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Wed 27th Oct 2010

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Rob_mc_1 commented on ​Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge Launc...:

Some how I don't think Nintendo can keep up with all the amiibo. We are at the point where it is no longer feasible to produce a game that uses them in a similar style to any other toys to life brand. This game is not bring in a wind up toy model based on the amiibo you tap due to how many there are. I cant see a game supporting all the figures and cards. There are going to be 400 ac cards. The only game that can support this is a new animal crossing game and all we got was a party game. In ac I can only see the figures being nothing more then trophy models. They would more likely be fortune cookies from nook with no model in game.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Video: This is the Animal Crossing Wii U Game ...:

I would love a New Animal Crossing. After seeing the Villagers video for smash and seeing the level of detail in that village had me hopeful that a new Wii U version would look that good. I though that was reasonable after the mk8 smash trailer.

Oh well.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Valhalla Game Studios is Being Sued Over a Tra...:


While Valhalla Movie Pictures and Valhalla Game Studio may be different names they are still going to be too similar since people will tend to use one word.

Think about Nintendo. We call it that even when referring to Nintendo of America or Nintendo Of Europe.

I'm pretty sure in conversation Valhalla Game Studio has be referred to as Vahalla.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Nintendo May Monetise Miitomo Through Outfits,...:

I have one problem with buying outfit for Miis. Im not going to buy outfits for every single game that gets released. On the Wii they wanted to integrate Miis in everything and they should have done the same with their outfits. You unlocked a Mii outfit in MK8 great, unlocked a hat in street pass for the 3DS great, bought a premium outfit for SSB for either 3ds or Wii U thats nice too.

There are too many games that have Miis. If they really want to monitize it then make it a cross plateform wardrobe.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Wave 2 Lego Dimensions Expansion Packs Arrive ...:

The Hire a hero is not a cash grab as you rent them using in game currency. it is not a micro transaction.

The problem with hire a hero is you cannot rent vehicles or tools for 30 seconds as well. You may hire Chell use the portal gun but then when you come across the portal button you will not be able to press it as it is unique to the companion cube. That is the catch.

Also there are Bugs with the Wii U version it seem that prevents a person from time warping from the Victorian London very early on in the Dr. Whoo level pack. I currently can get past there and it completely locks up the Wii U When I try to get past it.



Rob_mc_1 commented on EA Will Evaluate "Any And All Opportunities" W...:

I think EA has no reason to try the NX again. The damage is done so to speak. They have 2 near Identical plate forms in the PS4/XBone and PS3/XB360 for a very long time. People have also gone use to owning either a PS/XB, PC and a Nintendo Console. Out of all the major third party publishers out there the only one I have any respect for is Activision as they seem to be the only one willing to support Nintendo at the same as the others. Ubisoft is erratic at best.

I personally don't care about EA at all.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Michael Pachter Thinks Miitomo Will Have Troub...:

One thing Patcher forgot. The Nintendo account Will allow you to sign in with things like facebook. Nintendo life already pointed out that "Nintendo wants to make it easier for users to create and use these accounts, so users will be able to register with their Nintendo Network ID, Facebook, Twitter, Google, email, and possibly many more."

This means that Nintendo may not need to compete with facebook if it works with it.

First problem with this app is it feels like a cross between truth and dare without the dare and a forum with topics like what would you change an why ect.

Second problem with this app is that people have retracted a bit on facebook over the year not trusting this kinda release of personal information. There are a lot of negativity and social media post that cost people greatly in the long term. If Nintendo can get passed that then yes it may succeed.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Nintendo Confirms That amiibo Sales Have Now R...:

In the case of little mac and marth that is only the case in the states and not canada. Over the summer canada's restock and release dates no longer coincide. Little Mac was never restocked here. Marth was restocked over the summer here and unfortunately I was too busy working and missed it.

While you may argue that even one off of ebay still counted as a sale for Nintendo and they got their money from it anyway imagine a kid wanting a particular amiibo and instead of his parents getting him a couple they only get him that one due to cost. That means nintendo would have still made that one sale but the lost the other 2 potential sales.

