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Wed 27th October, 2010

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Rob_mc_1 commented on Weirdness: Japanese Company Wants To Bring NES...:

Lets just hope that the phone has the jack and that and that is isn't in an awkward place that prevents a person from holding their phones comfortably while gaming. Even the new 3ds with its inset design has had people pressing the power button by accident.

I can also see the cartridge becoming damaged after the connecter is bent 90 from dropping.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Super Mario Maker Makes its Way to Super Smash...:

It seems wrong that it is coming to the 3ds since they made a huge fuss about stages on the 3ds are only based on games from Handhelds and stages on the Wii U would be based on games from the home consoles... Unless they plan on bringing Mario maker to the 3ds.... Or they are breaking their own rules again.



Rob_mc_1 commented on PixlCross is Bringing Picross and Puzzle Creat...:

I would like to see this on the 3ds. Picross is stale. If it were doing ok it would be more then just a puzzle pack at this point as there have been no software changes since e4. A way to create and share puzzle would effectively shut that down and might make them innovate again. Picross 3D on the DS was the last innovation and that was DS. it also by hal and not jupiter.

35x35 is a welcome change. I would have rather them use icon sizes like 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, etc as there are already unlimited pictures in those sizes already.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Nintendo is Discontinuing the Basic 8GB Wii U ...:

32 Gigs is not enough if they are doing retail games on the eShop. SSB4 is 17 gig not to mention patches and DLC. If we were only talking DLC, VC and Wiiware titles only then 32 gigs would be enough for most.

Right now storage and the ability to lend out my discs are the only reason I still prefer my physical copies. Right now some of my space restriction are from games like Pikman 3, DK: Tropical Freeze and Wii Fit U. All free from them. Otherwise they would be on disc.

The one thing that I will give them praise over is that you can hook up any usb drive to it. Still can't stand XBox overpriced drives where you can only use theirs.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Nintendo Has Shipped 10.5 Million amiibo World...:

"store shelf space is limited"

Suggestion. Ship a few less Peaches (I'm guessing Peach makes up 0.9 mil of the 10.5 mil produced). Also try looking at the shelves. There are many empty spaces. Retailers want more. Little Mac never saw a self so I really wouldn't worry about self space. Most cities would have enough shelf space for both of each type of Amiibo you ship to them. /S



Rob_mc_1 commented on Feature: What We Want to See in the Splatoon D...:

Well. I would like to see some non-Splatoon announcements to go with it that would enhance the games experience. Primarily online announcement. Like even just getting an onscreen notification if your friend is online and wants to play with you. If Splatoon is an online game then those OS features would improve it greatly.

The reason why I mention this is I have a few friends that have MK8 yet we never seem to play it with each other. I have tried contacting him over the Wii U before and he never saw the message and I never see his. It is pretty bad when it is better to text.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Nintendo of America Apologises for amiibo Shor...:

The Problem with this apology is that it is too little too late for a lot of people. They need this statement a few waves ago. At this point it is hard to believe that the situation is changing. They will need to give out more data to show that they are doing more.

I'm not going to 5 store daily just to see if they got a restock. I still think it is funny that the Amiibo with the most support are hardest to find.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Fire Emblem If Box Art Confirms amiibo Support...:

Unfortunately the amiibo required will be the hardest to obtain.

In Codename: Steam on my new 3DS XL says I can do amiibo yet in a cruel sick joke I am unable to get the item that is advertised. No Marth or Ike. EBGames already cancelled either Robin or Lucina and no one has heard anything about the Marth restock here in Canada.

The most well supported amiibo I may never get. At this point I cannot see anything Fire Emblem Amiibo as a selling point. While I have never really tried the Fire Emblem Series at this point I refuse to until they can get their amiibo stock act together.



Rob_mc_1 commented on amiibo tap: Nintendo's Greatest Bits Bringing ...:

I'm still not seeing the appeal to Amiibo Tap. The Masterpiece section in SSB does the same thing without an amiibo or randomly deciding which ones you will get to try. Even then the master piece section didn't really matter to me as most of them I already have.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Tales of More Super Smash Bros. amiibo Pre-Ord...:

For wave 4 I managed to get an in store pre-order with EB Games Canada done but they over sold Robin and Lucina. I was told I would only be getting one or the other. All others from what I know are safe for now. I will have to camp out at Toysrus as they don't do in store pre-orders where I am and Jigglypuff will always be a concern as only Walmart has done pre-orders. EB didn't as at the time of their pre-orders jiggly was still consider a Target exclusive and EB probably won't be doing more pre-orders.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Best Buy Nabs Exclusive Splatoon Wii U Hardwar...:

Box art is not enough. It is still a black Wii U. A bundle like this screams paint splatter colour scheme.

For everyone else who already has a black Wii U all you need to do is download the game off the eShop and you are pretty much there but without the box.

Personally I would rather have the game disc over a download code.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

The Wii U is mid life cycle. We wont see the NX until 2017. They still have to show off the prototype at one e3 and a more polished version at the next. There a re a number of first party games coming this year. Starfox and Splatoon come to mind. Also we know an animal crossing will come that is not announced yet.



Rob_mc_1 commented on The Man Who Created Trollface Wants A Cut Of M...:

Somehow I don't think the non-disclosure agreement covers number of downloads. Earning also would not be covers otherwise publicly traded companies would not be able to disclose their financial results. I hope he doesn't try that non-disclosure agreement argument when it comes time to file his taxes.

I do believe he may not have earned anything yet if he did not meet the minimum download threshold before it was removed. That should be easy to prove.



Rob_mc_1 commented on RCMADIAX Takes to Twitter to Outline New Strat...:

I believe he made one mistake in his assumptions. He assumes that since his name is associated with cheap titles that he cannot make it. What I see is his name popping up on this site regularly and he interacts with this community.

