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Tue 18th Mar 2008

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rman0099 commented on Square-Enix Changes Its Mind About The Virtual...:

I love the comment:

" It comes down to the games that we think we could make a good remake of haven’t been on VC yet."

That just sums up SE's money grubbing right there. A classic can't just be that, A CLASSIC. It must be remade, repacked, re-sold, and exploited for more capital. Using that statement, why don't they just do remakes and release them on the Wii-ware channel. That could potentially save the company money in production and packaging costs. How would everyone like a Wii-ware Super Mario RPG remake totally upgraded for 1K-1.2K points instead of the old one for 800?



rman0099 commented on Will Sega CD Support Ever Come To The Virtual ...:

It would be awesome if they were able to release Vay. It was a solid RPG from Working Designs that was released between the two lunar games. It has really been overlooked by a lot of people and has the same anime cutseen sytle that the Lunar series brought.

My only corrention is that on Sega CD it was Lunar: The Siler Star, not silver star story. That was the remake. But lunar still stands today as my favorite RPG of all time.



rman0099 commented on Talking Point: The State of Play of the Virtua...:

Its all marketing. People need to look at this logically and from Nintendo's perspective. They are not going to release mass quantities of VC games, especially popular ones, when big game releases are upon us. Look at what has just been released: Mario and Smash Bros. These are probably 2 of Nintendo's largest titles and Mario Kart is coming next month. Nintendo wants people to buy their Wii titles since that is where the bulk of their money comes from. If people are off buying mass amounts of Wii points for awesome retro games, then they will be short the cash to buy their major titles.

Its all a pattern. We saw simliar situations when big titles were going to be released on the VC. Nintendo would release low tier games that may get a few buys, and possible back off to 2 releases for a week or 2. Then we were hit with a top shelf VC title. But that was back when ALL we had was the VC. Now with Nintendo's headline titles coming back to back, we will see a drought. Probably a month or 2 after Mario Kart is released the VC releases will pick up and redeem themselves. People have to remember that the VC is the second priority for Nintendo since there isn't as much profit made per game sold.

So what did we learn? Big upcoming releases = drought in VC. VC is like the ocean; at times it will surge and other times it will receed a bit. Just wait it out till our next wave. As was stated in the story, we have already gotten some real gems, why not enjoy what we have instead of acting like Nintendo always has something that they owe us? I'd love to see River City Ransom and Bionic Commando on VC, but I'm not spamming every week that Nintendo better get the move on to release them.