@deemdadim they were and they sold out a couple weeks ago.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Nintendo Confirms That amiibo Sales Have Now R...:

Ebay and scalpers only shows how nintendo screwed up on that. Most amiibo only see shelf space for they day they are launched or a couple of days after. I know that not all 4 million users are going to buy all 50 characters. At the same time there are applications for other games and other series.

Mega Yarn Yoshi came out in Canada as a toys r us exclusive with anywhere between 6 to 12 per location. Our city has 3 locations and they were sold out in minutes. That is about 30 total.

There are about 40,000 people subscribed to the amiibo subreddit trying to track them all down and that is 2 million potential units right there alone not including other series. There are others like myself who are not subscribed who read it regularly to get the info to track them down.

Yes buying them all on ebay is stupid but people are willing too and that is money Nintendo is loosing.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Nintendo Confirms That amiibo Sales Have Now R...:

21 million seems pretty low. Smash alone is 4.03 million on the Wii u and with the initial 50 character roster that was a potential 200 million which I know is unrealistic. Not everyone will buy all the character. this does not include the portable version that has 7 million in sales or other series of amiibo.

Also the 21 million does not specify if the animal crossing cards are included in these numbers because they are technically amiibo. They could also be padding the numbers.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Editorial: It's Far Too Soon to Go Download-On...:

The only problem I have with Digital games is you are still at the mercy of the server provider. When the new console comes out will we have the wii u virtualized on that system in the way that the Wii is on the Wii U. If not and when that hardware becomes discontinued and there is no more support from Nintendo what do you do when your hardware dies and your eShop can no longer be transferred from the Dead device.

Right now I have a DSi XL that has Origon Trail on it and it was a non transferable game to the 3DS. As soon as that Handheld dies that licence dies with it.

I do agree with the price points being similar to retail being an issue. I think the stupidest case is the Starcraft 2 Collectors vs the digital Deluxe. Same price, same content digitally but the the collectors had the art book and audio cd that did not come with the Digital Deluxe.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Weirdness: Japanese Company Wants To Bring NES...:

Lets just hope that the phone has the jack and that and that is isn't in an awkward place that prevents a person from holding their phones comfortably while gaming. Even the new 3ds with its inset design has had people pressing the power button by accident.

I can also see the cartridge becoming damaged after the connecter is bent 90 from dropping.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Super Mario Maker Makes its Way to Super Smash...:

It seems wrong that it is coming to the 3ds since they made a huge fuss about stages on the 3ds are only based on games from Handhelds and stages on the Wii U would be based on games from the home consoles... Unless they plan on bringing Mario maker to the 3ds.... Or they are breaking their own rules again.



Rob_mc_1 commented on PixlCross is Bringing Picross and Puzzle Creat...:

I would like to see this on the 3ds. Picross is stale. If it were doing ok it would be more then just a puzzle pack at this point as there have been no software changes since e4. A way to create and share puzzle would effectively shut that down and might make them innovate again. Picross 3D on the DS was the last innovation and that was DS. it also by hal and not jupiter.

35x35 is a welcome change. I would have rather them use icon sizes like 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, etc as there are already unlimited pictures in those sizes already.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Nintendo is Discontinuing the Basic 8GB Wii U ...:

32 Gigs is not enough if they are doing retail games on the eShop. SSB4 is 17 gig not to mention patches and DLC. If we were only talking DLC, VC and Wiiware titles only then 32 gigs would be enough for most.

Right now storage and the ability to lend out my discs are the only reason I still prefer my physical copies. Right now some of my space restriction are from games like Pikman 3, DK: Tropical Freeze and Wii Fit U. All free from them. Otherwise they would be on disc.