The fact that his tweets are news here shows that he can get the attention if he makes a good high quality game. If his games reviews well I'm sure it would do well and people would still talk about it. He has the exposure. He need to learn how to use it to his advantage.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Nintendo to Introduce Free Software With NES a...:

You know, Them shipping 63% of all amiibo to NA kinda makes sense. Just before wave 3 hit they said they shipped 5.7 million amiibo. Meanwhile the only game that used them all was SSB and the Wii U version has sold 3.39 million copies.

That is an average of 1.68 amiibo per copy of smash and 18 different amiibo at the time. That means that of those of use that managed to have half a dozen at the time meant that at least 2 of 3 people didn't have any and there were still lots of Mario's on the shelf in NA.

Yep, they definitely need to make more.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Nintendo to Introduce Free Software With NES a...:

"Iwata-san has acknowledged that demand has often outstripped demand"
Wha?? I guess there wasn't enough supply for that sentence.

That virtual console part almost sounds like it will be more like the masterpiece section of ssb where you get a couple of minutes to a game. I could see them doing random time demos of vc titles that the character you use starred in.



Rob_mc_1 commented on A Wild Update on Pokémon Shuffle Appears:

The roots of gaming came from this. Worse actually. When Donkey Kong was first released not only did you have to pay a quarter for each play, you also had to travel to get there.

To me this micro transaction is no different except one can play for free with patients.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Should be Prod...:

With the right story telling I would be ok with it but this feels more like shoe horning a franchise to a cartoon for the sake of making a cartoon. When they talked about splatoon and if they should make an IP they said they start with a game idea and then see if an existing ip would work.

If Nintendo wanted to do a cartoon I would like the same approach. come up with a story you want to tell first and then see if it fits an ip.

Personally I would like them to do more animated shorts. the problem with a series is that you now have to come up with stories in a timely matter. The story approach of most games are usually more movie style where there is a clear conclusion.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Nintendo's Revival of Animal Crossing: New Lea...:

A couple of things for those who cannot get it to work at a McDonalds.
You have to sign into their internet with the browser first. You must try to go to a site first to trigger that sign in page. Then the Nintendo zone will work.

There is also an interesting bug where is you setup your own wireless network with the ssid of "Bestbuy" the game thinks you are at a hot spot and you will get the item via the post office.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Nintendo Launches Beta of 'Creators Program' f...:

I have a feeling Super Smash Bros. is not on the list because they don't technically own all the content and any revenue on that game has to be divided up amongst all parties involved.

When you even look at the DK music in the game if refers to Rare meaning even Microsoft is earning royalties in this game.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

I know you feel that ssmb is not needed due to newer better versions but I feel that the Subspace Emissary it a big difference. I was never into melee or fighters but I always loved platformers and that mode is what got me into smash.

I kinda miss that story mode and wish it was on the 3DS and Wii U. When I showed it to a friend whose first console is a Wii U and has been playing smash agreed that he would have enjoyed it as well.

I'm not really worried as I have brawl already but I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss it.

Edit. I'm glad Super Paper Mario made the list.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Weirdness: According To McDonald's, Mario And ...:

Better Keep them away from the "Mario & Luigi" Series where Bowser regularly joins party with the Mario Bros.

They could have done some serious damage to Bowser in "Bowser"s Inside Story". While they may be enemies most of the time they have gotten along on numerous occasions.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

Well it was a good run. I know everyone felt like the rewards weren't that good but it is still a massive improvement from the Gamecube era where all you got was desktop background images based on the game you registered.
Like this one:
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Registered Jan 15, 2004.

I think having a single place where I can look at all my Nintendo games is what I will miss the most.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Weirdness: Stop-Motion Animator Successfully M...:

Well, every one of Nintendo's consoles seems to have some piece of obsolete equipment that was only ever used with a game or two at best.
power glove
Mario paint mouse
super scope
Pikachu mic
64 dd
GCN Ethernet adapter
Mario party 5/6 mic
Wii Speak mic
Wii Wheel
... Amiibo... lol

Either way it all builds up and who knows. Glad it was used.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Video: Teens Race and Talk Smack in Mario Kart 64:

I found that I didn't like the button placement for N64 Games on the Wii virtual console. I never upgraded to the Wii U Virtual console to remap those buttons. I still think it needs to be a feature in the wii even though that will not happen at this point.

The Button mapping was also awkward on the VC in the Wii U because you cannot create different profiles for the same type of controller and the Wii U cannot tell the difference between a classic controller Pro and a regular Classic controller. The physical locations of the shoulder buttons between the 2 means you can potential screw up one player over another if they are using different versions of it.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Miyamoto: We Are Working On Ideas For The Next...:


They need time to develop. Look at the Wii. When it was called the revolution it was 2 years before it was released with one year before release for name mocking. the average life cycle for a console is 5 years. That means we will be seeing concepts for the new console this year or the next. Development will always be based on internal feedback or game concepts that they cannot implement on this console.



Rob_mc_1 commented on Video: The Top Ten Worst Designed Pokémon Ever:

I'm just going to say that black and white was bad but to lump them all into position 1 is a bit of a cheat. you cannot say you are going to name ten and then lump a hundred of them in the top position.

Lets be honest here. out of the ones you showed you missed the abolute worse one from black and white. Trubbish



Rob_mc_1 commented on 3DS System Update 9.4.0-21 Brings a Whole New ...:

The 3DS is like a Jenga tower with no blocks removed, all pieces glued together and coated with Bedlam Bedliner. The next update they will coat each block with bedlam before gluing them together and a final coat added after.