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Wed 27th Mar 2013

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rmqkr commented on UK Gamers Rate Wii As "Best Ever" Console:

I have to agree with this. It's intuitive, low power, has tons of games like people mentioned, it's fast. Lots of control options. It really is the best. Third party general support is meaningless really, in a console that had so many great first party titles and some exclusive great third party efforts. It might be the same situation with the Wii U, only in HD and with the new controller.



rmqkr commented on Video: Wii U Menu Speed Upgrade Cuts Waiting T...:

@snax007 - what do you mean you are not supposed to turn the iphone off? Its battery is awful so obviously people want to turn it off. Why wouldn't they? And I agree. It takes forever to boot not only an iphone but also the best Android phones out there. I think in my Galaxy Nexus it takes about a minute or two, not kidding. And the Wii U starts right up it seems.

I was also amazed how fast the internet browser was. I expected it to be problematic like the Wii but it was surprisingly fast, even faster than my Chrome on my phone. Which is quite amazing. There is a problem of getting into menus but if they cut it now, then it's excellent.