The one thing that I will give them praise over is that you can hook up any usb drive to it. Still can't stand XBox overpriced drives where you can only use theirs.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Nintendo Has Shipped 10.5 Million amiibo World...:

"store shelf space is limited"

Suggestion. Ship a few less Peaches (I'm guessing Peach makes up 0.9 mil of the 10.5 mil produced). Also try looking at the shelves. There are many empty spaces. Retailers want more. Little Mac never saw a self so I really wouldn't worry about self space. Most cities would have enough shelf space for both of each type of Amiibo you ship to them. /S



Rob_mc_1 commented on Feature: What We Want to See in the Splatoon D...:

Well. I would like to see some non-Splatoon announcements to go with it that would enhance the games experience. Primarily online announcement. Like even just getting an onscreen notification if your friend is online and wants to play with you. If Splatoon is an online game then those OS features would improve it greatly.

The reason why I mention this is I have a few friends that have MK8 yet we never seem to play it with each other. I have tried contacting him over the Wii U before and he never saw the message and I never see his. It is pretty bad when it is better to text.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Nintendo of America Apologises for amiibo Shor...:

The Problem with this apology is that it is too little too late for a lot of people. They need this statement a few waves ago. At this point it is hard to believe that the situation is changing. They will need to give out more data to show that they are doing more.

I'm not going to 5 store daily just to see if they got a restock. I still think it is funny that the Amiibo with the most support are hardest to find.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Fire Emblem If Box Art Confirms amiibo Support...:

Unfortunately the amiibo required will be the hardest to obtain.

In Codename: Steam on my new 3DS XL says I can do amiibo yet in a cruel sick joke I am unable to get the item that is advertised. No Marth or Ike. EBGames already cancelled either Robin or Lucina and no one has heard anything about the Marth restock here in Canada.

The most well supported amiibo I may never get. At this point I cannot see anything Fire Emblem Amiibo as a selling point. While I have never really tried the Fire Emblem Series at this point I refuse to until they can get their amiibo stock act together.



Rob_mc_1 commented on amiibo tap: Nintendo's Greatest Bits Bringing ...:

I'm still not seeing the appeal to Amiibo Tap. The Masterpiece section in SSB does the same thing without an amiibo or randomly deciding which ones you will get to try. Even then the master piece section didn't really matter to me as most of them I already have.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Tales of More Super Smash Bros. amiibo Pre-Ord...:

For wave 4 I managed to get an in store pre-order with EB Games Canada done but they over sold Robin and Lucina. I was told I would only be getting one or the other. All others from what I know are safe for now. I will have to camp out at Toysrus as they don't do in store pre-orders where I am and Jigglypuff will always be a concern as only Walmart has done pre-orders. EB didn't as at the time of their pre-orders jiggly was still consider a Target exclusive and EB probably won't be doing more pre-orders.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Best Buy Nabs Exclusive Splatoon Wii U Hardwar...:

Box art is not enough. It is still a black Wii U. A bundle like this screams paint splatter colour scheme.

For everyone else who already has a black Wii U all you need to do is download the game off the eShop and you are pretty much there but without the box.

Personally I would rather have the game disc over a download code.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

The Wii U is mid life cycle. We wont see the NX until 2017. They still have to show off the prototype at one e3 and a more polished version at the next. There a re a number of first party games coming this year. Starfox and Splatoon come to mind. Also we know an animal crossing will come that is not announced yet.



Rob_mc_1 commented on The Man Who Created Trollface Wants A Cut Of M...:

Somehow I don't think the non-disclosure agreement covers number of downloads. Earning also would not be covers otherwise publicly traded companies would not be able to disclose their financial results. I hope he doesn't try that non-disclosure agreement argument when it comes time to file his taxes.

I do believe he may not have earned anything yet if he did not meet the minimum download threshold before it was removed. That should be easy to prove.



Rob_mc_1 commented on RCMADIAX Takes to Twitter to Outline New Strat...:

I believe he made one mistake in his assumptions. He assumes that since his name is associated with cheap titles that he cannot make it. What I see is his name popping up on this site regularly and he interacts with this community.

The fact that his tweets are news here shows that he can get the attention if he makes a good high quality game. If his games reviews well I'm sure it would do well and people would still talk about it. He has the exposure. He need to learn how to use it to his advantage.