridiculous and an easy scapegoat, the people who pirate compared to the legal owners is in a very low percentage. I would be surprised if it was over 1% considering the millions of units that have been sold. You think what I'm saying is nonsense then prove me wrong with some facts/statistics to backup your accusations.

As for the whole morailty shmorality issue, some of you are acting like sharing some data is akin to going around raping or murdering.

Totally Agree with this.

I have recently enabled my wii to use the USB loader (purely to use my own backups for the usual reasons). It's not a straightforward job, I work in software design and I was struggling to locate all the necessary files. Most people are now on a variety of different operating system versions and many would need to downgrade parts of their OS to even get this working.

The vast number of Wii users are casual gamers (just check the release list!!!) An absolutely tiny percentage of these people will have the skills and desire to hack their wii for piracy.

To suggest this number of people can in any way hurt nintendo or 3rd party publishers is very misguided. I think we're talking about far lower than 1% of the user base. Something like 0.000001% is more realistic.

Further to this we know Nintendo keep a close look at these sites. Sometimes they close things down, sometimes they don't. These communities expose their sloppy code and so are actually very useful to them. I can't see the big N getting their nickers in a twist about this.

Re: ESRB Cleans Up


114. Bass X0 19 Jan 2009, 11:49 GMT
Yeah, I'd rather have Illusion of Time than Final Fantasy 1.

Yeah i second that, brilliant game. I thought i'd play it the other night, but couldnt find it amongst my snes carts. Then a horrible hazy memory dawned that I sold it. I bought it on ebay then sold it on ebay... can't quite remember what possesed me to do that.